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Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies

January, 1917

9thRe-opened school after the holidays.

The monitress, E. Sharpe1 absent through illness.

10th             )E. Sharpe absent through illness.
11th             )
12th             )
15th to 18thSchool in charge of Monitress owing to Mrs. Ryle’s illness.
19thA holiday.
22ndMartha Elizabeth Garbutt2, Certified Teacher, (Herts County Emergency Staff) took temporary charge of this school to-day, Mrs. Ryle being absent from duty owing to illness.


The Vicar visited in the afternoon.

31stThe Vicar visited the school this morning.

February, 1917

7thThe Vicar visited the School in the afternoon.
16thMiss Garbutt gave up her charge to-day.


Prize List for good attendance during the year ending May 31st, 1916

The school was opened 427 times.

Children who made perfect attendances.

Marjory Sharpe.        (First year perfect attendance )

Gertrude Hills.           (Third    ”          ”                “

Edward Wrangles.    (Third    ”          ”                “

Amy Crow.                  (First      ”          ”                “

Children who missed less than 10 times

Edward Godfrey.                       Nellie Crow.      No part year

Grace Jennings.                           Doris Pitts.

Jessie Sharpe.                              Albert Hart.

William Hart.

Alfred Hart.

Infants who missed less than 15 times.

William Clapham   missed 13 times    in part year

Arthur Crow.                  ”       14     “

Gladys Hart.                   ”       14     “


 19thI, Martha Ryle, returned to school.
 20thThe children attended regularly.
22ndLaceware presentation from the children to Mrs. Ryle.

A. H. Sharpe.

22ndAfter forty- three years’ service in this school I, Martha Ryle, resigned the head-teachership.
 26thI, Charlotte H Smith, Cert. Teacher  99/2663 take charge of this school.
 28thMr. Button called.

March, 1917

117.       A.m. visit.    J. Marsh.4

Rev. Sharpe spent some time with H.M.I. & the Director of Education also visited the school this morning.

2ndTwo boys who are at work still have to be counted as on registers.  Their absence considerably reduces the weekly percentage e.g. this week from 96.5 to 90.3.
9thDr. Dunn proposed visiting this afternoon but as I am hardly settled at prsent I have asked him to postpone his visit for a week or two.  I have been into the Infant room several times this week.  There is room for improvement in the method of teaching reading, writing & number.  Work as usual this week according to time table.  No visitors _
13th Dr. Dunn called in the afternoon & arranged to medically inspect 9 scholars on Friday morning the 17th Inst.

As it is proposed that gardening should now be taught as a school subject I am allowing the elder boys to spend the greater part of every afternoon in the garden & shall continue to do so until the crops are all in as, so far, the land has not been dug & there is much rubbish to clear away.  When in working order gardening will be taken for two hours at a stretch upon one afternoon per wk. & those who remain in school will, on that day, do handwork of some kind so that I can easily test their industry during my absence.  Monitress will overlook them & be responsible for their discipline.

 14thMiss Fyson, on behalf of the Ed. Com., came to see monitress & discuss the desirability   of her becoming a Pupil Teacher & the necessary alteration in the Staffing if this takes place.
 15thSpent some time this afternoon with Monitress explaining method of teaching reading & word building.   Attendance Officer called.
 16thDr. Dunn & the District Nurse attended.  Nine children medically inspected.  Mrs. H. Sharpe also visited during the inspection.
 23rdWork as usual this week.  No visitors.

Attendance very good.

 29thAttendance Officer called.
 30thAverage 27.3   %88.3

Rev. & Mrs. Sharpe called this afternoon.

April, 1917

6thWork as usual this week.

We close for Easter holidays this (Thursday) afternoon.   Form E56 returned to the Ed. Office.

20thWe opened school on Monday morning.

Attendance officer called this morning & Mr Marsh this afternoon.

Albert Carter admitted as he will be five before the end of the term.

On Bks.  32  Av.  27.6          % 86.2

27thWork as usual all the week.

May, 1917

1stEvelyn Sharp starts as P.T. to-day & Nelly Saddler as Monitress.  Nelly Sadler will take the Infants when P.T. studies & both will in turn assist with the Standards.  P.T. willt each in the mornings this week & next but after that will alternate one week mornings & the next afternoons.

The last hour this afternoon & tomorrow will be gardening for the Upper Scholars

4thWork as usual this week except in Inf. room where it will be varied to suit the working of the new P.T. arrangement.

