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January, 1905

9thRe-opened school.  The Rev. H.C. Orpwood visited.  Four children absent.
10thAdmitted three children who are backward in their work.

February, 1905

3rdCommenced school in the afternoon at 1p.m. as the room was required after 3.10. for an Entertainment.

March, 1905

13thThe Rev. H.C. Orpwood visited.

Admitted a new scholar, who, although twelve years of age, is only able to work with Standard III.

20thThe Rev. H.C. Orpwood visited.

A boy in the Fifth Standard promoted to the Sixth Standard.

April, 1905

4thMr. Illot, School Attendance Officer, visited.

May, 1905

3rdVisited School.              E.N. Wix, H.M.I.
4thDiocesan Inspection the Rev. A.R. Buckland examined the school.
11thMr. Ilott, school attendance Officer visited.
12thAttendance good all the week.

A half-holiday given in the afternoon as the per cent.of attendance during the preceding month was 90.6.

20thFive boys, whose parents are employed by the Hon. Mrs Tollemache, have gone to reside in London for four months.
23rdAdmitted three new scholars, the eldest of whom, though nine years of age can scarcely read.

The Rev. H.C. Orpwood visited.

Report of Religious Instruction.

No. present 42.

I can again report favourably of this school: there can be no doubt that the Religious Instruction receives the greatest care and attention.

The upper children, as usual, varied considerably in age & standard, nevertheless answering was nicely distributed throughout the class, and thoroughly deserving of the highest merit mark.

The lower children were a very fair class & showed interest in their lessons.

(Signed)  Arhtur R. Buckland.

Div: Insp:  St. Albans.

23rdCopy of Report made by H.M.I. E. H. Wix, Esq.

After visit of May 3rd 1905.

“Mixed and Infants.

This is a very satisfactory rural school; the discipline is very praiseworthy and both in the written and oral work there is much evidence of skilful, intelligent and effective instruction.

The Infants have been taught with care and on the whole with very fair success, but more brightness and animation in the teaching are desirable.

“Mixed and Infants

The Infants’ urinal should be cemented at the back, and a proper urinal should be constructed for the Boys.”

Staff.      Martha Ryle.  Certified Teacher of 1st Class.

Monitress.  Sarah Wrangles.

H.C. Orpwood

24thEmpire Day. In accordance with directions form the County Council, the children were instructed in the History and Geography of the British Empire in the morning Session, the National Anthem was sung. A half-holiday was given in the afternoon.

June, 1905

2ndThree girls who are over 1 years of age, left school to-day.

Scheme for Instruction during the Year ending May 31st 1906.


Subjects           |             Lower Division                       |        Upper Division


Reading            |Two books. (General reading)       | One general reader.

‘                            |Selections from Historical              | Selections from Historical

‘                            |Reader.                                                 | & Geographical readers.

‘                            |Small books of                                   | Extracts form Popular

‘                            |continuous reading.                        | books.


Recitation         |”We are seven”.                                 | Selections from

‘                            |The Fusilier’s Dog.                             | Horatius.  (Macauley.)

‘                            |                                                                | Burial of Sir John Moore.

‘                            |                                                                |

‘                            |                                                                |

‘                            |                                                                |


Writing.              |Copy books.                                      | Copy Books.

‘                             |Transcription.                                   | Transcription.


Composition     | Description of objects,                | Abstracts.  Essays.

‘                              |animals, visits                                 | Letter writing.  Stories.

‘                              |occupations, pictures.                 | Description of neighbour-

‘                              |Short stories.                                  | hood.


Arithmetic.        |Scheme. B.                                        | Scheme B.


Geography.       |The Earth Definitions                   | General knowledge of

‘                             |Divisions of land and                    | France, Germany &

‘                             |water.                                                 | Russia.

‘                             |General knowledge                       | British Possessions in

‘                             |of own county & country            |  Asia.

‘                             |                                                             |


History.             |British, Roman and                         | The Hanoverian

‘                            | Saxon Times.                                    | Period.


