Waterford Church of England (Mixed) School, 1876

"This little school is amply supplied with equipment & staff; is in excellent order, & remarkably well instructed." HMI

By Geoffrey Cordingley

Waterford School behind the War Memorial
Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies

January, 1876

10thRe-opened school after the holiday.

February, 1876

7thA first-class girl asked for a week’s leave of absence because of her mother’s illness.
14thSchool not well attended because of the snow.
25thAllowed three children to come to school without paying school-pence, because of their father being out of work.

March, 1876

1stA very wet morning consequently a small school.  Classes III and IV had Poetry instead of Object lesson on account of Miriam Pearce neglecting to collect materials for her lesson before commencement of school as directed.  Children had the lesson at Play-time instead.  Being Ash Wednesday children had a half-holiday.
7thMiss C. Gosselin visited in the afternoon.
14thMiss C. Gosselin visited and brought Reading Books for Class 1.
20thMiss C. Gosselin visited and brought new slates for school.
21stOne child withdrawn from school before the expiration of the two hours’ secular instruction – attendance cancelled.

April, 1876

3rdThe Rev. A. Fairbanks visited in the morning.
25thMrs Robert Smith visited, heard children sing, and examined Registers to see the bad attendances of two children.
28thPut up notice in school of the Religious Inspection.

May, 1876

11thThe children were examined in Religious Knowledge in the morning by the Diocesan Inspector.  Mrs R. Smith visited.  Holiday in the afternoon.
29thThe Rev. J. Mansel Pleydele visited.

June, 1876

19thTwo children absent because of their mothers making hay.
26thTwo children still absent because of their mothers making hay.
27thGave Division I a lesson on the Uses of the British Possessions, and their names.
28thSeveral children still absent because of the hay making.

July, 1876

4thChildren rather idle owing to the heat of the weather.
14thThe children were examined in the afternoon by H.M. Inspector’s Assistant Mrs Baldry.  All children on books were present.  Mrs R. Smith, the Rev. G. Thornton and the Rev. J.C.M. Mansel-Pleydell visited.
21stSchool as usual in the morning.  In the afternoon the school was inspected by H.M.’s Inspector the Rev. C.J. Robinson.  Mrs R. Smith and the Rev. J.C. Mansel Pleydell visited.

The Rev. C.J. Robinson consented to Class I learning the same Geography during the year ending June 30th 1877, which is required of Standard IV in the Code of 1876.

26thTaught Standard vi the definition of a fraction.
31stA holiday – the members of the Church  Choir went to Gravesend.

August, 1876

3rdA holiday – the children had their school treat at Goldings.
11thMrs Smith and Mrs Daniells visited.  School closed for Harvest holiday.

September, 1876

11thRe-opened school after the holidays.  All children present except three, two of whom were ill.  The pupil teacher M. Pearce absent through illness.  The Rev. C.J. Mansel-Pleydell visited.
13thThe school was much disturbed by the crying of a new scholar.
14thA holiday in the afternoon – the children went to Bengeo Flower Show.
15thDuring the week Rosa Pearce a Pupil Teacher of the 4th Year took the place of her sister M. Pearce.
18thMiriam Pearce still absent through illness.  One of the girls of Class I took Class IV.  Mrs Smith and Miss Smith visited.
22nd47 children present in the morning.
25thM. Pearce still absent.  One of the girls of Class I appointed monitor for the week.  The Rev. G. Thornton visited.
29thSummary of Inspectors Report & Remarks

“This little school is amply supplied with equipment & staff; is in excellent order, & remarkably well instructed.  The Reading and Handwriting earn a very high mark.  The Grammar and Geography are very creditable for a beginning.

The Infants are well forward.

M. Pearce has passed fairly under Article 19(E).”

Principal Teacher Martha Cordell

Certified Teacher of the 2nd Class

Pupil Teacher of the 2nd Year.   Miriam Pearce

Signed Isabel Smith

For School Managers

October, 1876

2ndM. Pearce returned to school.
26thA holiday – on account of the grate requiring repair.

November, 1876

29thA holiday in the afternoon to allow children to spend their club money.

December, 1876

20thDeparture from Time-Table – Children went on with needlework till 4 o’clock because of some work requiring to be finished.
21stChildren did Lessons all the afternoon instead of Needlework.
22ndSchool closed in the morning for a fortnight’s holiday.


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