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Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies

January, 1914

6thRe-opened School.  All children present.
7thThe School Attendance Officer visited.
12thThe School Attendance Officer visited.
13thThe Vicar visited in the afternoon.

During the evening the children & others were present at a conjuring & ventriloqual entertainment at the Tennis Court, Goldings, kindly provided for them by the Hon. Mrs. R. Abel Smith.

14thThe children continue to attend quite regularly.
16thThe Vicar visited & taught.
19th The Attendance Officer visited in the morning.
20thThe Hon. Mrs. R.A. Smith visited in the afternoon.
22ndTwo infants absent with colds.
23rd The Vicar visited in the morning & taught.  The afternoon session commenced at 1.30 instead of at 2 o’clock. in order that the School-room should be arranged for a Lantern Lecture.
26th The Attendance Officer visited.
27thThe Attendance Officer visited.
30thThe Vicar visited & taught.

February, 1914

2ndTwo children absent with colds.
3rdThe Attendance Officer visited.
4thThe Vicar visited in the afternoon.
6thThe Vicar visited & taught.

The afternoon session commenced at 1.15 in order that the room could be prepared for a “Social gathering to be held in the evening.

9thNumbers on Registers reduced on account of four children belonging to one family having removed from the village.
10thThe Attendance Officer visited in the morning also the District Nurse attended & looked at each scholar in the school.

The Rev. H.R. Humphreys visited in the afternoon.

11             )The assistant Miss G. Wightman was in
12            )charge of the School, as I was unable to attend through illness.
13thSchool as usual.  The Rev. H.R. Humphreys visited & taught.
16thThe Attendance Officer visited.
19thThe Vicar visited in the afternoon.
20thThe Vicar visited & taught.

A half-holiday was given in the afternoon for good attendance during the preceding month.

23rdThe Attendance Officer visited.  One child absent in the morning; all presennt in the afternoon.
27thVisit (A. M.)       A.B. Adams, J.I.

March, 1914

2ndThe Attendance Officer visited.  All children on the books present.
3rdThe Attendance was again perfect.
5thThe Rev. H.R. Humphreys, the vicar, visited.
6thChecked the Registers & found correct.              H.R.Humphreys
9thThe Attendance Officer visited.  all children present.
11thThe Vicar visited in the afternoon.
13thThe children made perfect attendances during the week.
17thThe Attendance Officer visited.
19thThe Attendance Officer visited.
20thThe Vicar visited in the afternoon.

Two children absent with colds.

23rdSchool as usual in the morning.

The Rev. Basil Reay, Diocesan Inspector visited in the afternoon & examined the children in Religious Knowledge from 2.30 to 4.15.  The Vicar was present.

24thThe vicar visited & taught.
25thThe vicar visited.
26thThe vicar visited.  also the Attendance Officer in the afternoon.

Copy of Report by H.M. Inspector

               F. J. Marvin, Esq.

“This is a very pleasant little country school.  The children are obedient and well-mannered, and are making good progress, more particularly in the English subjects.  There is some improvement in the fluency and enunciation of the oral work, and the elder girls read some good literature.  More revision appears necessary in Arithmetic.  It is  a great pity that the teaching of Cookery to the elder girls in this school should have been discontinued.

The Infants speak well and clearly, and are making progress in their Reading and Writing.


The heating of both rooms appears inadequate: careful temperature records should in future be and preserved for inspection.

The lighting of the main room has been improved: but the Infants’ room is very dark and gloomy, and its present form unsuitable for the teaching of young children.

Desks of a more modern type are desirable, particularly in the Infants’ room- where tables and chairs would perhaps be preferable for Babies.

The lavatory arrangements are very primitive.

Staff   –  Martha Ryle   : Trained Certificated Teacher of the first class.

Assistant Teacher. (Supplementary)   Grace Witghtman.

signed                                     H.R. Humphreys



Report of Religious Instruction.

“Evidence was again forthcoming of careful and good teaching.  In the Bible narrative accuracy of knowledge of the text was shown and care had been taken to bring out the moral and practical lessons.

More definite explanation is still needed of the Catechism in one or two points, but the answering was good on the whole.

The knowledge of the Litany was not so good and the explanation of many words was not known by several of the elder children.

The Repetition and written work were good and accurate, especially that of the Scripture.

The Infants answered well and have been conscientiously taught, the knowledge of the Old and New Testament being accurate and good, and that of the Creed definite.  I should like to see the moral and practical lessons brought out in the former subject.

The Repetition was very well said.

Throughout the School the children were reverent and in good order.”

27thThe Vicar visited & taught.
30thAll children present.

April, 1914

1stThe Attendance Officer visited.
3rdThe Vicar visited & taught.

A very promising scholar in St. II was removed from the School, as she is going to live at St. Albans.

6thA new scholar admitted to the infants’ Class.

The Vicar visited in the afternoon.

7thThe Vicar visited & taught.
8thSchool closed in the afternoon for the Easter Holidays.
21stRe-opened School.  All children present.

The Attendance Officer visited.

