Waterford Church of England (Mixed) School, 1875

Measles and Scarlet Fever

By Geoffrey Cordingley

Waterford School behind the War Memorial
Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies

January, 1875

11thCommenced school after the holidays.  A much better attendance.  The Rev. P. Deedes visited and collected club money.
12thTwo children absent with Measles.
19thPunished a child for disobedience.
21stThree other children absent with Measles.

February, 1875

17thSchool taken in the morning by M. Pearce.  I was unable to attend through illness.  The Rev. P. Deedes visited in the afternoon.
24thChildren attended school very well, although a very snowy day.

March, 1875

2ndThe Rev. P. Deedes, rev. and Mrs. Lewis Deedes, Mrs. Long and a lady visited in the afternoon and heard children sing.
9thSeveral children kept at home to assist their mothers.
10thA better attendance than yesterday.
17thThe Rev. P. Deedes attended and heard Class II repeat Tables.

April, 1875

14thMrs. Robt Smith and Master Reg: Smith visited in the morning.
28thA good attendance.
30thSeveral children absent because of Measles.

May, 1875

3rdOwing to the prevalence of Measles in the village, the school was closed for a week.
10thSchool re-opened but still a great number absent with Measles.  The Rev. P. Deedes visited.
11thA very small attendance.
14thThe Rev. P. Deedes, Mrs. R. Smith, and Miss Fuller visited.  At 4.20 p.m. Mrs. Smith gave away hats frocks and capes to the children.
17thA holiday.  Whit Monday.
18thA very small attendance owing to the Measles.
24thThe children attended better.  Admitted two new scholars.  The Rev. P. Deedes collected club money.
31stSeveral children returned to school after being absent through Measles.  The Rev. P. Deedes.

June, 1875

2ndChildren attended very well Several children in Class II kept in to work sums.
8thClass II kept in to work sums.
9thThe Second Division kept in from play because of their inattention during the Natural History Lesson.
16thThe Rev. P. Deedes visited in the morning, and again in the afternoon and took the Fourth Class to their lessons for 1½ hrs.  Mrs Freemantle also visited.

Departure from Time Table.  Five of the First Class Girls did Needlework from 2.7 p.m. to 4.10 p.m. instead of from 2.7 to 3.5 p.m.

24thChildren of Standard III kept in to work sums.

July, 1875

1stSeveral children kept in to work sums.
8thSchool inspected by H.M. Inspector the Rev. C.J. Robinson.

Mrs R. Smith, a lady, and the Rev. P. Deedes visited.

List of School Songs

            I. for Girls.

1.         “Ring, Ring the bell.

2.         Canadian Boat-sing.

3.         The Woodmouse.

4.         Hark! I hear the hunter’s halloe

5.         The flowers are blooming everywhere.

6.         The Nightingale.

7.         Sadly bend the Flowers.

8.         Be kind.

9.         Wind gentle evergreen.

10.       The winter is over.

11.       The first grief.

12.       The Sea.

             II. For Infants

1.         Ring, Ring the bell.

2.         The honey bee.

3.         The slide.

4.         The Cock sparrow.

5.         Sadly bend the flowers.

6.         The Pony.

12thGave Class I a lesson on the Noun.

Re-arranged the classes.

13thMrs Smith visited in the afternoon, and gave two books to the two children who had attended most regularly during the preceding year.
14thOwing to the rain several children were absent.
16thA very small school in the afternoon owing to several children having gone wooding.  The Rev. P. Deedes visited, also Mrs Smith and the Misses Smith.
26thSummary of Inspector’s Report and Remarks

“The Discipline is very good and the Instruction reflects credit upon the mistress.”

Principal Teacher – Martha Cordell.  Certified Teacher of the 2nd Class.

Pupil Teacher of the 1st Year.  Miriam Pearce.

Signed. Philip Deedes.

27thA holiday.  Children went to School treat.

August, 1875

2ndThe Rev. P. Deedes collected club money.

Emily Lambert taken for monitor in the place of Charlotte Chalkley who has gone to the Industrial School.

3rdE. Lambert kept class IV in very fair order.
9thTwo children were absent because their parents are not willing to pay 2d instead of 1d for school pence.
13thThe School closed for Harvest holidays.

September, 1875

20thCommenced school after the holidays.  The Rev. P. Deedes and Miss Dorrington visited.  Admitted a new scholar.
23rdGave Standard IV a lesson on Reduction of Avoirdupoir Weight
24thTwo children absent all week on account of one of them having had Scarlet Fever in the holiday.
27thMore children present than there were last week.

October, 1875

6thSeveral children kept in to learn Geography.
8thThe Rev. P. Deedes and Miss G. Deedes visited.  The Rev. P. Deedes noticed the good attendance of children told them he hoped he should always find them all at school when he visited.
12thA very fair attendance.  I was absent from 3 p.m. as Mrs. Smith wished me to take my mother to the doctor.  M. Pearce conducted the school.
20thA holiday in the afternoon because of a circus being in Hertford.
22ndTwo children absent all the week acorning.
25thThe Rev. P. Deedes collected the club money.  Ellen Craft taken permanently for monitor after a fortnights’ trial in the place of Emily Lambert who has gone to the Industrial School, Stapleford.
29thThe Rev. P. Deedes took Class I to Poetry.

November, 1875

11thSome children unable to attend school because of the overflow of the river.
18thChildren had a holiday in the afternoon to spend their club money.

December, 1875

3rdA small attendance owing to a snow storm.
6thThe Rev. P. Deedes visited.  Children attended badly on account of the severity of the weather.  Holiday in the afternoon.
10thA holiday in the afternoon, because of a Choir Practice being held in the school.
23rdGave M. Pearce leave to return home in the afternoon instead of to-morrow.
24thSchool closed in the morning for a fortnight’s holiday.
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