On Bks   32.    Av. 27      %  83.2

11thWork as usual this week.
14thRecieved books & stationary from the Ed. S. Store.
15thA little extra time will be given to Singing, recitation, O.E. Folk dancing during this week & next in preparation for “an open morning” on Empire Day.
16thMiss Fyson visited & gave advise re P.T.

Attendance Officer called.

17thAscension Day.  No holiday as weather is very bad.
18thOn Bks.  32   Av.  28    %.  87.5
24thThis being Empire Day the morning has been given up to a Patriotic demonstration in the playground, preceded by an address to the chrn. from Rev. R.H. Sharpe.

A half holiday is given in the afternoon.

25thWe close in the afternoon for one week.

June, 1917

4thRe-opened school this morning.  Admitted Samuel Swan.  Rev. Sharpe visited.  The Inspector of Weights & Measures called & tested medical machine.
6thRev. Sharpe took Scripture & as a rule does so once each week.  Filled up & returned Form IX
8thRev. Sharpe visited this afternoon & saw boys at wok in the garden.

Mr. Button called.

14thRev. R. H. Sharpe visited in the morning.
15thMr. Button called this afternoon.

On Bks.  33.    Av.  29    %.  87.8

Work as usual this week.

Margaret A. Smith – June 16. 1917

22ndMr. Johnson, a wounded soldier now at the Goldings Relief Hospital, & formally a Canadian School master has visited the School this morning to see the ordinary working of the School.  Time-table varied as necessary.

On bks.  32.    Av.  29    %.  90.6

29thWork as usual this week and attendance very good.

July, 1917

2ndReceived notice to the effect that Evelyn Sharpe is to become Pupil Teacher as from May 1st of this year.

Miss Fyson visited & spent an hour & a half with P.T. at lessons.

5thAtten. Officer called.
6thOn Bks.  32    Av.  27.7    %.  86.5
12thMrs Wrangles starts work as cleaner today in place of Mrs Farnham.

Rev. Sharpe visited.

13thA half holiday for attendance given this afternoon.  Attendance this week very good.  Work as usual except that yesterday morning I gave a Drawing lesson for the benefit of P.T. instead of Arithmetic.
18thVera Potter was knocked down by a motor car just outside the school this afternoon shortly before 2 p.m.  She does not appear too much hurt.
19thVera Potter is not at school today as she is badly bruised.

Atten. Officer called yesterday.

Nurse examined all the children on Monday 16th & recommended Edith Carter be sent to the hospital with an ulcer on the eye.  She has gone as an in-patient so will not be at school for a time.

Evelyn Sharpe, P.T., is working an Examination Test for Miss Fyson this week.

Six tons of coal was delivered for Winter use upon the 12th & 13th of this month.

20thOn Bks.  32.    Av.  27.9    %.  87.8

The Hon. Mrs. R.A. Smith visited the school yesterday.  There was also a Punch & Judy Show in the play ground during the afternoon play-time.

23rdThe children did not have House-hold management on Friday so are having it today to enable some of them to enter for the War-time Cookery Exhibition at Hertford.
24thThree girls are allowed to carry down the exhibits.  They return by 10 a.m.
25th I have examined & duly reported upon the work of the whole school this week.

Gertrude Hills received a special prize for best pudding on the children’s stall & Nelly Crow 1st prize for vegetable soup, at the Exhibition mentioned above.

27thMr. Button called.  Form E56 despatched.

Last hour this afternoon devoted to finishing off & clearing up.

We close this afternoon for five weeks.

August, 1917

September, 1917

3rdRe-opened school.  Winifred Bygrave takes up duties in place of Nelly Sadler.

Er-arranged classes & started a fresh scheme of work.

7thOn Bks.  30.    Av.  25.3    %.  84.3
12th Nurse examined all the children’s heads & clothes today.  Several chrn. absent this week.  Charles Hart is ill & as the case is suspected to be the early stages of an infectious disease the brother & sister are excluded until the doctor gives his permission for them to be at school.

Lilian Edens is away from home & two boys are still at work on the farms which considerably lowers our percentage of attendance.  Edith Carter is absent all the week,

13thAttendance Officer visited.
14thOn Bks.  30.    Av.  23.7    %.  79
17thThe two Harts have returned as Charles is now better.
18thMiss Fyson spent all the afternoon with the P.T.  Evelyn has passed second out of six at her recent exam.

Winnie Bygrave’s ability was tested by Miss Fyson orally  & also by means of a short written test.

