Waterford Church of England (Mixed) School, 1898

"The good position which this school has now occupied for so many years continues to be well maintained as regards both discipline and instruction." HMI

By Geoffrey Cordingley

Waterford School behind the War Memorial
Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies

January, 1898

10thRe-opened school. eight children absent.
24thAmount of Aid Grant received £6.6.9.

“This grant is made for the purpose of improving staff and apparatus.” Fred. E.A. Jamieson.

The Rev. F.E.A. Jamieson visited in the morning.

27thInspection. 1st Visit. (84b)

February, 1898

17thThe Hon. Mrs Reginald A. Smith visited in the afternoon, and gave prizes to all scholars who had attended 400 times during the past year.
21thThe Rev. F.E.A. Jamieson visited.

Attendance improved.

28thThe Rev. F.E.A. Jamieson ceases to be a Manager and Correspondent of this school. He is succeeded by the Rev. H. Brown-Gold.

March, 1898

7thThe Rev. H. Brown-Gold visited.
25thChildren had a holiday on account of the stormy weather.

1898 2nd Inspection.

April, 1898

May, 1898

11thForm 1A and any other Annual Grant Forms should, as soon as possible after the end of the School Year, be completed, and forwarded direct to me, care of the directory. Education Dept:   Mr. Heyward.

June, 1898

20thI resumed my duties after having been absent from school eight weeks, exclusive of holidays, through illness. School in charge of Margaret Hart, Assistant Mistress & was frequently visited by the Rev. H. Brown-Gold.

{The only school entries after March 31st – verifying registers.}

July, 1898

7thA holiday in the afternoon. Children had their annual Treat at Goldings.

August, 1898

1stA holiday.

Poetical Extracts selected for Recitation for the Year ending May 31st /99


St. iv. – vii.   Arthur & Hubert (Shakespeare) .

“Heat me these irons hot.”

St. I. II. III.  Beth Gelert.



Scheme for Instruction in Geography.


Division I.

St. IV – VII  ) Geography of Europe generally.

) Causes which determine Climate.

Division II. St. I. II. III.

1. Land.

2. Water.

3. The form of the Earth..

4. Divisions of land and water.

5. The sea.

6. The influence of water upon land..

7. A hill. Mountain..

8. Valleys.

9. Rivers.

10. Ponds & lakes.

11. Estuary. Gulf. Bay.

12. The coast of England.

13. An island. peninsula.

14. A plain.

15. The neighbourhood in which we live.

16. The county of Hertford.

17. The same.

18. The country in which we live.

19. The mountains and hills of England & Wales.

20. Chief rivers of England.

21. The plains & valleys of England.

22. The soil “ “

23. Agricultural produce.

24. Mineral “

25. Industries of our country.

26. Industries of our country.

27. A talk about London.



List of Object Lessons for Infants Class for Year ending May 31st 1899.


Wild animals. Fox, wolf.

Domestic “     Cow, sheep, pig.

Beasts of Burden.  Horse, elephant, reindeer, camel.

Birds.     Sky-lark, robin.

Insects.   Spider, bee.

Fishes.    Herring, lobster.

Vegetable products. Sugar, cotton, flax, jute, hemp.

Flowers.                Clover

Common objects.    Linen, rope, ores, a penny, pins & pin-making,

black-lead pencil, paper, silk, glass, leather.


Signed 2.7.98


August 2nd Summary of the Inspector’s Report

“The good position which this school has now occupied for so many years continues to be well maintained as regards both discipline and instruction.”

M. Hart is recognised under Article 68 of the Code.

Staff –

Principal Teacher: Martha Ryle, certified Teacher of the 1si Class.

Additional Teacher (under Article 68): Margaret Hart.

H. Brown-Gold


August, 1898

5thSchool closed in the morning for the Harvest Holidays.

September, 1898

12thRe-opened school. Five children absent. The Rev. H Brown-Gold visited.

October, 1898

17thFour children of one family excluded under medical advice because of measles being in the house.

November, 1898

1stFour children still absent because of measles.
8thThree children who had been kept from school because of Measles returned to school.
15thSchool as usual. The Rev. H. Brown-Gold visited. Class for Cookery commenced.

December, 1898

8thR.V. Thomas (I1)                {Inspection 1?}
9thSchool in charge of Miss Hart,
 to Additional teacher, as I was too ill
21st to attend
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