24thThe Vicar visited & taught.

The children made perfect attendance during the week.

28thThe Vicar visited & taught.


May, 1914

1stThe Vicar visited & taught.  At the request of the senior girls who wished to go “Maying,”1 the afternoon session commenced at 1.30 p.m.
4thThe Attendance Officer visited.
5thThe Vicar visited & taught.  In the afternoon the Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Dunn, visited from 3 to 4 o’clock & inspected eight children.
6thThe Attendance Officer visited.  A child of the fifth standard who had been absent for several months on account of ill-health, returned to school.
8thThe Vicar visited & taught.
11thThe Attendance Officer visited.
12thThe Vicar visited & taught.
14thF. J. Marvin, Esq. H.M. Inspector & A.B. Adams, Esq. Jr Inspector visited the school this afternoon.
15thThe Vicar visited & taught.
19thThe Vicar visited & taught.
20thThe Attendance Officer visited.
21stA half-holiday was given in the afternoon for good attendance.
22ndThe school was visited in the afternoon by Mr. and Mrs. Reginald A. Smith.
25thIn teh morning suitable lessons were given on the “British Empire,” and in the afternoon a half-holiday was given.
26thThe School Attendance Officer visited.
27thThe Vicar visited.
28thThe R.A. Smith, and Mrs. Reginald A. Smith visited.
29thThe Vicar visited & taught.

Only one child absent one half-day during the week.

June, 1914

 1stWhit Monday.  A holiday.
 2ndWhit Tuesday.  A holiday.
 3rdRe-opened school.  All children present.  The Attendance Officer visited.
5thChecked the Registers and found them correct.  H.R.Humphreys.
   “The Vicar visited & taught.
8th The Vicar & the Rev. Ogden visited.
9thThe Vicar visited & taught.
10thThe Attendance Officer visited.
11thDr. Dunn visited in the afternoon.
12thThe Vicar visited & taught.   In the afternoon A. Hallidee Esq. Chief education Officer visited, & looked at desks.
15thAll children present.
16thThe Vicar visited & taught.

The Attendance Officer visited in the afternoon.

18thOne of the elder girls absent on account of having had a bad fall from her bicycle.
19thThe Vicar visited & taught.
22ndThe Attendance Officer visited.
23rdThe Vicar visited & taught.
25thMiss Wightman had leave of absence in the afternoon to attend the Hertford Historical Pageant.
26thAll children present  except the girl who had a cycle accident.
26th  The Vicar visited & taught.
27thThe Hon. Mrs. R.A. Smith gave tickets to all scholars above seven years of age for the Pageant, which they attended in the afternoon with their parents.
30thThe Attendance Officer visited.

July, 1914

1stAttendance very good.
2ndA half-holiday was given in the afternoon for good attendance during the past month.
3rdThe Vicar visited & taught.
6thThe Attendance Officer visited.
7thThe girl in the St.  vii. who had an accident, returned to School.
9thThe Vicar visited.
10thThe Vicar visited & taught.
13thOne child absent with measles.  The Attendance Officer visited.
14thThe Vicar visited & taught.
16thThe Vicar visited in the afternoon.
17thThe Vicar visited & taught.
20thTwo children absent because of Measles.

The Vicar visited.  The Attendance Officer also visited.

24thTwo children absent all the week because of measles.
27thThe Vicar visited.
30thThe school closed at the end of the Afternoon Session for the Harvest Holiday.

Scheme for Instruction during the Year

ending July 31st /15


Subjects                       Lower Division                         |           Upper Division


Reading.       As many books as possible                  | Selections from Geographical

‘                        (general & continuous Readers.)        |&  Historical Readers.

‘                                                                                               |Selections of Poetry.

‘                                                                                               |One or two books (general)

‘                                                                                               |As many continuous Readers.

‘                                                                                               |as possible.  A separate

‘                                                                                               |Reader for each child.


History          Stories from Early                                    |The Hanoverian Period,

‘                        English History (BC 55 to Ad 1485)     |

‘                        the Present Time.)                                   |


Geography       Knowledge of own                               | General knowledge of

‘                             neighbourhood & of own                 |the British Empire – special

‘                            county                                                      |attention given to Canada,

‘                            Some knowledge of                              |India & Australia.2

‘                            England & Wales                                    |


Map. drawing. Plans of school & playground,          |Maps of British Isles,

‘                            & village of Waterford.                         |India, Canada and

‘                           St. III. Map of England &                       |Australia.3

‘                           Wales.                                                          |


Recitation        St. 2 & 3  The Children’s Hour.              |St.4.5.  Fidelity.  (Wordsworth)

‘                           The Fairies of the Caldon Low.              |A Psalm of Life. (Longfellow.),

‘                           Bruce & the Spider.                                    |The Retired Cat. (Cowper.)

‘                                                                                                     |The Inchcape Rock. (Southey.)

‘                                                                                                      |The Revenge.  Mariners of England.


‘                           St. 1.  Five little brothers.                           |St. 6. 7. Selection from “Merchant of

‘                                      “I remember.”                                     |Venice.”