20thAttendance Officer visited.
21stThe gardening this week on Tuesday was a very unsuitable day the ground being very wet, otherwise work as usual.

On Bks.  30.    Av.  24.8    %.  82.6

Margaret A. Smith   Sept. 22.1917

 October, 1917

5thSchool closed all-day last Friday the 28th Inst.

The Hon. Mrs, Smith visited the school yesterday.

Work as usual this week,.  On Bks.  29.    Av.  25.9    %.  89.3

10thReceived wood, oil & lamp glasses as per order.
12thOn Bks.  28.    Av.  24.6    %.  87.8
17thMr. Button called.
18thDr. Dunn called but there are no cases for him.
19thSchool lessons revised today to get “Washing flannels” in the morning.

On Bks.  28.    Av.  25.8    %.  92.1

22ndAlbert Hart has very bad sores on his face & I have excluded him from school for the present.
29thMary Hart excluded for sores.

November, 1917

2ndOn Bks.  28.    Av.  23.1    %.  82.5
8thDuring the illness of the Head Mistress, I have been sent to take charge of this School.

Florence L. Tilley         Reg. No. 11/1645

Herts. C.C. Emergency Staff.

9thOn Bks.  28.    Average att.  25.1.

Percentage   89.6

13Attendance Officer visited.
14Children examined by school nurse.
15Inspection (full.)

F.S. Marvin.

16thOn Bks.  28.    Av. att.  25.2.   Percentage. 90.

My duty as mistress in charge ends to-day.


19thI resume duties today.  I was also in school on the afternoon of 15th tho’ not in charge.  Mr. Marvin seemed well satisfied with all he saw & heard.
23rdCookery lesson for Upper Girls taken in the house today.  Shorthand also started today.

On Bks.  28.    Av.  25.3    %.  90.3.

29thMr. Button called.

Mr. Wharfe called & signed registers.

Work as usual this week.

On Bks.  27.    Av.  25.8    %.  95.5

December, 1917

4thClosed morning school at 11.50 – re-opening at 1 p.m. closing at 3.10 as the room is wanted for a concert.
7thMr. Button called.

On Bks.  27.    Av.  25.9    %.  95.9

Miss Fyson called yesterday to see P.T.’s but only remained a few minutes.

10thAdmitted Albert & Ronald Fletcher.
14thAs we are having a School concert this evening there is no afternoon school.

On Bks.  29.    Av.  27.6    %.  91.5

17thChrn. examined by School Nurse.

Winnie Bygrave works an exam. paper for Miss Fyson.

Examined in Arith. & Comp. all above St. I.

18thFinished examination today.
19thAs a new stove is being put in the main room we close the school today to allow the workmen to start tomorrow.

The last hour this afternoon was given up to games.  £1.10.0 has been sent to the “Overseas Club” as a result of collection at School Concert.

On Bks.  29.    Av.  27.3    %.  94.2

The Hon. Mrs. R.A. Smith visited the school yesterday.


1 Evelyn  Katherine Sharpe (1902 – ) was a daughter of James amd Katherine (nee Roberts.)  In 1901 James was a gardener but by 1911 he was managing a coffee tavern in the village whilst Katherine was sub-post mistress and assistant in the coffee tavern.

2 Martha Elizabeth Garbutt (1867 – 1960) was born in Lincolshire, a daughter of Charles & Eliza.  Charles was a tailor.  Member of Hertfordshire County Council Emergency Staff and was temporary mistress in 1906 at Berkhamstead & Northchurch National School; in 1907 at Anstey National School; in 1908 Watford, Callowlands Girls’ School; in 1909 at Wareside C of E School; in 1910 Rickmansworth National School.

3 Miss Ann Fyson (1860 – ) was a trainee teacher at Hockerill Teacher Training College, Bishop’s Stortford in 1881?

4 John Marsh (1857 – 1918?) HMI Sub-Inspector lived in St. Albans.  He was born in Sunderland, Co. Durham.  He was married to Annie and had three children.

5 Florence Lucy Tilley (16.12.1890 – 1968) attended Hockerill Training College, Bishop’s Stortford starting in 1909.  Although she was born in Hampshire, she had entered Buntingford School in Standard 7 in 1904 and later, 1909,  spent a term as a trainee teacher there. On 3rd September 1915 she began teaching in Barnet, Wood Street National School.  In the fourth quarter 1918 she married Walter R Ross in Hertford.  In 1939 they were living in Braughing where Walter was a farmer and Florence was an elementary school teacher.

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