Waterford Church of England (Mixed) School, 1882

The Discipline & Instruction of this school are excellent.

By Geoffrey Cordingley

Waterford School behind the War Memorial
Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies

January, 1882

9thRe-opened school after the holidays.
18thMisses Isabel and Edith Smith visited.
23rdA holiday in the morning.  School opened in the afternoon.  Several children absent with colds and sore throats.
30thThe Rev. J.C.M. Mansel-Playdell succeeded the Rev. G.R. Thornton in the management of the school.

February, 1882

1stChildren of Standard iv worked their sums very inaccurately.
20thSchool as usual. The Rev. Rawlinson succeeded the Rev. F.H. Deane as Manager of the school.
27thFour children absent with sickness.  Gave Standard III a lesson in Compound Multiplication.

March, 1882

1stThe Rev. C. R. Rawlinson visited and asked the children of Class III & IV some questions on “The Lion”, during their Natural History Lesson.
20thOne little boy absent with croup – four other children absent through illness.
21stThe boy died this morning.  A child sent home in the morning because he was ill.

April, 1882

3rdMrs Robert Smith visited and enquired the reason for several children’s absence from school.
25thGave Standard III a lesson on Compound Multiplication – multiplying by factors.
26thChildren of Class II said their home lessons very inaccurately.
27thThe Examination in Religious Knowledge was held in the morning.  A holiday in the afternoon.

May, 1882

23rdChildren of Standard III more intelligent than usual during their Geography lesson.
29thWhit–Monday.  A holiday.

June, 1882

2ndThe Rev. C.R. Rawlinson ceased to be a Manager of the school, on account of his leaving the Curacy.
7thNeedlework was taught from 2 to 4, instead of from 2 to 3.
8thNo needlework classes held to-day, but Classes I, II, & III had Arithmetic lesson instead.
14thThe Rev. Tuttiett visited in the afternoon.
23rdThe Rev. J.C.M. Mansell-Playdell visited and Miss Daisy Freemantle.  The Rector said he was very much pleased to find every child present.
28thThe Annual Inspection was held in the afternoon by H.M.I. Mr. T Danby Esq. assisted by H.M.I.’s Assistant Mr. Heyward.  Mrs R. Smith & the Revs J.C.M. Mansel-Playdell and L.R. Tuttiett visited.

July, 1882

3rdAdmitted some new scholars. Re-arranged classes.
13thSchool conducted by P.[upil] Teacher, M. Wallis, as I was unable to attend through illness.
14thM. Wallis had charge of the school part of the morning and all the afternoon. All the children were good and obedient except one.
17thThe school was in M. Wallis’s charge nearly all this week, as I was too ill
toto attend. Mrs R. Smith, the Rev. L.R. Tuttiett and Miss Gommer visited
21st several times, and reported that the scholars were going on with their work orderly and quietly.
 24thA holiday for Choir treat.

August, 1882

4thMrs. R. Smith visited and gave money prizes to those children who had attended most regularly during the past school year. The Rev. G. Hill also visited in the morning and Mrs. Mansel Playdell in the afternoon. School closed for the Harvest holidays.

Summary of Inspector’s Report & remarks.

“The Discipline & Instruction of this school are excellent.”

M Wallis has passed fairly, but should attend to Grammar.

Signed on behalf of the Managers

Isabel Smith


September, 1882

131hRe-opened school after holidays. Three children absent. Mrs Robert Smith visited in the morning.
19thSeveral children absent in the afternoon because of rain.
21stPunished a child for telling a falsehood.

October, 1882

2ndClass IV not kept in very good order by the Monitor.
9thGave monitor E. Jennings leave of absence because of her mother’s illness.
13thMonitor absent all week.
20thMrs. R. Smith visited and spoke to a child on her irregular attendance at school.
23rdThe pupil teacher M. Wallis absent with bad throat. Also monitor absent.
24thA very wet day consequently a small school.
30thM. Wallis and monitor returned to school.

November, 1882

6thMonitor again absent through illness, her class was taken by the eldest girl in Class I.
17thA very small attendance owing to illness amongst the children. The Rev. L.R. Tuttiett visited in the morning. A holiday given in the afternoon for children to spend their club money.
27thSeveral children absent with whooping cough. Mrs R. Smith visited in the afternoon.
30thOnly seven children present in Class IV.

December, 1882

4thTwenty-three children absent chiefly with whooping cough. Mrs R. Smith visited in the afternoon.
11thIn consequence of the great prevalence of whooping cough and other
tosickness amongst the children, the managers thought it advisable to close
23rdthe school.
23rdThe Christmas vacation.
Jan 6th



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