Waterford Church of England (Mixed) School, 1887

"This is a carefully and most successfully conducted school and the children are most efficiently taught and trained." HMI Report

By Geoffrey Cordingley

Waterford School behind the War Memorial
Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies

January, 1887

10thRe-opened school after the holiday. Mrs. R. Smith visited.
18thChildren of Standard III. did their sums very badly.

February, 1887

4thThe average attendance has been generally lower for the last few months than in preceding years, owing to the removal of several families from the neighbourhood.
11thChildren of Standard III. are still very inaccurate in their Arithmetic.
21stThe children of Class I wrote a very good abstract to-day.

March, 1887

18thEllen Hart in Standard III. has made a little progress in her lessons, but Selina Clark and Sybill Mardell still continue very dull.

April, 1887

26thExamination in the morning in Holy Scripture. A holiday in the afternoon.

Diocesan Inspector’s Report.

“Division I. A very satisfactory division. The answering was for the most part very good in the Scripture Subjects & gave evidence of very careful work. – The Repetition of Scripture and Catechism was very good and what had been learned by heart had been carefully explained. – The answering in the Prayer book Subject was good & the written work was very good.

Division II. This Divn is doing very well too. There is in it this year a large proportion of very small children, but the answering was decidedly good and the Repetition also.

D. I. The Rev. H.J. Lane

May, 1887

27th21 children absent with Measles.
30thAttendance much better to-day.

June, 1887

1stA very wet day – consequently a small school.
6thWhit-Monday. A holiday.
7thSchool as usual.
21stA holiday on account of the “Queen’s Jubilee.”
27thThe Annual Inspection was held this morning from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. by H.M.I.’s Assistant Mr. Heyward. The Rev. J.C.M. Mansel-Playdell attended and the Rev. Learoyd visited.
28thSchool as usual. Re-arranged classes. One child left school to-day, because she is leaving home.

List of School Songs & Poetry

I. For older Scholars

Songs                                         Poetry

1. The Farmer-boy.                   St. I A Noble boy.

2. Sighing for May                      “  II & III Beth Gelert.

3. The Cuckoo.                           “  IV. V. VI. Selection from

4. The Lark                               Shakespeare’s Merchant

5. Winter-time.                        of Venice. 1st Line

6. Merry May.                           “Is your name, Shylock?”


II. For Infants

1. The Storm.                         Poetry. Mary’s lamb.

2. “We’ll all stand up                         The visit to the lambs.

Together.”                             Prose. Tell the truth.

3. The Framer.


Pieces approved of by H.M.I. for Recitation at the Examination in June 1888.

St. VI. V. IV. Selections form Shakespeare’s King John (Arthur & Hubert)

St. III. II. The Wreck of the Hesperus.

St. I. The two crossing-sweepers.


List of Lessons for Infant Class

A Breakfast Table.

The cow – butter – wheat – flour

bread – tea – coffee – sugar

A Farm-Yard.

Domestic Fowls – Pigs – Cows –

Horses &c.


Silkworm – butterfly.

Coal and coal-mine.

A river.

The Elephant – Lion.

“   Camel.

“   Sheep.

“   Salt.

“   Whale

Birds’ nests.

Clothing of animals.

The Worm.

“   Fox.

July, 1887

25thA holiday given because of school-treat.

August, 1887

5thSchool closed in the afternoon for the Harvest holiday.

September, 1887

12thRe-opened school after five weeks’ holiday. Attendance good.
19thVisited School, Examined Registers: quite correct.

Please note Section 9 & 12 of Registration Circular.

A.H. Ladd

20th Summary of Inspector’s Report and Remarks

“This is a carefully and most successfully conducted school and the children are

most efficiently taught and trained.”

Principal Teacher          Martha Ryle, certificated teacher of the 1st Class.

Signed on behalf of the School Managers

H.L. Wright

26thFlorence Perry in Standrad VI. and Ruth Draper in Standard IV. show great dullness in their lessons, especially in Arithmetic.

October, 1887

21stMr & Mrs Reginald Smith, Mr & Mrs Holland-Hibbert & several other ladies and gentlemen visited & heard children sing.

November, 1887

4thThe Rev. H.L. Wright visited.
15thThe Rev. H.L. Wright visited in the morning. A holiday in the afternoon.
16thSchool as usual.
19thSeveral children absent with bad colds.
26thThe Rev. H.L. Wright visited.

December, 1887

23rdSeveral children absent all the week through illness.
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