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Waterford School behind the War Memorial
Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies

January, 1912

9thRe-opened school.  All children present.
10thThe Vicar visited & taught.

“    “               The Vicar visited in the afternoon, accompanied by his brother Mr. Arthur Mayhew, H.M. Inspector of schools in Madras.

22ndMiss Inis Smith brought some pictures of Switzerland for the children to see.

February, 1912

1stThe District Nurse visited
16thThe afternoon Session commenced at 1.10.p.m. because of a Concert being held in the schoolroom.
24thA Managers’ Meeting was held.

March, 1912

1stThe attendance of Infants has been small during the past week, owing to the prevalence of influenza amongst them.
15thChildren attended regularly all the week, & made good progress, except in Standard II. in which there are three children who are exceptionally dull & learn very slowly.
22ndMiss Wightman, the Assistant, had leave of absence in the afternoon, to attend a Confirmation Service at All Saints’ Church Hertford, she being a candidate.
25thThe Vicar, the Rev. A. A. Mayhew, resigned his living to-day, & ceased to be a Manager & Correspondent of this school.
25thThe Rev. Basil J.M. Reay,1 Diocesan Inspector, examined children in Religious Knowledge from 2 p.m. to 3.30.  All children present.

                        Report of Religious Instruction.


“I was glad to find to day – after an interval of two years, that the religious knowledge had been maintained at a high standard – the result of good and relevant teaching.

Very good answering was received in both the Old and New Testament, the knowledge being full and accurate, which pointed to careful teaching.  More definiteness is in Catechism although what had been explained to the children was very well known.  The repetition was well said and the written work accurately done.

The Infants answered well on the whole, showing a good knowledge of their work, although the answering was not very general.  In the Old & New Testament facts were known, but care should be taken to teach practical & moral lessons fro the narrative.

The Christian Festivals & Seasons were accurately known.  The Repetition of the Catechism was well said, but that of the Scriptures was poor.  The tone & the discipline through out the school was very good & relevant.”          Signed Basil J.M. Reay,1 D.I.

28thA half-holiday was given in the afternoon for good attendance.
29thSchool as usual.  Perfect attendance was made by all the children during the past week.

April, 1912

1stThe School Attendance Officer visited.
4thSchool closed after the Morning Session for the Easter Holidays.
16thRe-opened school.  Admitted two children.  All children present.  The School Attendance Officer visited.
19thAll children on the books made perfect attendance during the past week.22nd
22ndMr. Coles, Attendance Officer visited in the morning.
24thMr. Sambels,2 Chief Attendance Officer, visited & explained why the Cookery Class could not be held this year. (Room not available)
26thThe children again made perfect attendance during the past week.
29thThe school attendance visited.
30thChildren still attending regularly.

May, 1912

3rdPerfect attendance was made during the past week.
6thThe School Attendance Officer visited.  All children present.
10thAll children present at every meeting during the week.
13thThe School Attendance Officer visited.
14thThe District Nurse paid an official visit to the school, and praised the cleanliness of the children.
15thAll children present.
17thOne boy who has reached the age of fourteen left to-day to go to work in a garden.
20thThe School Attendance Officer visited.

Miss Nightman, the Assistant, was unable to attend school through illness.

21stMiss Nightman returned to-day.
22ndVisit of J. Marsh, Esq. H.M. Sub-Inspector from 9.10 to 12.20 p.m.
24thChildren made perfect attendance during the week.  School closed for one week’s holiday.

June, 1912

3rdDuring the holidays three of the school-room windows have undergone alterations. The south window has been enlarged, & large panes of glass have been put in that & the two east windows in place of the former diamond panes.

Re-opened school.  One boy absent through illness.

5thThe School Attendance Officer visited.
7thAll the children attended well, with the exception of two children who were ill.
10thThe School Attendance Officer visited in the morning.  All children present.
14thChildren made perfect attendance during the week.
17thThe School Attendance Officer visited.
18thOne child absent through illness.
21stAll children made perfect attendance during the past week, with the exception of one boy who was ill.
24thAll children present.
26thThe School Attendance Officer visited.
27thA nurse visited the school & examined children in Infants’ Class, & spoke well of the cleanliness of the children.
28thPerfect attendance was made by all the children during the past week, except by one child who went to London with her mother.
29thA Managers’ Meeting was held at which the new Vicar, the Rev. Humphrey Richard Humphreys was appointed Manager & Correspondent of this School.

July, 1912

1stAll children present.
2ndThe Vicar visited from 9.10 to 9.45 a.m. & took the Upper Division to their Holy Scripture Lesson.
3rdThe School Attendance Officer visited in the morning.

