Waterford Church of England (Mixed) School, 1901

18th July: A half-holiday given in the afternoon, as the children had their Annual School-treat at Goldings.

By Geoffrey Cordingley

Waterford School behind the War Memorial
Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies

January, 1901

7thRe-opened school. The monitress absent through illness. The Rev. H. Brown. Gold visited.
11thMonitress absent all the week. Attendance of some children irregular on account of the severity of the weather.
22ndBefore dismissing the school in the afternoon, children sang “God save the Queen”.

February, 1901

22ndSchool not opened on account of the heavy fall of snow.

March, 1901

15thChildren asked for and obtained a half holiday in the afternoon, because some of them wished to go to a Circus at Hertford.

April, 1901

4thThe school closed in the morning for the Easter vacation.
15thRe-opened school. The Rev. H. Brown. Gold visited.
23rdThe Diocesan Inspector, the Rev. A.R. Buckland examined children in Religious Knowledge in the afternoon from 2 p.m. to 4.30. The Rev. H. E. Selwyn attended.

May, 1901

3 V 1901Visited the School (I2)

E.H. Chadwick

A half holiday given in the afternoon.
 6thRe-arranged classes.

The Rev. H. Brown. Gold visited.

 14thReport of Religious Instruction.

No. present 49.

“The detailed knowledge displayed by many members of the upper division was most gratifying: it bears elegant witness to the thoroughness of the Religious Instruction.

The younger children did well, indeed quite as well as they could have been expected to do without a separate teacher of their own.

Order and tone continue excellent.”

(Signed) Arthur R. Buckland

Diocesan Inspector.

 20thThe Rev. H. Brown. Gold visited.

52 children present.

 24thVictoria Day. A holiday given in honour of it.



 Whitsuntide – Holidays

Schemes for Instruction for 1901 – 1902.


Object Lessons for Infants.


Cat.             Mole.                 Grapes, raisins & currants.

Cow.            Frog.                 Cocoa, nut palm.

Horse.          Spider.              Tea.

Lion.            A fish.               Sugar.

Sheep.         Paws & claws.    Cotton.

Elephant.     Feet of birds.     Orange & lemon.

Seal.           birds.                Potato.

Monkey.      Maize, rice.

Camel.        Sponge.

A Plant.

A buttercup.


Elementary Science & Geography for St. I. II. III.


Salt. Earthware. Lead – pencils. Silk-worm & silk. Teeth & their adaptation to habits of animals. Covering of animals. The swallow. Slate. Woollen Goods. Rain & what becomes of it. Springs. Rivers. River waste & work. Hills & mountains. Valleys & plains. Volcanoes. Soils.




St. IV. – Vii. 1. Cardinal Wolsey. (2) Lady Jane Grey. (3.) The Spanish Armada.

(4.) Sir Walter Raleigh. (5). The Gunpowder Plot. (6.) Execution of Charles I. (7.) The Plague. (8.) The Revolution. (9.) The Duke of Marlboro’. (10.) The Union of Eng: & Scotland.

(11.) The Battle of Trafalgar. (12.) Sir John Moore.

St. II. III. (1.) British Times. (2.) Conquest of Briton by the Romans. (3.) Improvements effected by the Romans. (4). Coming of the Saxons. (5). Introduction of Christianity. (6). The Danes.

(7). Alfred the Great. (8). Manors of Saxons. (9). Battle of Hastings. (10). William the Conqueror (11). The First Crusade. (12). The White Ship.


Poetry. St. IV- VII. The Fall of Wolsey.  The Armada.  Burial of Sir John Moore.  Battle of Blenheim.

St. I – III. The Fusilier’s Dog.

————- The owl.

June, !901

13thMr. Chadwick H.M.I.A. visited – also the Rev. H. Brown Gold.
19thSummary of H.M. Inspector’s Report

“The School is carefully conducted and the results generally are very creditable. Discipline is quietly and efficiently maintained.”


Principal Teacher – Martha Ryle, Certified Teacher of 1st Class.

Monitor – Sarah Wrangles.

H. Brown Gold


Scheme of Instruction in Geography.


Standards IV – VII                    |          II. III.

—————————————–                                     ———————-

General knowledge of Europe.                         |   Elementary Knowledge of England

‘                                                                               | & Wales

Physical & political geog: of                               |   Chief physical features

France, Russia and Germany                             |   Productions

‘                                                                               |   Manufactures.


25thA half-holiday given in the afternoon because of a Church Workers’ Meeting being held at Hertingfordbury

 July, 1901

18thA half-holiday given in the afternoon, as the children had their Annual School-treat at Goldings.
23rdChildren did not work well, owing to the heat.
25thOwing to the severity of a thunder-storm three children only came to school at 2 p.m. and as their clothes were very wet, they were allowed to go home. The Rev. H. Brown. Gold advised that the school should be closed for the afternoon.

August, 1901

1stSeveral children absented themselves from school in order to attend the Bengeo Flower Show.
2ndSchool closed in the morning for the Harvest Vacation.

September, 1901

9thRe-opened school. 44 children present. Several children absent from home.

The Rev. H. Brown. Gold visited.

13thSeveral children absent at the end of this week, suffering from sore-throats.
17thEight children with sore throats.
20thTen children absent with sore throats.
23rdAttendance improved. The Rev. H. Brown. Gold visited.
27thSeveral children absent with sore-throats.
30thThe Rev. H. Brown. Gold visited. Attendance greatly improved.

October, 1901

8thAmount of Aid Grant £3

To maintain present charge for Salaries

H. Brown Gold

{Note in margin reads: Noted W.K.}




School closed. The Managers thought it advisable to close the school for a few days because of the breaking-out of Scarlet fever in one family.
 14thSchool re-opened. The Rev. H. Brown-Gold visited. Several children absent.

Four children from one family exempt because of Scarlet Fever.

 25thAttendance still very good. Four children still exempt.
 28thThe Rev. H. Brown. Gold visited.

Three children who have been away because of scarlet-fever returned to school. One girl still away from the same cause.

November, 1901

6thSchool commenced in the afternoon at 2.20 instead of 2 o’clock in order to give children time to see Sangster’s Circus Procession at Hertford. Seven children absented themselves from school to attend the Afternoon Performance.
20thVisited the School

W. Kefford

  “A holiday in the afternoon.
25thThe Rev. Dr. Wood visited in the morning.

The Rev. R. Coad-Pryor, & the Rev. Dr. Wood are Managers of this school. The Rev. H.E. Selwyn & the Rev. H. Brown. Gold have ceased to be Managers.

The Rev. Dr. Wood is the Correspondent.

December, 1901

17thThe Rev. Dr. Wood visited.

School closed in the afternoon for the Christmas Holidays.



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