Waterford Church of England (Mixed) School, 1890

The school was closed for three weeks in February/March owing to a measles epidemic

By Geoffrey Cordingley

Waterford School behind the War Memorial
Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies

January, 1890

6thRe-opened school.
20thMrs R. Smith visited and distributed prizes for regular attendance.

February, 1890

10thOne child absent with Measles.
17thTwo children absent with Measles.
24thAttendance very small owing to the prevalence of Measles.

February/March, 1890

Feb 25th )School closed three weeks, because of Measles.
    to       )
Mar 15th  )

March, 1890

17thRe-opened school. Attendance good. A few children still absent.
31stKate Medhurst in Standard I. shows great dullness especially in Arithmetic and Dictation.

April, 1890

24thChildren much grieved at the death of their school-fellow Charles Draper.
29thRegisters not marked in the afternoon, because the children attended the funeral of Charles Draper.
30thThe Rev. H.J. Lane, Diocesan Inspector examined school in Religious Knowledge from 1.30 to 4. Registers not marked.

May, 1890

15thAscension Day. A holiday in the afternoon.
17thIn consequence of the continued dullness of Kate Medhurst, she was placed with Class I. infants.
26thWhit Monday. A holiday.
27thSchool as usual.

June, 1890

4thThe Rev. H.L. Wright visited in the morning, and gave a lesson to Class I on “Switzerland”, relating his visit there last year. Showed a large view of the Giessbach Fall. Children were very much interested.
5thDiocesan Inspector’s Report.


“This is in every respect a very satisfactory school.”

Number of children present 53.

Signed. H.J. Lane D.I.

27thThe Annual Government Inspection was held from 9.20 a.m. to 1 p.m. by Mr. Ladd H.M.I.’s Assistant. The Rev. H.L. Wright attended. A holiday in the afternoon.

Object Lessons &c. for the Year ending

                    May 31st /91


1. The Dog.

Fox.  Wolf.  Jackal.

Noted varieties of the dog.

2. Growth of a Frog.

3. A river.

4. “Waste not, want not.”

5. Gold.

6. Corn. Wheat &c.       The Harvest.

Bread-making.  A rice pudding.

7. Flax.  linen.

8. Making of a Penny.

9. Cotton & Manufacture of Cotton goods.

10. A daisy.

11. The Whale.

12. Horse.  Beasts of burden.  Camel.  Reindeer

13. Clay.  Bricks.  Pottery.

14. Manufacture of a needle.

15. Spiders.        Silkworm.

16. Winter.  (Ice. Fog. Frost &c.)

17. Structure of Fish. Herring. Salmon. Mackerel

18. Truthfulness.

                 Pieces selected for Recitation.

Standard I.          The boy who could not lie.

“     II. III.        Beth Gelert.

“     IV. V. VI.  Selection from the Trial Scene, “Merchant of Venice.”

 July, 1890

15thOswald Aldridge in Standard II. and Alice Jennings in Standard IV. being children of very delicate health, have been put back into St. I. and III. Respectively. The former child by the express wish of his parents.
22ndSchool visited by HM. Inspector

Very satisfactory.

T. W. Danby.

24thBy permission of H.M. Inspector T.W. Danby Esq. I have added to the existing Time Table these words:-

“Gr drawing.”

August, 1890

6thA holiday. School treat at Goldings.
15thSchool closed for Harvest holiday.

September, 1890

22ndRe-opened school. Attendance very good. One girl who had passed St. vi. returned to school after an absence of three months.
30thCookery Class held from 9 to 12.

October, 1890

4thSummary of Inspector’s Report & remarks

“Discipline and instruction here are thoroughly praiseworthy in all subjects.”

A. Hart is continued under Article 84.

Signed on behalf of the School Managers


Principle Teacher Martha Ryle – certificated Teacher of the 1st Class

Ann Hart removed from Teaching staff 31st August 1890.

November, 1890

4thMrs Robert Smith visited, also the Rev. H.L. Wright, who distributed sweets & presents to the children, because he was leaving the village.
11thThe Rev. H.L. Somers-Cocks, the successor of the Rev. H.L. Wright, visited.
17thThe Class for Cookery was held this morning from 10.35 to 1 p.m. when the Inspectress of Cookery, Miss Harrison, attended. Mrs R. Smith & the Rev. H.L. Somers-Cocks visited.
18thGave Class I. & II. A lesson on “Canada” to help them to understand more fully the Lecture on Canada, illustrated by a Magic lantern, to be given on Friday evening by the Rev. H. Somers-Cocks in the Tennis-court, Goldings.
24thQuestioned children on the Lecture , & found that they had been much interested.
25thGave children of Cookery Class a short lesson on the “Two essential conditions of the life of human beings.”

December, 1890

2ndGave children of Cookery Class a lesson on the “Properties of Milk.”
10thTalked to children of Cookery Class about some of the foods which produce warmth.
22ndSchool as usual. Several children absent owing to the snow.
24thAttendance very small. School closed for the Christmas Holiday.



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