Deeds of Waterford School House, 1903

Geoff Cordingley

Waterford School behind the War Memorial
Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies

Memorandum of Agreement made this ninth day of June One Thousand nine hundred and three between The Honourable Margaret Alice Smith of Goldings in the County of Hertford widow of the one part and the Reverand Richard Coad Pryor Rector of Bengeo in the said County of Hertford Harry Charles Orpwood Curate in charge of Waterford Church in the parish of Bengeo aforesaid William Wharf1 of Waterford near Hertford (the Tenants)

Schoolhouse Teachers Dwelling House Buildings Yard hereditaments2 and premises known as the Waterford School situate at Waterford in the said County of Hertford on the West side of the main road leading from Watton at Stone to Hertford for term of one year from 25 December 1902 and then from year to year until either party shall determine £12.10 paid on 25th December every year first payment on 25 December 1903.

Occupy for purposes of a Public Elementary School for the education of children of the labouring Manufacturing and other poorer classes in the District of Waterford Church in parish of Bengeo in said County of Hertford which said School shall always be in unison with and conducted according to principles of the Established Church throughout England and Wales and so that if any difference shall arise as to whether the character  of the religious instruction given in the said school is or is not in accordance with the provisions of this Clause the same shall be referred to the Bishop for the time being of the Diocese whose decision shall be final

The Foundation Managers of the said School under the Education Act 1902 shall consist of four persons being bonâ fide Members of the Church of England Margaret Alice Smith, Richard Coad, Harry Charles Orpwood and William Wharf

Margaret Alice Smith shall keep the School house in good repair.

Three calendar months notice in writing.


1 William Wharf (1841 – 1922) was a former steward or butler at Goldings, Hertford.

2 hereditaments – anything, property or rent, that can be inherited.

D/EB 1396 T25

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