Waterford Church of England (Mixed) School, 1881

Scarlet Fever, Mumps and Snow

By Geoffrey Cordingley

Waterford School behind the War Memorial
Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies

January, 1881

10thOpened school after the holidays.  Five children from one family absent because one of them is ill with scarlet fever.
13thSeveral children absent with mumps.
17thAttendance of children rather bad.  The Rev. F. H. Deane visited in the afternoon
19thIn consequence of the severe snow storm the school was not opened.
20thA holiday.
21stOnly 18 children present in the morning.  A holiday in the afternoon
24thSchool as usual.  Five children absent on account of scarlet fever, and several others absent because of the weather.  The Rev. F.J. Deane visited.  Martha Wallis, the monitor absent with mumps.
31stAttendance of children still very small.  The Rev. F.J. Deane visited.

February, 1881

1stThe Rev. F. Deane visited in the morning.  M. Wallis returned to school.
4thSeveral children absent all the week on account of bad weather and illness
14thAttendance slightly improved.
23rdChildren of Class II wrote their abstract very nicely.
25thAttendance still small owing to illness.

March, 1881

4thFive children still absent on account of scarlet fever.
11thFive children still absent through illness.
18thFive children still absent all the week.

April, 1881

14thSchool closed for the Easter holidays.
15thRe-opened school after the holiday.

May, 1881

12thThe children were examined in religious Knowledge in the morning.  A holiday in the afternoon.
19thMrs. Robert Smith visited, and reproved a girl for not mending the holes in her pinafore  – the child was much more tidily dressed in the afternoon.
23rdChildren of Class II worked their sums very accurately this morning.
30thAll children on books present in the morning.

June, 1881

1stThe school was inspected in the morning by Mr. Heyward, H.M.I. Assistant – The Rev. G.R. Thornton and the Rev. F. J. Deane visited.  A holiday in the afternoon.
6thWhit Monday.     A holiday.
7thA holiday.
14thGave Standard iii a lesson in Simple Long Division.

July, 1881

6thSeveral children absent on account of the rain.
8thAll children present in the morning.

Summary of Inspector’s Report and Remarks

“This School is in a state of very commendable efficiency.  The girls in the VIth Standard fail in Arithmetic, but the Instruction, generally, is good and the Discipline most satisfactory.”

Signed on behalf of the Managers,

F.H. Deane                  Correspondent

13thSchool taken by M. Wallis part of the morning as I was unable to attend through illness.  The Rev. F.H. Deane visited in the afternoon.
14thChildren did not work well owing to the excessive heat.
18thA holiday because of Choir treat.
20thChildren rather idle.
28thA child sent home because she was too ill to be at school.

August, 1881

1stMrs. R. Smith visited in the afternoon and distributed prizes to those children who had attended 400 times during the past school year; she told the children of class I she hoped to see more of them trying for the prizes next year.
4thA holiday because of School treat.
5thSchool closed in the
morning for the Harvest holiday.

September, 1881

12thRe-opened school after the holidays.  The Rev. F.H. Deane visited in the morning, Miss Emmeline and Mr. Wilfrud Smith in the afternoon.  Several children absent because of gleaning.
13thSeveral children still absent. The Rev. F.H. Deane visited in the afternoon.
21stMaster and Miss Thornton visited.
27thMrs Robert Smith, General and Mrs Daniells visited in the afternoon.  Needlework was taught from 3 to 4 instead of from 2.7 to 3.5.

October, 1881

November, 1881

9thTaught Class II the counties of the England by means of a dissected map.

December, 1881

6thMrs R. Smith visited and praised four of the First Class girls for their darning.
15thThe Rev. G.R. Thornton visited to take his farewell of the children as he is leaving the parish.
22ndThe Rev. F.H. Deane visited and distributed oranges, the gift of the Rev. G.R. Thornton to the children.  School closed for the Christmas holidays.
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