Waterford Church of England (Mixed) School, 1899

"The Religious Instruction continues to receive great care and attention." Diocesan Inspector

By Geoffrey Cordingley

Waterford School behind the War Memorial
Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies

January, 1899

9thSchool reopened.      {in H. Brown-Gold’s writing}
10thRegisters checked      H. Brown-Gold
11thAmount of Aid Grant £5       “for maintaining increased salaries”

H. Brown-Gold

January – February, 1899

Jan 9thSchool in charge of Miss Hart,
   toAdditional teacher, as I was too ill
Feb 13thto attend.

February, 1899

13thI returned to school after illness.

Attendance very good this morning.

15thAsh Wednesday. Holiday in afternoon.

The Rev. H. Brown-Gold visited.


 16th) I was absent through illness. Miss Hart
17th) took charge of the school.
20thSchool as usual. The Rev. H. Brown-Gold visited.
23rd) I was again prevented from attending
24th) because I was ill with Influenza.
27th) Miss Hart in charge of school.

March, 1899

1stI attended school from 11 a.m. to 4.10 p.m
2ndSchool as usual. The Rev. H. Brown-Gold visited in the morning.

R.A. Smith, Esq. visited in the afternoon.

24thMany children absent all the week owing to illness and the severity of the weather.

April, 1899

21stAttendance very good all the week.

Examined Standards in their work. St. I. on slates. St. II – VII. on paper.

St. I did their work well.

27thThe Rev. A.R. Buckland, Diocesan Inspector visited & examined children in Religious Subjects.

The Rev. H.E. Selwyn was present during part of the examination.

28thSchool as usual in the morning. A holiday given in the afternoon because of Holy Scripture

examination taking place the preceding afternoon.

Report of Religious Instruction.

No. present 42.

The Religious Instruction continues to receive great care and attention.

I was much pleased with the upper division. Although the children varied considerably in age and standard, all were eager to do their best and acquitted themselves in a highly creditable manner.

The younger children answered well tho’ shewing to more advantage in Old than in New Testament.

Repetition was reverently rendered.

Written work was marked “very good.”

(signed) A.R. Buckland.

Dis: Insp: St. Albans.


May, 1899

9thVisited the School   E.M. Field              {HMI}
11thA holiday in the afternoon, because of its being Ascension Day.
19thAttendance good all the week.

School closed in the afternoon for the Whitsun Holidays.

20thRe-opened school. Attendance good.
31stTwo girls in Standard vi. left to-day.

Poetical Extracts selected for Recitation for the Year ending May 31st 1900


Standards IV.V.   Merchant of Venice.

“Is your name Shylock?”

“    I. II. III. Fidelity. (Wordsworth.)



Scheme for Instruction in Geography

For Upper Division (St. IV. V.)


I. Colonies. colonization. colonists.

Names & positions of English Colonies.

II. General knowledge of Cape Colony, Canada and Australia.

III. The Seasons.


Lessons in Elementary Science for Lower Division. (St. I. II. III.)


Lessons from Plant Life.

1. A plant.

2. Different kinds of roots.

3. Leaves and their uses.

4. Seeds, and how propagated.

5. The potato.

6. A strawberry, & a strawberry-plant.

Animals.                     Minerals.

1. The mole.                 1. Iron.

2.   “   squirrel.              2. Lead.

3.       rabbit

4.       horse.

5.       cow.

Natural phenomena.

1. Water.

2. Flow of water. Neighbouring stream.

3. Snow.

4. Clouds. rain.

5. Parts of land. Island. Peninsula. Isthmus. Hills. Valley. Plain.

6. Parts of Water. Gulf – bay – lake.

Things in common use.

1. Milk.               5. A lead pencil.

2. Paper.             6. Coal.

3. Pins.               7. Sugar.

4. Glass.             8. Salt.

9. Porous substances. Sponge. chalk.


List of Object lessons for Infants’ Class.


Animal life.          The cat, dog, a fish, earth-worm, sheep (woollen articles.)


Vegetable life.     A daisy-plant. An apple. An oak-tree. Flax (linen.)


Minerals.             Dif: kinds of ores. Tin. Coal.


Common Objects. A silk handkerchief. silk worm. A cup-(clay) A cork. Cork-

tree. Bread. A piece of rope. A clock. Straw. Treacle.


Nat. Phenomena. Dew (steam).


June, 1899

20thBeing the sixty-second Anniversary of the Queen’s Accession, I spoke to the children about it, during the time the Girls had Needlework.
29thA holiday in the afternoon given, to enable teachers to attend a Meeting in Hatfield.

July 13th     Summary of H.M. Inspector’s Report

“The Head Teacher’s health has not been good during part of the past school year. It is quite clear that so far as oral work the school has considerably suffered. The character of the geography teaching both in the lower and in the upper section is not such as would justify the present recommendation under ordinary circumstances.”

M. Hart is continued under Article 68 of the Code.

Staff –

Principal Teacher: Martha Ryle, Certified Teacher of the 1st Class.

Additional Teacher (under Article 68): Margaret Hart.

H. Brown-Gold



July, 1899

14thAttendance much reduced during the past week as several children are suffering from Whooping-cough.

School closed.

August, 1899

September, 1899

4thRe-opened school. 37 children present. 13 absent. Several children absent because of having Whooping-cough.
11thAttendance slightly improved.
18thAdditional Teacher Miss Hart absent through illness.
19thMiss Hart returned to school.
22ndFive children still absent all the week.
29thA holiday given in the afternoon, because of its being St. Michael’s Day.

October, 1899

2ndAttendance very good. The Rev. H Brown Gold visited.
3rdChildren examined on work done during the preceding term.
13thChildren examined on work done during the preceding term.
23rdFour children absent – one with weak eye-sight.

November, 1899

3rdAttendance not good, owing to illness and the wet weather.
6thA very wet day – 16 children absent in the morning. Attendance better in the afternoon.
8thIn the afternoon school commenced at 2.30 because some of the children wished to go to Hertford to see Sanger’s Circus’ Procession.
10thR.E. Thomas (I.1)                       {HMI Inspection Number 1}

Please send all forms re. this year, to above.

December, 1899

8thThe Hon. Mrs Tollemache & Miss Tollemache visited in the afternoon & saw children Marching.
21stSchool closed for the Christmas Holidays.

Amount of Aid Grant    £25 –

Maintenance of increased Salaries £5

Cleaning, Colouring, Painting       £15

3 Desks for Class room ) _______ £5

Objects and case         )

H. Brown-Gold


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