Waterford Church of England (Mixed) School, 1878

Buns and apples to celebrate the marriage of the Rev. Deedes

By Geoffrey Cordingley

Waterford School behind the War Memorial
Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies

January, 1878

7thRe-opened School after the holidays.  A very good attendance.
30thSeveral children kept in to work sums done wrongly in the Horne Lessons.

February, 1878

5thThe Rev. J.C.M. Mansel-Pleydell visited in the morning, looked at the Dictation books of Class II.
6thExamined the elder children in Class iv in Reading, found them much improved.  The monitor E. Potterill takes great pains with her class.
20thGave monitor A. Lambert leave to go to London.
22ndEmily Potterill, monitor, absent through illness.

March, 1878

1stA small attendance all the week owing to illness in the village.
8thThe children attended better this week.
20thClasses III and IV had a lesson on “Paper”
22ndSeveral children of Class I attended very irregularly during this week.
25thA better attendance to-day.

April, 1878

15thThe Registers were marked at 9.10 instead of at 9.50.  The two hours’ secular instruction was given from 9.15 to 11.15.  Children attended Church at 11.15. to 12.0.
16thThe Registers were again marked at 9.10 and children attended Church at 11.15.
17thRegisters were marked and lessons given according to the Time Table.
18thThe children attended Church at 11.15 – the Registers were marked at 9.10.  The school closed for the Easter holidays.
29thRe-opened school after the holidays.  Admitted four children.

May, 1878

7thNotice of the Examination in Religious Knowledge put up in the school-room.
15thDivision I had a lesson on “Gold”.
21stThe Holy Scripture Examination was held in the morning by Rev. G. Fisher.  The Rev. G.R. Thornton visited.  A holiday in the afternoon.
27thSeveral children kept in for being late for school in the morning.
29thDivision II had a lesson on “the Fox”.

June, 1878

10thWhit Monday – a holiday.
11thSchool as usual.  The Registers were marked at 9.10 instead of at 9.50 the two hours’ secular instruction was given from 9.20 to 11.20.  The children attended Church from 11.30 to 12.0.

July, 1878

1stThe school was inspected in the morning by H.M.I. the Rev. C.J. Robinson and his assistant Mrs Baldrey.

The Rev. J.C. M-Pleydell and Mrs R. Smith visited.

The Rev. C.J. Robinson approved of the first part of Scott’s Lay of the last minstrel for Standards V. and VI. For the year ending May 31st/79.

2ndRe-arranged classes and worked according to the New Time Table.
3rdThree children absent because of Hay-making.
12thThe monitor Emily Potterill left school.
15thMary Aldridge taken from Class I to be monitor.
18thA holiday.  Children belonging to the Choir went to AlexandraPalace.
22ndThree children absent with whooping cough.
23rdAttendance of children not good.
29thMiss B. Smith visited and gave to each child, who had attended 400 times during the previous year, a new half-crown.  Twenty children received them.

August, 1878

1stA holiday.  Children had their school treat.
9thSchool closed in the morning for the Harvest holidays.
10thSummary of Inspector’s Report on the School and Remarks

“The condition of this School is in all respects remarkably good.

M. Pearce’s name has been removed from the Register of Pupil Teachers serving in this school.

Principal Teacher, Martha Cordell – certificated Teacher of the 2nd class.

Signed J.C.M. Mansel-Pleydell

For School Managers

September, 1878

 16thRe-opened school after the holidays.
 17thThe attendance of the children not good.
 23rdA much better attendance – three children absent.

October, 1878

8thThe Rev, J.C. M-Pleydell visited in the morning.  The children had buns and apples given to them on account of the marriage of the Rev. Philip Deedes.  A holiday in the afternoon.

November, 1878

4thTwo children absent with measles – two others kept at home to help their mothers.
15thA very wet day consequently a small school.  A holiday in the afternoon.
22ndMiss Platt and the Misses Smith visited.  A small attendance all the week owing to measles being in the village.
26thA holiday in the afternoon to give children an opportunity to spend their club money.
27thSchool as usual.   The Rev. J.C. Mansel-Pleydell superintended the working of the school, because I was unable to take charge of it through illness.

December, 1878

2ndA great many children absent on account of measles.
6thThe attendance of children very small all the week.
10thOnly 31 children present.
16thA very small school on account of measles and cold weather.
20thA very small school on account of measles and cold weather.
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