Waterford Church of England (Mixed) School, 1889

8th Jan. A class for Instruction in Cookery was held for St: iv. v. vi from 9 to 12.

By Geoffrey Cordingley

Waterford School behind the War Memorial
Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies

January, 1889

7thRe-opened school. Attendance good.
8thA class for Instruction in Cookery was held for St: iv. v. vi from 9 to 12. Misses H. & E. Smith visited. Misses H. & E. Smith visited.
14thTaught some Kindergarten Games to Infants.
15thA Cookery Class was held from 9 to 12. Mrs Robert Smith, Mrs Albert Smith & the Misses Smith visited.
22ndChildren of St. iv. v. vi. had three hours instruction in Cookery from 9 to 12.
29thA Cookery Class was held this morning for St. iv. v. vi from 9 to 12.

February, 1889

1stEvery child in Class I. present all the week.
11th)School closed on account of the snow.
12th)School as usual. Attendance fairly good.
13thSchool as usual. Attendance fairly good.
19thThe Rev. H.L. Wright visited and took Class I. to a Reading Lesson.
24thSelina Clark and Ruth Draper show great dullness in their lessons.

March, 1889

5thAttendance very good. Only two children absent in the morning (through illness). 57 children present.
6thAsh Wednesday. A holiday in the afternoon.
18thReproved a child for being absent three days without leave.
20thChildren of St. I. & Infants’ Class answered very nicely in their Object lesson this morning.

April, 1889

16thDiocesan Inspection in the morning. A holiday in the afternoon.
18thSchool closed for the Easter holidays.
29thRe-opened school – 57 children present. The Rev. H.L. Wright visited in the afternoon.
30thThe Infants of the Five year class did their transcription very nicely this afternoon.

May, 1889

1stDiocesan Inspector’s Report


Number of children present 57.

Division I. The children passed a very satisfactory Examination – particularly so considering the difficulty of teaching so many Standards in one group. The written work was I think very good.

Division II has been nicely and carefully taught. The children passed a very creditable Examination. The Repetition was very good.

Signed H.J. Lane DI.

22ndClasses III. & IV. liked their lesson very much given on “A penny.”

June, 1889

6thThe school was examined & inspected this morning by H.M.I. J.W. Danby Esq. & his assistant Mr. Hayward.

The Rev. J.C.M. Mansel-Playdell visited.

10thWhit Monday   )
11th   “   Tuesday. ) Holidays.

Summary of inspector’s Report and remarks

Mixed School. The work of this school is thoroughly and very well done. Discipline is very good. The girls’ needlework is good. In the fifth Standard, Group ?, the darning does not fulfil the purpose of the exercises, viz. to track the mending (by darning) of a hole in stocking – not ???. The layout? of the Classroom is most advantageous to the School.”

Infants Class The Infants are well instructed in their elementary subjects. Needlework is very good. No grant can be given for Cooking, as the requirements of article 109(?) have not been satisfied. If a grant is to be claimed for this subject in future, a duly qualified Teacher must be appointed. A. Hart is recognised under article 84.

Principal Teacher – Martha Ryle. Certified Teacher of the 1st Class.

Signed on behalf of the Managers – H.L. Wright

List of Lessons for the Year

Ending May 31st 1890

1. Cat        Tiger. Lion Leopard.

2 Cow.       Butter making.

Cheese    “

3. Flax.

Linen Clothing.

4. Salt.

5. A Clock.

Telling Time.


6. Butterfly.

Silk worm. Silk

7. Cotton Tree.

Spinning & weaving cotton clothing

8. The Oak-tree.

9. A Railway.

10. Iron       Iron-mine.       Uses of Iron.

11. Making of a penny.

12. Water & its Forces.

Pieces selected for Recitation

St. I. Bruce & the Spider

“   II. & III.  The Inchcape Rock.

“   IV. V. VI. Wolsey & Cromwell.

July/August, 1889

July 12th)School in charge of Assistant Miss A. Hart as illness prevented my attendance.
   to       )The Rev. H.L. Wright frequently visited and reported that the children were in good order
Aug 1st  )and working well in their lessons.

School closed for the Harvest Vacation.

September, 1889

9thScholars re-assembled after the holidays. Several children absent with Chicken-pox.
17thChildren of St. iv. v. & vi. Received three hours instruction in cookery from 9 to 12. Teacher – Mrs Ward.
20thSchool in charge of Miss Hart, as I was too ill to attend.

The Rev. H.L. Wright visited.

24thClass for Cookery held from 9 to 12.

October, 1889

4thMayor & Mrs Childers visited in the afternoon.
22ndMrs Robert Smith & a lady visited to see the Cookery Class.

November, 1889

1stAll scholars in Class I. present all the week.
19thMrs R. Smith, Mrs Abel Smith, the Hon. Mrs C Fremantle & a lady visited both the school and the Cookery Class. The Rev. H.L. Wright visited and distributed Club tickets. Children had a holiday in the afternoon to enable them to spend their club money.

December, 1889

19thSchool closed for a fortnight’s holiday.


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