In the afternoon, Dr. Dunn, Medical Officer of Health visited & inspected eight children.

5thPerfect attendance was made by all the children during the past week.  Miss Nightman absent.
9thThe Vicar visited & taught.
10thThe School Attendance Officer visited.
11thThe Assistant, Miss Nightman, was absent all day, on account of her mother’s illness.
12thThe Vicar visited & taught.  Miss Nightman was absent in the morning, but present in the afternoon.

Checked the registers & found them correct.  HR. Humphreys.

15thAll children present.
16thThe Vicar visited & taught.
18thA half-holiday was given in the afternoon for good attendance during the preceding months.
19thThe Vicar visited in the morning & taught.  The Attendance Officer visited.
23rdThe Vicar visited & taught.
24thThe Attendance Officer visited.
26thThe Vicar visited & taught.

A half-holiday given in the afternoon for the Annual School-treat at Goldings.

All children present during the past week.

29thA holiday.  Some of the boys went for the Choir trip to Whitstable & Margate.

The Attendance Officer visited.

30thSchool as usual.  All children present.  The Vicar visited.

August, 1912

2ndThe school closed after the morning session for the holiday.

Scheme for Instruction during

the Year ending July 31st 1913



Subjects                       Lower Division                         |           Upper Division


Arithmetic         Scheme B.                                           | Scheme B

‘                                                                                            |


Reading              As many books as                           |  Selections from  Geog: & Historical

‘                             possible (General &                         |   Readers.

‘                             continuous reading)                       |  One or two books  (general)

‘                                                                                            | as many continuous readers

‘                                                                                            |  as possible.

‘                                                                                            | A separate book for each

‘                                                                                            |  child.


Recitation.        St. 3. 2                                                  | Selection from Shakespeare’s

‘                            The Idle Shepherd                            | “Henry viii”

‘                            boys. (Wordsworth)                         | The Spanish Armada.
‘                                                                                            |                                (Macaulay)

‘                             Gelert.  (Spencer)                             |  “Henry V.”

‘                               St. I.  The Frog.                                |

‘                                                                                            |



Geography       Some knowledge of this                 | Canada, Australia

‘                             count & of England                          |& South Africa

‘                             & Wales                                                |

‘                                                                                             |



History               Stories from Early                             | The Tudor Period

‘                             English History.                                |

‘                                                                                            |


Elementary         Thirty Lessons.                                |  Subjects for

Science                (Separate List.)                                 |  Composition.

‘    &                                                                                     |

Hygiene                                                                             |

‘                                                                                            |


Writing                Abstracts of oral & reading          | Description of local

‘     &                      lessons.                                             | places, events, work

Composition     Descriptions of local places         | done at home & on the

‘                             events.                                                | farm.

‘                              Composition of visible                  | Letter writing.

‘                              objects.  Dictation.  Copies.         | Other subjects for

‘                              St I                                                       | composition.

‘                               Transcription from                        | nature study.  Element

‘                               memory.                                           | -ary hygiene.

‘                               Composition of visible                 | History & Geography

‘                                objects.                       .                    |

‘                                Dictation.  Copy books.              |


Map-               St. 3. Map of    England                       | Maps of Canada, Australia

Drawing.         & Wales.                                                  | & South Africa

‘                         (St. 2  Plans of                                       |

‘                         school-room &  play-                         |

‘                          ground. also one of                           |

‘                          village road, river, &c.                        |

‘                                                                                            |


Observation   Thirty lessons                                      |

Lessons &                                                                         |

Nature Study                                                                  |

‘                                                                                            |


September, 1912

10thRe-opened school.  All children present except one who is not well.

The attendance officer visited.

During the holidays several repairs to the school buildings have been done.  The floor of the class_room has been repaired, the gallery has been taken away & movable desks substituted.  A new cupboard has been put for the supply of water, & the former sink taken away.  Several new boards have been placed on the north wall of the school_room , and the plaster in the porch has been mended.  The offices have been cleaned, & the walls lime_washed.  The roof of the class_room has been repaired, and new air_holes placed in the walls outside.

12thThe vicar visited.
13thThe children attended well all the week with the exception of one child who has “ringworm”.
17thThe School attendance Officer visited.
19thThe District nurse visited the school.
23rdThe Attendance officer visited.  Two children away with “Ringworm”.
24thThe Vicar visited & taught.
26thThe Vicar visited.
27thAttendance not as good as usual, owing to illness.

October, 1912

1stThe Vicar visited & taught.

The District nurse visited.

