Waterford Church of England (Mixed) School, 1894

"The Religious Instruction continues to receive careful attention." Diocesan Inspector

By Geoffrey Cordingley

Waterford School behind the War Memorial
Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies

January, 1894

9thRe-opened school. Attendance small. Five children left neighbourhood.

Several children absent through illness.

25thSeveral children absent with headache & bad colds.
30thSchool in charge of M. Draper as I was unable to attend through illness.

February, 1894

2ndSeveral children absent all the week through Influenza & bad colds.
19thThe Rev. W. Crick visited.

March, 1894

2ndAttendance improved, but still some children absent through illness.
15thAttendance very good all the week.

April, 1894

5thThe Rev. J.C.M. Mansel-Playdell visited. Expressed to the children his pleasure

at finding every child present at school.

May, 1894

3rdThe Rev. Arthur Buckland, Diocesan Inspector, examined in Holy Scripture.
4thSchool as usual.

May 9th             Report of Religious Instruction.


“ The Religious Instruction continues to receive careful attention.

The Infants did well in all subjects tho” I should have liked all to have taken an active part in answering. One child should be mentioned as especially conspicuous & ready to answer every question.

The Upper Division had again been very ably taught. Knowledge and Old Testament was particularly satisfactory: in other subjects answering might have been more general.

Repetition was accurately rendered & portious of Church Catechism & Old Testament.

Biographies were very nicely written. “

(Signed) Arthur R. Buckland.

Diocesan Inspector.

14thWhit Monday. A holiday.
15th    “ Tuesday. A holiday.
25thThe Rev. W. Crick visited in the morning.

Boys were examined in Drawing in the afternoon by General Hassard C.B.

Girls and Infants had a holiday.

June, 1894


Poetical Extracts selected for Recitation

For the Year ending May 31st /95.


Standard I. The boy who could not lie.

II & III. Beth Gelert.

IV to VII. The Merchant of Venice

“Is your name Shylock?”


List of lessons for Infants.


1. Domestic Animals. Reindeer, cat, sheep.

2. Wild Animals &c. Camel, elephant, ostrich, spider, hedgehog, swallow, frog, oyster

robin, goose, vulture, walrus.

3. Common Objects. Kettle, a penny, sponge, looking-glass.

4. Clothing Materials. Cotton, leather, silk.

5. Articles of food. Butter, spices.

6. Minerals. Coal, salt.

7. Botany. Apple, potato.

8. Natural phenomena. Clouds, dew.

W. Kefford

July, 1894

6thA child absent all the week because of having Blister Pox.
20thA holiday in the afternoon. Children went to Goldings to see a Military Tournament.
26thMr Hayward H.M.I.A. visited and heard children sing.

August, 1894

2ndA holiday. Children had their school-treat at Goldings.
6thBank holiday.
8thA holiday given at the request of some of the children who wished to go to Southend.
9thSchool as usual.
10thSchool closed in the afternoon for the Harvest Holidays.

September, 1894

17thRe-opened school. Five children absent. The Rev. W. Crick visited.

Annual Report of H. M. Inspector.

“Discipline and instruction are very creditably efficient, and good progress has been made during the past year. More attention should be given to Object Lessons and to the Varied Occupations of the infants.”

Staff. Principal Teacher. Martha Ryle. Certified Teacher of the 1st Class.

Two paid monitors.

signed Walter Crick


October, 1894

November, 1894

2ndSchool as usual. A child unable to attend school all the week because of the wet weather.
16thIrregular attendance owing to the weather, several children unable to come

because the way was flooded.

22ndPunished a child for speaking untruths.

December, 1894

17thSeveral children absent from Influenza. School taken by Assistant as I was unable

to attend through illness.

19thAttendance very small owing to illness.

School closed in the afternoon for the Christmas vacation.


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