Waterford Church of England (Mixed) School, 1879

"The discipline of this school is excellent, ..." H M Inspector

By Geoffrey Cordingley

Waterford School behind the War Memorial
Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies

January, 1879

6thRe-opened school after the holidays.
7thMany children absent on account of the snow.
10thAttendance rather bad all the week.
13thStill a small attendance owing to children having bad coughs.
17thOnly 8 children present in Class iv.
24thThe average for the week only 31.
28thSeveral children kept in to learn their Home lessons.

February, 1879

7thAttendance slightly improved.
18thAll children in Class iv present except one.

March, 1879

10thA monitor absent on account of chilled feet.
21stAll children present except one, and two who are in London {since 29/1}.
28thSeveral children absent all the week owing to the severity of the weather.

April, 1879

3rdAttendance very fair.
7thAda Lambert a monitor absent.
11thA holiday – Good
14thSchool as usual in the morning – a holiday in the afternoon.
28thAttendance very good.

May, 1879

2ndSchool closed for a week’s holiday.
12thRe-opened school.  Admitted three children.  48 children present.
16thMonitors left school at 3.30 p.m. to attend the Rev. G.R. Thornton’s Confirmation Class at Bengeo.
23rdMonitors left school at 3.30 p.m. to attend the Confirmation Class.
27thThe Rev. G. Fisher examined the children in Holy Scripture in the morning – a holiday in the afternoon.
30thA holiday in the morning because of a Confirmation at Hertford.

June, 1879

4thPunished a child for copying.
25thA very small number of Class I attended.
28thChildren in Class III read very nicely in the afternoon.

July, 1879

3rdThe school was inspected in the morning by H.M.I. G. Dauby Esq: and his assistant Mr Heyward.  A holiday in the afternoon.  Mrs R. Smith, the Rev. G.R. Thornton and the Rev. J.C. M-Pleydell visited in the morning.
4thH.M.I.’s Assistant visited in the morning.
7thSent two boys to Bengeo Boys’ School.
9thChildren attended very well to-day.
11thOrdinary progress.
15thMiss Beatrice Smith visited and gave to each child, who had attended 400 times during the previous year, a half-crown.
18thA holiday.  Children belonging to the Church Choir went to the Crystal Palace.
29thA holiday because of the school-treat.

August, 1879

8thSummary of Inspector’s Report on the School and Remarks

“The discipline of this school is excellent; the instruction of the Infants and the elder Scholars is most praiseworthy.  Singing is good.  If Boys above seven are retained there must be separate and distinct offices for Boys and Girls”

Principal Teacher Martha Cordell – certificated Teacher of the 2nd Class.

Signed, J.C.M. Mansel-Pleydell

For School Managers

 22nd School closed for the Harvest holidays.

September, 1879

29thRe-opened school after the vacation.  Ten children absent because of the gleaning not being finished.
30thAttendance slightly improved.

October, 1879

6thThe Rev. F. Dean visited in the morning.  All children on the books present except one.
13thMiss Pratt, Fraulein Pape and Miss E. Smith visited.
22ndHolidays in honour of the marriage
23rdof the Rev. J.C.M. Mansel-Pleydell
24thto Miss B.M. Smith.

November, 1879

10thMiss Pratt, Fraulein Pape and the Misses Smith visited to hear children sing. Also the Rev. F.J. Deane visited in the afternoon.
12thAttendance very good – 47 children present.
20thSeveral children absent because of the snow.  The Rev. F. J. Deane visited.
26thA holiday in the afternoon – for the children to spend their Sunday School Club money.

December, 1879

16thTaught compound addition to children in Standard III.
18thSeveral children absent because of the cold damp weather.
24thSchool closed for the Christmas vacation.


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