Waterford Church of England (Mixed) School, 1885

"This is certainly an excellent specimen of a village school - one of the best in my district." Diocesan Inspector's Report on the Religious Teaching

By Geoffrey Cordingley

Waterford School behind the War Memorial
Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies

January, 1885

12thRe-opened school. Ten children still absent.
19thStill many children away.

February, 1885

2ndTen children absent.
6thThe Rev. H.L. Wright visited. Attendance small all the week.
9thMore children at school, though still some absent through illness.
18thSeven children absent.
27thAttendance very good all the week.

March/April, 1885

5thStandard V. very dull in Arithmetic.
9thAttendance smaller on account of Measles.
10thInfants enjoyed the Kindergarten lesson, “Brick building.”
17thSeveral other children absent on account of Measles.
18thAttendance small.
23rdSeveral children absent on account of Measles.
24thAttendance very small.
26th)School closed owing to the prevalence of Measles
11th)   among the children.
13thThe school reopened.
17thThe school was in the charge of Martha Wallis, Pupil teacher, during the past week, I have been granted leave of absence by the Managers. According to her report only half the children were well enough to attend: they behaved themselves remarkably well.
20thSchool as usual. Attendance very good.
27th55 children present.

May, 1885

4thThe Diocesan Inspector visited and examined children in Religious Knowledge. 56 scholars present. The Rev. J.C.M. Mansel-Playdell visited. A holiday in the afternoon.

June, 1885

3rdCopy of Diocesan Inspector’s Report on the Religious Teaching

“It is a great pleasure to visit the school: the children are in such excellent order and the tone of the school is all that can be desired. The children in both divisions answered very well in their subjects. Indeed the answering of the upper division in Scripture was excellent. The answering in the Prayer Book subject was not quite so good as in the other subjects, but this subject also had evidently been carefully done. The Repetition of both Divisions was particularly accurate and distinct.

This is certainly an excellent specimen of a village school – one of the best in my district.

D.I. The Rev. H. J. Lane

 26thThe school was inspected in the morning by H.M.I. T.N. Danby Esq. and H.M.I. Assistant Mr. Ladd. The Rev. H.L. Wright visited in the morning. A holiday in the afternoon.
 29thSchool as usual. Gave Martha Wallis one week’s holiday to study for the Scholarship.


July, 1885

13thM. Wallis returned to school.
13thExamined and called registers – and found them correct.

H.L. Wright

List of School Songs & Poetry.

 I. For older Scholars.

(a) Songs                              (b) Poetry

1. Summer time                        St. I. “The boy who could not lie.”

2. Winks.

3. Spring.                                 St. II. Tit for Tat

4. The Cuckoo                          “ III. The Inchcape p[ack

5. Lullaby                                 “ IV. V. VI. Selection from Henry VIII

Trolsey & Cromwell.

II. For Infants

(a) Songs                                  (b) Poetry

1. “Roll your hands”                     (1) The Sick doll.

2. “We of the Farmer”                  (c) Prose

3. “We’ll all stand up”                  The Oak-tree.

4. “Now we are happy children”


List of Lessons for Infants’ Class

1 The Rabbit.                         |21| Butter.

2   “   Cat                              |22| Cheese

3   “   Tiger.                           |23| The dog.

4   “   Cocoa-nut palms           |24| Fox

5   “   Spider.                         |25| Wolf

6   “   Silkworm                      |26| Wheat.

7       Tea.                             |27| Bread.

8       Coffee                          |28| The Seal.

9   “   Herring                         |29|   “   Bear.

10  “  Whale                          |30| Bees.

11  “  Seal                             |31| Ants.

12 An Apple.                         |32| The Sheep.

13 The Horse                         |33| Wool.

14   “   Elephant                     |34| Salt

15   “   Camel                         |35| Clothing of Animals

16   “   Clouds                        |36| Feet       “       “

17   “   Rain                            |37| The Potato

18 A River.                             |38|   “  Oak-tree.

19    Dew                               |39| Coal.

20 The Cow                            |40| Sugar.

17thClass I attended irregularly all the week.
30thA holiday. Children had their school-treat.

August, 1885

7thSeveral children absent all the week through illness. School closed in the morning for Harvest holiday.


Her Majesty’s Inspector’s Report

“This is an excellent School.

M. Wallis has passed fairly well.

She should be informed that she is now qualified under both articles 50 and 52.

No payment can be made under article 110 for her as she is not required by Articles 83 and 115” (II)

Principal Teacher Martha Cordell ( certified teacher of the 1st Class

Signed on behalf of the School Managers

H.L. Wright

September, 1885

14thRe-opened school. Several children left school during the holidays.
25thThe Rev. H. L. Wright visited in the morning. Miss Emmeline Smith visited in the afternoon and gave money-prizes to children who had attended over 380 times during the past year.

October, 1885

2ndThe Rev. H.L. Wright visited in the morning.  Four children left school because of parents removing from the village.
7thThe Rev. H.L. Wright visited, and heard children sing.
10thChildren of Class I rather irregular in their attendance all the week.

Miss Emmeline Smith visited.  Also the Rev. H.L. Wright.

15thChildren had a holiday in the afternoon.
16thSchool as usual.
19thSeveral children absent through sickness.
23rdChildren attended well all the week.
30thSchool conducted by Ex. Pupil-Teacher as I was unable to attend through illness.

November, 1885

5thA holiday in the afternoon. Children attended a tea-party given in honour of Mr. Reginald Smith’s marriage.
17thA holiday given in the afternoon to allow children to spend their club money.

December, 1885

24thAttendance not good all the week owing to children being absent with bad colds. The school closed in the afternoon for the Xmas holidays.

Martha Wallis, who, since the expiration of her apprenticeship has served as Assistant Mistress, resigned the appointment this afternoon, in order to enter Bishop’s Stortford Training College.


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