‘                                       My shadow.                                        | Extract from Milton’s “L’Allegro.”

‘                                                                                                       |Charge of the Light Brigade


Home-                                                                               Girls   |Simple practical lessons

Management                                                                              |in the Management of the

‘         ”                                                                                              |Home and on Food.


‘                                                                                             Boys  |Writing on Work done

‘                                                                                                          |in garden & on farm.


Arithmetic       Scheme B.                                                           |   Scheme B



Observation   St. I.  Thirty lessons with                                |Writing on local objects

& Nature Study         Infants’ Class.                                        |and on nature.

lessons.                         St. II. III.                                                  |Description of walks taken.

‘                                        A few oral lessons on                        |Records of wold birds &

‘                                         Nature.                                                  |wild flowers of the

‘                                                                                                          |neighbourhood to be kept.


August, 1914

September, 1914

8thAlterations to Premises.   During the holidays a new window was put in the south wall of the Class-room, new offices with water laid  on were made, and the play-ground was very much enlarged.
 8thRe-opened school.   All children present except three.  The vicar visited.  The Attendance Officer visited.
 9thAll children present today.
11th The Vicar visited.
15thThe Vicar visited & taught.
16th The Attendance Officer visited.
18thThe Vicar visited & taught.  One girl absent all the week with swollen hand , the result of a wasp-sting.
21stIn the afternoon the Rev. Philip Deeds, a former curate of Waterford, visited.
22ndThe Vicar visited & taught.
23rdAll children present today.
25th The Vicar visited & taught.
28th The Attendance Officer visited.  All children present.

October, 1914

2ndThe Vicar visited & taught.    The children made perfect attendance dduring the week.
6thThe Vicar visited & taught.
7thThe Attendance Officer visited.
9thThe Vicar visited & taught.
12      )School in charge of Miss Wightman as
13      )I was unable to attend through illness.
14I returned to school.  In the morning Dr. Dunn, Medical Officer of Health, visited and examined five children.
16thMrs. Humphreys visited.
20thThe Vicar visited & taught.
21stThe Attendance Officer visited.
23rdOne child absent all the week through illness.
24thTwelve new dual desks have been supplied by the County Council & used for the first time to-day.
27thChecked the Registers and found them correct.  H.R.Humphreys.
28thThe Attendance Officer visited.
30thThe Vicar visited & taught.   A half-holiday was given in the afternoon for good attendance.

November, 1914

2ndThe Afternoon Session commenced at 1.30 instead of 2 o’clock, and will continue to do so until the Spring.
6thThe Vicar visited & taught.

The children made perfect attendances during the past week.

10thThe Vicar visited & taught.
13thThe Vicar visited & taught.
17thThe Vicar visited & taught.
20thThe Vicar visited & taught.  All the children made perfect attendances during the past week.
24thThe Vicar visited & taught.
27thThe children made perfect attendances during the past week.
30thTwo children absent with Chicken-pox.

December, 1914

 1st The Vicar visited & taught.
4thThree children absent during part of the week through illness.
7thAll children present at School.
10thA holiday for good attendance during the months of October & November.
11thSchool as usual.  The Assistant teacher Miss Wightman absent, because she is attending the Examination for Teachers at Hertford.

The Vicar visited & taught.

14thThe Attendance Officer visited.
16thOne child absent with Chicken-pox.
18thThe Vicar visited & taught.

School closed at the end of the Afternoon Session  for the Christmas Holidays.

Prize List for Attendance during

the Year ending July 31st 1914.

Children who made perfect attendances.

Winifred Bygrave.   (Seven years perfect attendance.)

Elsie Farnham.

Violet Jennings.      The Hon. Mrs. Abel

Gertrude Hills         Smith presented each

James Clapham.      child who made perfect

Wilfrid Farnham.     attendance with 1/-

Edward Wrangles.   extra to the book.

Charles Hart.             prizes received.

Alfred Hart.


Children who did not miss more than 10 times.

Florrie French.

Gladys Hart.

Marjory Sharpe.

Robert Wrangles.

William Hart.

Arthur French.

Robert Hart.


Infants who did not miss more than 15 times.

Albert Hart.

Jessie Sharpe.

The Hon. Mrs. R. Abel Smith presented Winifred Bygrave with a watch chain.

24thThe children were given a Christmas-tree  at 6 o’clock. by the Hon. Mrs. Reginald Abel Smith, and at the end of the time the Prizes for good attendances were distributed, and two needlework prizes presented by Mrs. Humphreys were also given.  Winifred Bygrave who had made seven years’ perfect attendance was given a silver watch chain.


  1. ‘Maying’ is The celebration of May Day, especially by the gathering of spring flowers.
  2. Beneath this entry (Geography, Upper Division) is written at an angle:

‘                                                                 __________

‘                                                                  War Area

‘                                                                ____________

3. Beneath this entry (Map drawing, Upper Division) is written at an angle:

‘                                                                 ___________

‘                                                                 ? Modelling

‘                                                                ____________

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