Waterford Church of England (Mixed) School, 1902

2nd May: Dr. Dunn, Medical Officer of Health recommended that the school should be kept closed until May 26th.

By Geoffrey Cordingley

Waterford School behind the War Memorial
Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies

January, 1902

6thRe-opened school. The Rev. Dr. Wood visited. Attendance very good.
24thChildren attended well all the week, though one girl is still absent suffering from the effects of Scarlet-fever.
31stA half-holiday given in the afternoon because the school-room was required for an entertainment.

February, 1902

5thThe Rev. Dr. Wood visited, and gave a lesson (to Class I) on a “glacier.”
6thClass I. wrote an Abstract on their lesson given by Dr. Wood.
7thThe Rev. Dr. Wood visited, and showed some views of glaciers &c. to Class I.

Several children absent all the week, on account of illness.

28thThe Rev. Dr. Wood visited. A half-holiday given in the afternoon, because the school-room was required to prepare for an entertainment.

March, 1902

7thDrill was not taken in the afternoon, because many of the children had sore arms, from vaccination.
17thA girl in Class I. returned to school after being absent through illness for five months.

The Rev. Dr. Wood visited.

21stAttendance very good all the week. A half-holiday given in the afternoon because the school-room was required for an entertainment.
25thFour children belonging to one family left school this afternoon because their parents are leaving the village.

April, 1902

11thA half-holiday given in the afternoon because the school-room was required for a Meeting.
18thThe Rev. Dr. Wood visited in the afternoon.

Three children’s names removed from the registers, as they have left the neighbourhood.

21stOne child absent with Measles. Several other children absent with colds.
30thSchool as usual in the morning, but in the afternoon the children attended the Funeral of the late Manager of the school, Reginald Abel Smith, Esq.

May, 1902

1stThe Rev. Dr. Wood advised that the school should be closed in the morning, as only 24 children came, owing to an outbreak of measles.
2ndDr. Dunn, Medical Officer of Health recommended that the school should be kept closed until May 26th.
26thRe-opened school.

Several children absent, as they have not quite recovered from illness.

The Rev. Dr. Wood visited.

27thAttendance improved.
30thVisited the School

W. Kefford

List of Object lessons for Infants’ Class for Year ending May 31st 1903.


Dog.                Salt.                    Butter.

Fox.                 Chalk.                 Bread.

Rabbit.             Coal.                   Leather.

Bat.                                            Uses of straw.

Bear.                An apple.             A brick.

Swallow.           Wild rose.            A linen table-cloth.

Tiger.                Peas & beans.     A penny.

Butterfly.           Wheat.                Coffee.

Earthworm.        Cork.                  Wool & its uses.

Duck.                Water.                 A tea-cup.



Older Scholars.




Upper Division.                               Lower Division.

——————                                      ———————

Selections from Shakespeare.      The Wreck of the Hesperus.

1. Arthur & Hubert.

2. Deposition of Richard II.

3. Henry V. before Harfleur.


Upper Division.                               Lower Division.

————————–                           ———————



1. Thomas Becket.                         | 1. Britain & the Britons.

2. The Crusade of Richard II.       | 2. Druidism.

3. Magna Charta                             | 3. The Romans in Britain.

4. Simon de Montfort.                   | 4. The Departure of the Romans.

5. Conquest of Wales.                   | 5. The English.

6. Battle of Bannockburn.            | 6. Spread of Christianity.

7. Edward the Black Prince.         | 7. King Egbert.

8. Deposition of Rich. II.                | 8. The Danes.

9. Battle of Agincourt.                   | 9. Alfred the Great.

10. Joan of Arc.                               | 10. Canute.

11. The two Princes.                      | 11.

12.. Battle of Bosworth.                | 12. The Conqueror’s sons.


Geography.                                  | Elementary Science.

——————-                               | ————————

General knowledge                     | Thirty Lessons on

of Great Britain                            | Common Objects.

in Europe, Asia                             |

and America.                                |

‘                                                       |

List of Lessons in Elementary Science for Lower Division.


