Waterford Church of England (Mixed) School, 1874

"The School is making satisfactory progress. The order is very good, and the attainments greatly improved." HMI

By Geoffrey Cordingley

Waterford School behind the War Memorial
Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies

January, 1874

5thCommenced school after the holidays.
6thHarriett Clapman made monitor instead of Mary A. Phipps.  Re-admitted a scholar.  Miss Dorrington and three nieces visited in the afternoon whilst children singing, Miss Dorrington was very much pleased with the singing and remarked that the children kept very good time.
19thThe Rev. P. Deedes visited.  Commenced marking the registers in the new way.
23rdRev. P. Deedes gave a lesson to the first class.  Gave Home Lessons to classes I and II.  Most of the children were pleased to have them.
27thChildren did their Home Lessons very well.

February, 1874

2ndTwo children absent because of chill-blains.
4thDeparture from Time Table: in the morning by mistake I gave an Abstract for Class I to write, and Dictation to Class II instead of their usual lessons – Dictation and Transcribing.  Rev. P. Deedes visited both morning and afternoon.
9thRev. P. Deedes collected club money.  Departure from Time Table in the afternoon – The Rev. P. Deedes examined Classes I, II, and III in Arithmetic, Dictation and Reading.
11thThe Rev. P. Deedes examined the Copy books.
13thTwo prizes given in the afternoon by the Rev. P. Deedes to the two children who gained the greatest number of marks during the examination – he said he was pleased with the progress they had made during the last fourteen months.
18thChildren attended Church at 11.30 a.m. because it was Ash Wednesday.
19thEllen Norman reproved because she had very bad order in class IV in the afternoon.
23rdThree children away because of scarletina.
24thFour children told by Rev. P. Deedes to absent themselves from school for a time because they live next door to the children having scarletina.
26thA very wet day consequently a small school.
27thAbout 30 children present.

March, 1874

2nd8 children still absent because of sickness.
5thFourth class managed better than usual by Harriet Clapham.
10thThe registers were not marked in the afternoon because of the very small attendance.
11thA very small school owing to the snow storm.  Registers not marked in the morning.
12thChildren attended better than yesterday.
16thClub collected by the Rev. P. Deedes.  Ellen Norman absent through illness.
25thEllen Norman returned to school.
27thEllen Norman left school because the six months notice given to her on September 29th 1873 expired on Wednesday last.
30thThe Rev. P. Deedes visited.  Children attended Church from 11.30 to 12.0.
31stChildren again attended Church

April, 1874

2ndSchool closed for Easter holidays.
13thCommenced school after the holidays.  Several children absent from

May, 1874

1stChildren attended Church from 11.30 to 12.0.  The Rev. P. Deedes and a gentleman visited.
6thJane Craft taken from Class I to be monitor.
7thThe Religious examination took place in the morning.
15thA holiday – Ascension Day.
20thOne child removed from school before the expiration of the two hours’ secular instruction.

June, 1874

9thThe monitor Jane Craft had very bad order in Class IV this afternoon
10thFourth class in little better order today.
11thThe monitor obliged to go home through illness.
30thHarriet Claphan kept Class IV in better order than Jane Craft did yesterday.

July, 1874

1stOne of the girls in Class I removed from school to assist her mother at home.
8thSchool inspected by the Rev. C.J. Robinson in the morning.  Mrs. Smith, Rev. C. Deedes, Rev. P. Deedes and Rev. – Erskine visited.  Holiday in the afternoon.
9thSchool as usual.  Taught Class I Reduction of Avoirdupois Weight.
10thCommenced teaching Simple Long division to Class II.  Three children from Class IV placed in Class III.
14thThe monitor Jane Craft managed class IV much better than usual.
15thMrs. R. Smith, Rev A. and Mrs. Smith, Rev. L. and Lady Catherine Bassington and Rev. P. Deedes visited.
23rdHoliday in the afternoon – children had their school-treat.
27thMrs. R. Smith and Rev. P. Deedes visited.  New maps put up in school.
28thOne child still away with scarlet fever.

August, 1874

4thA holiday.  Three children belonging to the Church Choir visited the CrystalPalace.
7thSchool closed for Harvest Holidays,
10thSummary of Inspectors’ Report and Remarks.

“The School is making satisfactory progress.  The order is very good, and the attainments greatly improved.”

“Miss Cordell will shortly receive her Certificate.”

Signed Philip Deedes

For School Managers

Principal Teacher.  Martha Cordell Certificated Teacher of the 2nd Class.

September, 1874

14thCommenced school after holidays.  Harriet Clapham left school during the vacation.  Admitted four children.  Rev. C. Deedes visited in the morning.
 21stRev. P. Deedes collected club money.  Children attended church from 11.30 to 12.0.
 23rdClass IV not kept in good order by the monitor Jan Craft.
 29thMiriam Pearce commenced being monitor in place of H. Chapman.
 30thMrs. Smith visited in the afternoon – looked at children’s needlework.  Rev. P. Deedes visited.  Worked from the new Time Table.

October, 1874

6thBegan to teach children anew song “The Nightingale.”  Charlotte Chalkley taken for a monitor instead of Jane Craft who left yesterday to go to Service.
7thThree children absent on account of having scarlet fever in the house.
15thMiss G. Deedes visited in the afternoon.  Two other children absent with scarlet fever.
16thSome children absent picking up acorns.
20thA very small school owing to scarlet fever still being in the village.
21stThe Rev. P. Deedes visited and took Class I to Mental Arithmetic.

November, 1874

9thThe Rev. P. Deedes collected club money.  Two children still absent because of scarlet fever.
12thTwo more children absent with fever.
13thClass II did their Horne Lessons very well.
16thA very small school.
19thStill a very poor attendance owing to fever.
23rdSeveral children who come from a distance kept from school because of the Scarlet fever being in the village.
26thOnly one child present in the First class in the morning – The Rev. P. Deedes visited.
30thSeveral children still absent.

December, 1874

2ndStill a small school.
8th31 children present in the morning.
10thSeveral children absent owing to the weather.
16thOne child removed from school before the expiration of the two hours’ secular instruction.
21stA very small attendance because of the snow.
23rdSchool closed for the Christmas vacation.


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