Elementary      |Thirty Lessons                                   |

Science.             |                                                                |


Grammar.         |Sentences containing                     | Analysis of Simple

‘                            | Noun. Verb.  Adj: & Adverb.         | Sentences.

‘                            |Adverb.                                                |


Needlework.    |St. I. II. Spec: of Sewing                   |St. iv – vii.  Specimens shewing

‘                            |felling,    knitting.                              | Gathering, stroking, setting-in

‘                            | St. III. Specimens shewing           | Patching in calico, print

‘                            | sewing, felling, stitching               | & flannel.  Button –holing,

‘                            | herring-boning, darning               | sewing on button

‘                            | on canvas, knitting.                        | Darning.  Knitting toe

‘                            | Garments.  Cuffs.                            | of stocking.  Garments.


List of Lessons in Elementary Science.

Standards I. II. III.






Adhesive Substances.

Autumn Fruits.

Roots of Plants.


The Diver.








Air & water compared.


A flower.

The Food materials of plants.



Means of defence of animals.


Different kinds of flavours.


Bodies, Absorbent or Impervious.





List of Lessons for Infants’ Class.


1. The sheep.

2.  The pig.

3.  The horse.

4.  The monkey.

5.  The camel.

6.  Birds’ food.

7.  An orange.

8.  Berries.

9.  Bread.

10. Feathers & their uses.

11.  The seal.

12.  The earthworm.

13.  Butter.

14.  A shrimp.

15.  A cup of tea.

16.  The dog.

17.  A table.

18.  A slate.

19.  Winter-time.

20.  Rice.                                21.  A basket.   22.  Silk.

23.  A brick.                          24.  A bird’s nest.

25.The oak-tree.                26.  A cake.

27.  Wheat.             28.  A clock.

29.The elephant.



July, 1905

28thSchool closed in the afternoon for the Harvest Holidays

August, 1905

September, 1905

5thRe-opened school.  All children present except one.
7thSchool as usual in the morning.  In the afternoon a half-holiday was given, as the children attended a school-treat given by the Hon. Mrs. R.A. Smith at Goldings.
11thFive boys returned to school, after having been in London three months.  Two of them had not attended school during that time.  They are backward in their work.
20thMr. Ilott, School Attendance Officer, visited. {Seems to be attending every week from now for a while.}

October, 1905

November, 1905

3rdMr. Ilott, Attendance Officer, visited.

Attendance very good all the week.

Two children living two miles from this  school, removed to Tonwell School which is nearer to their home.

17thMr. Ilott, School Attendance Officer, visited.

One girl of Standard IV. absent with chicken-pox.  Two others absent through illness.

December, 1905

1stMr. Ilott, School attendance Officer, visited.

Two children absent with chicken-pox.

21stAttendance very good all the week.

School closed in the afternoon for the Christmas Holidays.

26thThe Hon. Mrs R.A. Smith kindly entertained the children and their mothers to a Christmas-tree in

the school-room, and presented the prizes and certificates given by the County council for regular attendance.

List of winners of Medals, Prizes & Certificates




In Standard IV. and upwards.


1. George Bygrave.      (Third year’s perfect attendance

2. Susan Farnham.      (Third    “           “           “

3. Mabel Jennings.        (Third    “           “           “


In Standards I. & III.


4. Ivy Bush.      Second year’s perfect attendance

5. Dorothy Bygrave. Third    “           “           “

6. Dora Farnham.      First      “           “           “

7.   Bertie Potterill.  Second    “           “           “


In Infants’ Class.


8. Aubrey Farnham.  First    “           “           “

9.  Winifred Bygrave.  First    “           “           “




1.  George Bygrave

2.  Ivy Bush.

3.  Bertie Potterill.

4.  Dorothy Bygrave.




1.  Daisy Edwards.                   4. William Clapham.

2.  George Potterill.                  5.  Harry Wells.

3.  Albert Wrangles.

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