Waterford Church of England (Mixed) School, 1900

By Geoffrey Cordingley

Waterford School behind the War Memorial
Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies

January, 1900

15thSchool opened. Mistress absent through illness.

Registers checked. H. Brown-Gold

January – February, 1900

Jan 15th) School in charge of Miss Hart. Art. 68. during my absence through influenza.
    to) The Rev. H. Brown. Gold visited.
Feb 5th)

February, 1900

5thThe Rev. H. Brown. Gold visited. 13 children absent through illness and severity of the weather.
9thAttendance slightly improved.
14thSchool closed on account of snow-storm.
15thSchool as usual in the morning. Many children absent. Rev. H. Brown. Gold visited, who said school was to be kept closed for 1½ days owing to snow-storm & floods.
19thRe-opened school. 11 children absent. The Rev. H. Brown. Gold visited
27thAttendance much better.

March, 1900

2ndRegisters checked H. Brown-Gold
  “A holiday given in the afternoon in honour of the Relief of Ladysmith.
5thAttendance good. 46 children present.

List of Object Lessons for Infants.


Animals.             The lion.    Rabbit.    Robin.    Horse.    Cow.    Tiger.    Frog.


Plant life.                                Wild Flowers.         The potato.                         A plant. A daisy.


Minerals.                                Salt.    Coal.


Nat: Phenomena.               Rain.    Snow.


Common Objects. Money. A slate. A brick. A glass tumbler. Milk. A straw hat. A sponge.   Sugar. 23


chalk, gravel & soil.

{Initialled unreadable}


Older Scholars.


1. List of Poetry.


Standards. iv v. vi.    The Revenge.

‘          “           I. II. III.   Alice Fell.

{Initialled unreadable}


2. List of Songs.


1. The Rustic Bridge.

2. Valley streams.

3. Harvest Field Flowers.

4. May Day.

5. The Lark.

3. Names of Class Subjects.


Upper Division.   I. Geography.   II. Needlework.

Lower          “        I. ( Elementary II. Needlework.

‘                                 ( Science.       “   None for Boys.

4. List of Reading Books.


Standard. I. Holborn Series.

‘                       Prac. Reader Part I.

‘                       Viaduct   “       “   “

Standard. II. III. Prac. Reader. Parts II. III.

Standard. IV. V. VI. Yonge’s His: Reader Pt. III.

‘                       Viaduct Reader.       Pt. IV.

List of Object lessons.


Lessons form the Animal Kingdom.


1. Elephant.                           6. The cat.

2. Camel.                               7.   “  dog.

3. Reindeer.                           8. A fish.

4. Fox.                                   9. The monkey.

5. Sheep.

Vegetable Kingdom.


1. An apple.                            2. Starch.

3. Different kinds of corn.

4. Wheat.

5. Rice.

6. Flowers.

7. Stems of plants.

8. Evergreen shrubs.

Mineral kingdom.


1. A flint stone.

2. Iron & its uses.

3. Gold.

4. Tin.

5. Clay.


Natural Phenomena.


1. The Air.                     2. A river. 3. A volcano.

Common Objects.


2. A piece of calico. (cotton)

3. A linen pocket handkerchief.

4. A penny. (Its manufacture.)

5. A piece of India-rubber.

6. A boot. (leather)

April, 1900

12thSchool closed for the Easter holidays.
23rdRe-opened school. 50 children present.
24thThe Diocesan Inspection was held from 2 p.m. to 4.50. The Rev. A.H. Buckland Diocesan Inspector & the Rector attended.
27thMiss M. Hart, Additional Teacher (under Art. 68) left to-day.

May, 1900

4thThe Rev. H. Brown. Gold visited.

Attendance very good all the week.

Report of Religious Instruction.

No. present 49.

“I am glad to be again able to report favourably of this school.

Ample evidence of earnest & systematic teaching appeared in each division. The children were, as they have been in former years, very eager to do well & thus they gained highly creditable results.

Written work was good & Repetition was rendered in a reverent & careful manner.”

May, 1900

10thR.E. Thomas (I. 2)    {Inspector’s visit 2}
21stA holiday given in honour of the Relief of Mafeking.
22ndSchool as usual.

June 8                   For 1900 – 1901.

Scheme I: omitting Geogy in the Lower Division –

Geogy for Lower Divn – The British Islands.

Lessons on Common things to be given in Lower Divn only, and to include elementary lessons on the physical features of the neighbourhood & other geographical matters admitting of suitable illustration.

8.6.1900 E.M.A {?}

July 2nd                    Summary of Inspector’s Report

“I am glad to report that the school has fully recovered the ground lost last year. The school is now well organised and successfully taught.”


Staff –

Principal Teacher: Martha Ryle, Certified Teacher of 1st Class.

Monitor – Sarah Wrangles

H. Brown Gold

July, 1900

13thOwing to the great heat, children did not work well at their lessons.
19thSchool as usual until 11.20 a.m. The school was closed for the rest of the day to allow children to attend the Annual Treat at Goldings.
20thSchool as usual. Several children absent.

August, 1900

2ndSchool closed for the Harvest Holidays, in the morning.

September, 1900

10thRe-opened school. 48 children present. 6 absent. The Rev. H. Brown Gold visited.

October, 1900

31stFour children absent because they have chicken-pox.

The Rev. H. Brown. Gold visited.

November, 1900

1stAnother absent with Chicken-pox. The Rev. H. Brown. Gold visited.

Being All Saints’ Day a half-holiday was given in the afternoon.

14.XI. 1900Visited the School (I1)            {Inspection 1}

EH Chadwick.

December, 1900

3rdA holiday given in honour of Captain Wilfred R. Abel Smith’s wedding.
21stSchool closed in the morning for the Christmas vacation.


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