Waterford Church of England (Mixed) School, 1888

Dec 18th: The Misses Miller from St. Andrew's School, Hertford, visited in order to see the working of the Cookery Class which was held from 9 to 12.

By Geoffrey Cordingley

Waterford School behind the War Memorial
Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies

January, 1888

9thRe-opened school.  Several children absent through illness.
10thFlorence Perry in St. vi and R. Draper in St. IV still show great dullness in Arithmetic.
16thSeveral children in Infants’ Class absent with whooping cough.
20thAverage attendance very low on account of the prevalence of Whooping-cough amongst the Infants.

The Rev. L.H. Wright visited.

30thSixteen children absent chiefly from illness.

 February, 1888

10thattendance very low amongst the Infants.
14th)School closed on account of illness.
19thSchool as usual.  24 children absent.
24thOnly two children present in the Class for Lower Infants.

March, 1888

2ndIn consequence of the prevalence of Whooping-cough & sore throats amongst the children, the
Managers decided to close the School for one week.
11thAttendance slightly improved.
16thAlice Jennings in Standard II having been absent through illness for two months, and also being
very dull in learning, is very backward with her work, especially Reading and Spelling.
23rdMany children still away through illness.  The Rev. H. L. Wright visited.

April, 1888

9thRe-opened school.  All children in Infants Class present except  one.  Several of the children have been
absent from school for three months.
17thChildren of St. I. worked their sums very accurately.
24thThe Rev. H.J. Lane examined the children in Religious Knowledge in the afternoon.

May, 1888

18thMrs Robert Smith, Miss Edith Smith & the Rev. J.C.M. Mansel-Playdell visited in the afternoon. Mrs Robert Smith gave a hat & dress to each girl in the school. The Rev. J.C.M. Mansel-Playdell spoke to two girls in Class II on their bad habit of absenting themselves from school one day in each week.
 21stWhit Monday. A holiday.
22nd Whit Tuesday. A holiday.
 23rdSchool as usual. Attendance very good.
 24thCopy of Diocesan Inspector’s Report on the Religious Teaching.

Divn I “The children have had as usual careful teaching. Illness in the school has somewhat interfered with the attendance. The answering in the Upper Standards was very good; the lower standards did not I think answer quite as well as usual as in other years.

“ II This division did well. The answering was good. Several children answered very well, and the Repetition of several was very good. The younger children have been kept away from school a good deal by illness and the severe winter.”

D. I. The Rev. H.J. Lane

June, 1888

11thMr. Hayward H.M.I.’s Assistant visited the school at 9.40 A.M..
12thThe Annual Inspection was held from 9.40 to 1.40 – Examiner – Mr. Hayward H.M.I.A.

Mrs. Robert Smith visited and stayed for two hours. The Rev. H.L. Wright was also present.

List of Lessons for Infants’ Class


1. Clouds – A river – Dew

2. Salt – A penny – Cotton & its manufacture. Coal.

3. Elephant – Ass – Reindeer – Salmon – Whale – Seal – Polar Bear – Brown bear

4. Sugar. Tea-plant – Coffee – Cocoa-nut-tree. Potato


 Pieces for Recitation.

Standard I.     The ill-natured ant

“   II. III.       Tit for Tat.

The Indian’s noble revenge.

“   IV. V. VI. Selection from Shakespeare “Anthony’s Oration.”


 July, 1888

2ndClasses I. and II. Had Map drawing and Dictation instead of Singing.
13th1888 Summary of Inspection Report and Remarks

This is a thoroughly efficient School. Order is excellent, and instruction good, except in the     second standard, which is a very weak section of the school”.

Principal Teacher – Martha Ryle Certificated Teacher of the 1st Class

Signed on behalf of the School Managers

H.L. Wright

August, 1888

2ndA holiday. Children had their School-treat at Goldings.
16thSchool closed for the Harvest holiday.
24thMrs Robert Smith visited, looked at several girls’ needlework, praised the girls for their good work.

September, 1888

24thRe-opened school after five weeks holidays. Admitted three infants. Six children absent.

October, 1888

10thMrs Robert Smith visited, looked at several girls’ needlework, praised the girls for their good work.
22ndTalked to Class I. about “Salt” and then gave it as the subject for their Composition Exercise.
23rdThe Managers propose that the children of St. iv. v. vi have three hours’ cooking lesson this morning.

Children enjoyed their cooking lesson very much.

25thMrs Robert Smith and Mrs Reginald Smith visited. Mrs Robert Smith praised the girls of Class I. for having obtained nine prizes at the East Herts. Exhibition of Plain Needlework.
 29thMiss Edith Smith visited.

Subject for Class I’s Composition Exercise “Sugar.”

30th Eleven girls in Standards iv. v. vi. had three hours’ lesson in Cookery this morning instead of the usual lessons.

Miss Edith Smith visited.

November, 1888

6thCookery Class was held this morning for St: iv. v. vi. from 9 to 12 instead of the usual lesson.

Mrs R. Smith, Lady Blomfield and Miss Franks visited in the morning. Mrs R. Smith and Miss Franks visited in the afternoon to see the Needlework Demonstration Frame used.

13thA Cookery Class was held this morning for St: iv. v. vi. from 9 to 12. Mrs Robert Smith and Misses Smith visited.

Selina Clark shows great dullness in her lessons, especially in Arithmetic .

Examined and called out registers and found them correct.

H.L. Wright

20thThree hours’ lesson in Cookery given this morning instead of the usual lessons to Class I.
27thCookery Class was held from 9 to 12 for children in St: iv. v. vi.

December, 1888

4thMrs R. Smith, Miss Gosselin & R. Smith Esq. visited to see the lessons in Cookery.
11thCookery Class held from 9 to 12 – Mrs Edmund Handbury, Mrs R. Smith, Canon, Mrs & Miss Wigram visited.
18thThe Misses Miller from St. Andrew’s School, Hertford, visited in order to see the working of the Cookery Class which was held from 9 to 12.
20thSchool closed for the Christmas Holidays.


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