Waterford Church of England (Mixed) School, 1893

This is a pleasant little school with plenty of life & animation & interest in the Religious Instruction

By Geoffrey Cordingley

Waterford School behind the War Memorial
Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies

January, 1893

9thRe-opened school. Several children absent, some through illness.

February, 1893

24thThe Rev. H.L. Somers-Cocks visited. A girl in St. V. absent with rheumatism.

March, 1893

7thThe Rev. H.L. Somers-Cocks visited and gave children a lesson on a “Ship” –

for the purpose of helping St. II. & III. to understand their poetry “The Wreck of the Hesperus.”

14thA holiday given at the request of the elder children who wished to attend a Circus at Hertford.

April, 1893

10thRe-opened school. {After Easter hols.} The Rev. H.L. Somers-Cocks ceased to be

a Manager of the school.

27thThe Diocesan Inspector examined children in Religious Knowledge, from 2.30 to 4.15.
 28thA holiday in the afternoon.

May, 1893

4thThe Rev. N. C. Ram visited.
9thThe Rev. N.C. Ram visited and taught.
12thGave Monitors a holiday in the afternoon, so that they could attend a Confirmation Service

at Hertford.

Report of Religious Instruction


“This is a pleasant little school with plenty of life & animation & interest in the Religious Instruction.

Among the younger children answering was rather restricted tho’ very good in individual cases. Old Testament had only been taught in meagre outline: text bearing on the narration would be of considerable use here. The Life of our Blessed Lord was well known & a simple explanation of the Apostles Creed, Lord’s Prayer & Decalogue was given. A list of texts should always be prepared for the Inspector.

The Upper Division did well. A full syllabus of Bible subjects was accurately known & questions on the Church Catechism & Order of Confirmation produced thoughtful & therefore intelligent answers. This Class had been ably taught.

Repetition was rendered with care and reverence, Paper work would benefit by further practice. The children of St. II. attempted to write out the Apostles’ Creed but met with little success.”

(signed) Arthur R. Buckland

Dio: Inspector St. Albans

26thThree children kept away because of Scarlet-Fever being in the house.
30thBoys examined in Drawing at 2 p.m. by General Hassard. Girls had a holiday.

Registers not marked.

June, 1893

7thVisit without notice.

E.M. Field

15thAttendance very good all the week. Three children kept away because of Scarlet Feve

r & one absent suffering from Rheumatism.

28thThe Annual Inspection was held to-day from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Inspector – Mr G Hayward H.M.I.A.

The Rev. J.C.M. Mansel-Playdell & the Rev. N.C. Ram visited.

30thGave children one week’s holiday.

July, 1893

10thRe-opened school. Only 38 children present several absent through illness.

  Poetical Extracts selected for Recitation.

  for the Year ending May 31st /94.


Standard I. Bruce & the Spider.            (E. Cook)

II. III. The Inchcape Rock.             (Southey)

IV. V. VI. Wolsey & Cromwell. (Shakespeare)

The Death of Samson (Milton)



List of Object Lessons for Infants’ Class


1. Animals.      Sheep.  beaver.  ostrich.  fly.  ant.  butterfly.  camel.

2. Vegetables. Potato – Oak tree. Tea.

3. Minerals.     Copper. Iron.

4. Miscellaneous.      Water & its forms.

A Ship. A River. Autumn.

A penny. Cotton & its manufacture.

A Grocer’s Shop.



July, 1893

13thI have tested the Registers today & find them correct

N. Chetwode Ram.

20thThe Rev. N.C. Ram visited and taught. Gave monitresses a holiday in the afternoon.
21stSeveral children absent through illness.

Sent two children home in the afternoon because their brother has diphtheria.

28thAttendance small all the week owing to illness. The Rev. N.C. Ram visited once during the week.

A holiday given this afternoon: children went to see the Military Tournament at Goldings.

31stThe monitress Mary Draper asked for a holiday to go with Choir and party to Brighton.

Gave her one day’s leave.

August, 1893

3rdA holiday in the afternoon. Annual School-treat at Goldings.
4thSchool as usual in the morning.

School closed in the morning for the Harvest Holidays.

“Summary of the Inspector’s Report on the school and remarks (if any) to be made.”


“ The school is in good order and in general well taught. Rather better Mental Arithmetic, Map Drawing, and in the fourth and fifth standards problem work would be desirable.

The school must be kept free from draughts.

Suitable cloakroom accommodation must be at once provided.

The Managers attention is requested to the above with reference to Art: 85(a) of the Code.

Their special attention is requested to the enclosed form 69.

The conditions of Art: 104 & 105 are not satisfied. The school district is in the civil parish of Bengeo, the population of which at the last census was over 2,000 souls.

Staff Principal Teacher: Martha Ryle certified Teacher of the 1st Class Two paid monitresses.

J.C.M. Mansel-Playdell


September, 1893

11thRe-opened school after the Harvest Holidays – 41 children present.
15thAttendance improved the last three days.
22ndAttendance good all the week except to-day when a few children were absent with colds.

October, 1893

7thSeveral children absent nearly all the week with sore throat and headache.

November, 1893

3rdStill some children absent with headache & sore throat.
10thAttendance slightly improved this week.
21stA holiday in the afternoon – given to afford the children the opportunity of spending

their club money.

24thAttendance good all the week.
27thCommenced School at 1.30 instead of 2 p.m. because of the school room being required for

a Lecture.

December, 1893

4thCommenced school in the afternoon at 1.30. Mrs Robert Smith and Mrs Henry Grenfell visited.
21stSchool closed for the Xmas Holidays.


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