3rdThe Attendance Officer visited.
4thAttendance not good owing to illness.

Two children removed from school, in order to accompany their parents to N. Australia where they are going to live.

7thThe School Attendance Officer visited.
8thThe Vicar visited & taught.
9thThe Vicar visited.
11thThe Vicar visited & taught.
14thThe Attendance Officer visited.  All children, on the books, present in the morning.
15thThe Vicar visited in the morning & taught, he also visited in the afternoon.
17thI had leave of absence in the afternoon for one hour to attend a funeral.
18Checked registers & found them correct  .  H.R. Humphreys .
21stThe Attendance Officer visited in the morning.

Dr. Dunn, Medical Officer of Health, & a nurse visited at 2 p.m. and examined one child.

23rdSome of the younger children were taken at 2 p.m. to the top of the hill on the east side of the village & given a lesson on the surrounding country.
25thAttendance very good, with the exception of one child who is away through illness.
30thThe Attendance Officer visited.

One boy kept away from school, because he has “Ringworm.”

31stSeveral children away through illness.

November, 1912

1stThis afternoon I took the children of Classes I & II for a walk.
4thThe Attendance Officer visited.
5thThe Vicar visited & taught.
8thThe Vicar visited & taught.  Several children were absent all the week trough illness.  A half-holiday was given in the afternoon for good attendance.
11thSchool as usual.  Three children absent through illness.
12thThe Vicar visited & taught.
14thThe Attendance Officer visited.
15thThe Vicar visited in the morning.
18thAll children present except two Infants under five years of age.  The Attendance Officer visited.
19thThe Vicar visited & taught.
21stThe Vicar & a lady visited in the afternoon.
22ndThe Vicar visited & taught.  The afternoon session commenced at 1.30 p.m. instead of at 2 o’clock, because the room was required at the end of the afternoon to be prepared for a Magic Lantern Lecture to be givne by the Vicar to the children & their parents.
25thThe Attendance Officer visited.
26thThe Vicar visited & taught.
27thThe Vicar visited.
28thThe District Nurse visited.
29thThe Vicar visited & taught Division I.

December, 1912

3rdThe Vicar visited & taught.
5thThe Attendance Officer visited.
6thThe Vicar visited & taught.

Attendance slightly lower during this week owing to colds amongst the infants.

9thAttendance good.
10thThe Vicar visited & taught.
12thThe Attendance Officer visited.

Miss Nightman was away from school to-day in order to attend an Examination.

13thMiss G. Nightman was again absent.
17thThe Vicar visited & taught.
18thThe Attendance Officer visited.
19thThe school was closed at the end of the morning Session for the Christmas Holidays.
23rdThe Hon. Mrs. Reginald A. Smith entertained all the children to a Christmas Tree in the school_room, & distributed the watches & prizes gained for good attendance.

       Prize List for Attendance for

       Year ending July 31st 1912.

Winners of watches for five yrs’ perfect attendance

Aubrey Farnham.

Winifred Bygrave.

Elizabeth Bygrave.  (Seven years’ perfect attendance)

Lilian French.

Elsie Farnham.

Daisy French.

Alice Nash.

William Hart.


Older scholars who did not miss more than 10 times., & Infants who did not miss more than 15 times during the School year.

Stanley Draper   missed   1.

Wilfred Farnham      ”         2.

Florrie French.           ”        3.

Evelyn Sharpe.           ”       3.

Rose French                ”       3.

Grace Jennings.          ”        4.

Hilda Wrangles.         ”        5.

John Nash.                   ”        6.

Gertrude Wrangles.  ”       7.

Robert Hart                 ”       8.

Emma French             ”        9.

Marjory Sharpe.  missed 10 times.

Mabel Parker.

Edward Parker.

Elizabeth C. Bailey.

Edward Wrangles.      ”      9       “

Gertrude Hills              ”     13      “

Ruth Dean.                   ”      14      “

Violet French               ”       15     “

Arthur French              ”      15     “

Alfred Hart.

The Hon. Mrs. R.A. Smith presented Elizabeth Bygrave with a watch chain, and gave an extra prize of a shilling to each child who had not missed once during the year.


1 Rev. Basil John Mason Reay (1872 – 1948)

2 John Philip Sambels was born in the third quarter of 1847 in Plymouth.  He was originally a wheelwright and by 1891 he was living in Letty Green.   by 1901 he was the Organising Secretary for Technical Instruction (HCC) and in 1911 he described himself as Assistant Education Officer. (HCC.)  His wife Mary Ann died in the first quarter 1918 at the age of 69.  They had been married for 46 years or so and had no children.

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