Waterford Church of England (Mixed) School, 1886

"Discipline and instruction here are eminently satisfactory, and the results of the inspection are the more creditable to Mrs Ryle because she has of late had the assistance of two paid Monitors only." HMI Report

By Geoffrey Cordingley

Waterford School behind the War Memorial
Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies

January, 1886

11thSchool re-opened. Several children absent because of the snow.
20thAttendance very small in the morning owing to the snow. A holiday in the afternoon.
21stSchool as usual in the morning. A holiday in the afternoon.
22ndAttendance slightly improved.

February, 1886

10thStandards iv and iv worked their sums very inaccurately this afternoon.
15thSent for a child to attend school, who had been absent one week with out leave.

The Rev. H.L. Wright visited in the afternoon, and heard children sing.

March, 1886

5thAttendance rather bad owing to sickness and the weather.
10thAsh Wednesday. A holiday in the afternoon.
11thSchool as usual.
19thSeveral children absent all the week through illness.

The Rev. H.L. Wright visited.

22ndThe Rev. H.L. Wright visited.
26thThe Rev. H.L. Wright visited.

April, 1886

5thAdmitted two new scholars. Attendance very good.
16thExamined and called over Registers.  Found them correct.

H.L. Wright

19thA child absent with “ringworm.”
22ndSchool closed in the morning for the Easter holidays.

May, 1886

5thExamination in Religious Knowledge held in the afternoon by the Rev. H.J. Lane. The Rev. J.C.M. Mansel-Playdell visited, and spoke to some of the girls in Class I about their irregular attendance at school.
10thChildren in Standard iv and vi with the exception of one, exhibited great dullness during their Arithmetic lesson this morning.
17thOne monitor absent in the morning with a heavy cold.

A holiday in the afternoon, because of a Confirmation Service being held at Bengeo.

June, 1886

8thChildren of St: II and III. answered very well during their mental Arithmetic lesson this morning.

Report of Diocesan Inspector on the Religious Teaching

“I found this school as in all other years very well taught and the answering of the children in both the Divisions was very satisfactory.”

D.I. The Rev. H.J. Lane

9thAmy Anthony, a girl in Standard VI. having exhibited great dullness in her work will be with-held from examination.
11thSeveral children absent all the week through illness, three with chickenpox.
25thThe school was examined in the morning by H.M.I’s Assistant Mr. Heyward.

July, 1886

23rdA girl of Class I. taken ill of inflammation of the lungs, and died during the week.
27thRegisters not marked in the afternoon because the elder children attended the funeral of their late school-fellow.

List of Lessons for Infants’ Class

1 The Butterfly                |21| The Horse.

2   “   Silkworm.              |22|   “  Elephant.

3 A coal-mine.                |23| The Smelting of Iron.

4 A pin.                          |24| Springs.

5 Coffee.                        |25| Dormouse.

6 Rice                            |26| Bear.

7 Lion                             |27| Squirrel.

8 Oyster.                        |28| Monkey.

9 Pearl.                          |29| Sponge.

10 Diver.                         |30| Shrimp.

11 The Cat.                     |31| A lighthouse.

12   “   Tiger.                   |32| The Sheep.

13 leaves and their uses.  |33|    “   Cow.

14 Evergreens.                |34| Cotton and its manufacture

15 The Goat.                   |35| Sugar.

16   “   Reindeer.             |36| The Salmon.

17   “   Walrus.                |37|   “  Dog.

18   “   Polar Bear.           |38|  “  Fox.

19   “   Crow.                   |39|  “  Wolf.

20   “   Lark.                    |40| A River.

 August, 1886

3rdHer Majesty’s Inspector’s Report

“Discipline and instruction here are eminently satisfactory, and the results of the inspection are the more creditable to Mrs Ryle because she has of late had the assistance of two paid Monitors only.”

Principal Teacher Martha Ryle Certificated Teacher of the 1st Class.

Two paid monitors.

Signed on behalf of School Managers

H.L. Wright.

6thSchool closed in the morning for the Harvest holiday.

September, 1886

13thRe-opened school after Five weeks holiday. Miss Alice Buckland, who sat for a scholarship last July commenced duties as Assistant-Mistress.

The Rev .H.L. Wright visited in the morning, and the Rev. J.C.M. Mansel-Playdell in the afternoon.

17thAttendance very fair for the first week after the holidays.

The Rev. J.C.M. Mansel-Playdell visited in the afternoon.

October/November, 1886

Oct 8th)School under the charge of Miss Buckland during my absence through illness. Two of the
Nov 5thManagers Mrs R. Smith and the Rev. H.L Wright constantly visited the school & reported that it was being conducted in an orderly manner.
18thSelina Clark in Standard III, Ellen Hart in same standard and Isabel Hart in Standard vi shew great dullness especially in Arithmetic and Reading. Sybil Mardell also shows great dullness in all her lessons.

December, 1886

10thMiss Buckland left school to-day.
17thChildren in Class I more regular in their attendance this week.
23rdSchool closed for the Christmas holiday.


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