Waterford Church of England (Mixed) School, 1896

By Geoffrey Cordingley

Waterford School behind the War Memorial
Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies

January, 1896

6thRe-opened school. Attendance good.

February, 1896

4thMiss Jamieson attended Class for Cookery.
7thSeveral children absent all the week through illness. Two with Blister pox.
13thA holiday in the afternoon, as the school-room was required.
19thOnly 26 children present. The rest were absent through illness.
20thSchool closed on account of illness
21stSchool again closed.
24thRe-opened school. Twelve children absent with Chicken Pox & colds.

March, 1896

6thIrregular attendance all the week owing to illness.
9thA holiday given in the afternoon at the request of children who wished to see a procession in Hertford.
25thVisit of Inspection by Mr. Hayward H.M.I.A. from 9 to 12.30.

The Rev. F.E.A. Jamieson visited.

A holiday in the afternoon.

April, 1896

2ndSchool closed for two days. (Good Friday & Easter Monday.)
7thRe-opened school.
9thReginald A. Smith Esq. visited looked at children’s Drawing Book.
16thThe Rev. A. Buckland, Diocesan Inspector visited from 2.15 to 4.30 and examined children in Religious Knowledge. The Rev. H.E. Selwyn & the Rev. F.E.A. Jamieson attended.
17thThe Hon. Mrs. Reginald Smith, the Hon. Mrs Tollemache & Miss Tollemache visited in the afternoon.

School closed for one week’s holiday.

27thRe-opened school.. All children present except one.

May, 1896

Report of Religious Instruction.


“I was pleased with the even answering of the upper division which was most creditable as the children varied considerably in age: they evidently take a lively interest in their Religious education.

The Infants showed to more advantage than any previous examination. Much credit is due to careful and animated work here.

Thus the results of the examination were thoroughly satisfactory.”

(signed) Arthur R. Buckland

Diocesan Inspector

22ndVisit in the morning paid by E.M. Field, Esq. H.M.I.

School closed in the afternoon for one week’s holiday.

June, 1896

1stRe-opened school.
2ndChildren in Standards were examined in Drawing in the morning by A. Taylor, esq.

School as usual in the afternoon.

10thAccounts & Registers seen.

W. Kefford {HM Inpsector}

Poetical Extracts selected for Recitation for the Year ending May 31st /96


Standard I. Loss of the Royal George. (Mr. Cowper)

II. III. Fidelity. (Mr Wordsworth.)

IV – VII. The Revenge. (Tennyson.)



List of Object Lessons for Standards I. II. III.


I. Lessons for the Summer months.

1. Summer time.

2. The Lark.

3. The growing crops.

4. Garden flowers in Summer.

5. The spider and its web.

6. The oak tree.

7. Bees. Bee keeping.


II. Lessons for the Autumn months.

1. Autumn. Work in the fields.

2. Autumn leaves.

3. The apple & apple tree.

4. Fruits ripe in the Autumn.

5. The river Banks – Birds & animals found there.

6. Water & its forms.

7. Uses of the fallen leaves. A tree stripped of its leaves.


III. Lessons for the Winter months.

1. Winter time.

2. Woollen manufacture.

3. Evergreen trees.

4. Things that melt.

5. Cotton & its manufacture.

6. The Rabbit.

7. Snow. Ice.

8. The Fox.


IV. Lessons for the Spring months.

1. Spring time.

2. Buttercup. Daisy.

3. Primrose. Bluebell.

4. Rooks.

5. Salt & its uses.

6. A tin plate.

7. The ant.


Lessons for Infants’ Class. /96-97


Natural History. Objects.


The cat. Articles made of fur.

The goat. Gloves.

The sheep. Woollen manufacture.

The duck. Articles made from feathers.

The cow. Butter & cheese making.

The squirrel. Different kinds of nuts.

The swallow. Spring time & Spring-flowers.

The robin. Autumn time.

The herring. The sea.

Bees. Garden flowers.

The butterfly. leaves of plants.

The frog. A pond.

The cart horse. Waggon. wood. iron.


July, 1896

16thClass I. took Map drawing from 11.20 to 11.50 instead of Writing.
21stTwo children absent with Whooping cough.

August, 1896

6thSchool closed in the afternoon for the Harvest Holidays.

September, 1896

14thRe-opened school. Four children absent.

October, 1896

15thVisited the School

E.M. Field H.M.I.

November, 1896

16thA holiday in the afternoon, as the school-room was required for a Concert.

December, 1896

4thChildren in Standards IV to VII. had Arithmetic instead of Dictation.
10thArithmetic taken by Class I. instead of Writing.
23rdSchool closed for the Christmas Holidays.


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