1. A plant.

2. Roots of plants.

3. Leaves of plants.

4. Dry fruits.

5. Corn and other useful grains.

7. Potato & plant.

8. Means of Defence in animals.

9. Milk and its uses.

10. Porous bodies.

11. Soluble & insoluble substances.

12. Metals.

13. Cotton

14. Rope.

15. Spices.

16. Starch.

17. Flexible & elastic substances.

18. Copper.

19. Soap.

20. Coke.

21. Gravel.

22. Paper.

23. Cork.

24. Bees.

25. Heat & its effects.

26. Ice and snow.

27. Water.

28. Air.

29. Clouds.

30. Glass.


Scheme for Instruction in Needlework.


Three Divisions.


I. Upper Division. Standards VI. V. IV.


To work specimens showing

A. Gathering, stroking, collecting in gathers.

B. Flannel, calico and print patches.

C. Button-holing and sewing on button.

D. Darning on stocking web.

E. To cast on 37 loops, knit 10 rounds –

Shew seam stitch and two decreasings.

Each child to make a garment and knit a sock or stocking.

Each child in Standard vi & vii to cut out & fix her garment.


Middle Division. St. II. III.

——————–    ————

To work specimens showing

A. Sew and fell seam in two coloured cottons.

B. Stitching on course linen.

C. Herring, boning a flannel seam.

D. Darning on canvas.

E. To cast on 30 loops and knit 10 rounds with one join.

Each child to make a garment and knit a cuff with four needles.


Lower Division.  St. I

——————–    ——-

To work specimens showing

A. Sewing & felling with cotton of two colours.

B. To cast on 12 stitches and knit 12 rows, two plain & two purple stitches alternately.

To knit a strip showing purl & plain.

To make garments.


June, 1902

2ndRe-arranged classes. Choir boys away.

The Rev. Dr. Wood visited.

11thA holiday. Children went to Hertford to see the welcome given to three hundred of the Militia who returned from South Africa.
25th) Holidays. Children attended a “Coronation
27th) Tea” at Hertford.

July, 1902

23rdFive boys absent, having gone with other members of the Church Choir to Brighton.
30thSchool as usual until 4.10 p.m. The children were then taken to the Parsonage & kindly entertained to tea by the Rev. Dr. Wood, and afterwards dismissed for the Harvest Vacation.

September, 1902

8thRe-opened school. 44 children present.
9thThree more children returned to school.
15thTwo children’s names removed from the Register, they have left the neighbourhood.
19thSeveral children irregular in their attendance. Two girls away from home.
29thSeveral children absent. Two away form home. Two others at home to help their mothers.

October, 1902

1stSummary of H.M. Inspector’s Report

“The school continues to be efficiently conducted. Discipline is pleasantly and effectively maintained.”

No grant is payable under Article 105 of the Code, as the Staff during the past School year has not been sufficient for the purposes of that Article.

Staff. Martha Ryle. Trained, Certificated Teacher of the 1st Class.

Monitor. Sarah E. Wrangles.

Ian R Wood, Correspondent.

10thThe Rev. R. Coad Pryor visited in the morning, and distributed the prizes given by the Hon. Mrs. R.A. Smith, to those children who attended school regularly during the year ending May 31st/02.

Thirteen children received prizes.

Mr. R. Coad Pryor gave the children a half-holiday in the afternoon.

17thAnother child left during the past week, as her friends are leaving the neighbourhood.
23rdSeveral children absented themselves from school in the afternoon to go to Sanger’s Circus at Hertford.
 27thThe Rev. Dr. Wood visited and questioned Class I on “Magna Charta”.

November, 1902

14thChildren had a half-holiday in the afternoon. The school was required for an Entertainment.
17thTwo children’s names removed form the registers. The children have left the neighbourhood.

E.M. Reid H.M.I.

December, 1902

11thA half-holiday in the afternoon. The school was required for an Entertainment.
12thNo school held in the morning, as the workmen had not finished putting the desks &c. in their places.
19thThe Rev. Dr. Wood visited. The school closed in the afternoon for the Christmas Holidays.


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