Waterford Church of England (Mixed) School, 1895

"The mistress is to be commended for her good work." Diocesan Inspector

By Geoffrey Cordingley

Waterford School behind the War Memorial
Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies

January, 1895

7thRe-opened school. Attendance good.
8thA holiday given in the afternoon, as the school-room was required by Managers.
22ndSeveral children absent in the morning. A holiday given in the afternoon

because of the snow storm.

25thAttendance very small all the week especially of Infants owing to the weather, &

illness amongst the children.

February, 1895

1stAttendance all the week very small owing to the weather, & illness amongst the children.
8thMany children absent all the week owing to the severity of the weather.

School not opened in the afternoon.

15thVery few Infants present during the week owing to the weather.
22ndAttendance slightly improved, but still very few Infants present.

March, 1895

1stSeveral children very irregular in their attendance & some absent all the week

on account of influenza & bad colds.

22ndAttendance small owing to illness.

April, 1895

5thAttendance much improved.
26thSchool as usual. Registers marked at 9.15 instead of at 9.50.

Report of Religious Instruction.


“ The upper division of this school passed a decidedly good examination, the younger members taking an active part in answering & this too in Bible subjects which were certainly difficult for them. The mistress is to be commended for her good work.

The Infants were rather uneven, yet accurate answering in individual cases testified to painstaking preparation of suitable Bible stories & simple explanations of the Lord’s Prayer.

The high merit mark was awarded for Repetition and written work.”

(signed) Arthur R. Buckland.

Diocesan Inspector.

May, 1895

23rdAscension Day. A holiday in the afternoon.
31stAll children in Standards were examined in Drawing by A. Taylor. Esq. Inspector of Drawing.

A holiday in the afternoon.

June, 1895

3rdWhit Monday. ) Holidays.
4th    “ Tuesday. )
19th  Visit without notice.

W. Kefford

20thA holiday ion the afternoon. The Rev. H.E. Selwyn’s Induction at Bengeo took place.

Poetical Extracts selected for Recitation

for the year ending May 31st/96.


Standard I. Father’s Return.

“ II & III. Casabianca. (Hemans.)

“ iv – vii Selection from Henry V

Once more unto the breach ( Shakspere)



List of Lessons for Infants.


Animals & Birds.

Horse & its Uses. Dogs useful to man.

Lion. Eagle. Cat. Lea. mice.

Squirrel. Skylark.

Common Objects.

Clock. Soap. Afir tree. A piece of Chalk. Penny. Water. A loaf of bread.

Food & Clothing. Sugar. Tea. A pocket-handkerchief. A straw-hat. A piece of ribbon.

A pair of boots. An orange.

Miscellaneous. A grocer’s shop. The daisy. A tin-plate. Spring (the season of)


Scheme for the Instruction of Geography.

St. 1 & 2. The Cardinal points. Use of a map. Geographical Definitions with illustrations.

Some slight knowledge of the Earth, its surface & its inhabitants.

St. 3 – 7. Geo: of Europe. Physical & political. Latitude & Longitude.

August, 1895

1stA holiday in the afternoon. Children went to Goldings to see the Yeomanry Sports.
5thBank Holiday.
 6th A holiday. The Annual School treat was held.
 9thSchool closed in afternoon for the Harvest Holidays.

September, 1895

16thRe-opened school. All scholars present except two.

October, 1895

3rd Visited the School

W. Kefford

4thThe Rev. H.E. Selwyn visited in the afternoon.

Classes II. & III. had a lesson on Basket making.

15thClasses II. & III. taught as one class.
16thClasses II. & III. taught as one class.
17thClasses III. taught same lesson as Class II.
18thClasses II. & III. taught together.
24thClasses II. & III. taught together.
25thClasses II. & III. taught lessons together.

November, 1895

 4thClass III. take same lessons today as Class II.
18thThe Rev. F.E.A. Jameson visited.

A holiday in the afternoon. Children spent their club money.

 19th  School as usual. Classes II. & III. take same lessons.
 26thStandards iv – vii attended Cookery Class.
28thA holiday given in the afternoon, as the school-room was required for preparation for a Concert.
 29thSchool as usual.

December, 1895

6thAttendance very good all the week. The Misses Tollemache attended the class for Cookery.
19thSeveral children absent all the week through illness. School closed for the Christmas vacation.


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