Waterford Church of England (Mixed) School, 1877

"This is a very pleasing Country school, excellent in tone & discipline, & well instructed throughout on all subjects." HMI

By Geoffrey Cordingley

Waterford School behind the War Memorial
Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies

January, 1877

68thRe-opened school after the vacation.
23rdThe Rev. J.C.M. Mansel-Pleydell visited in the afternoon – looked at the Arithmetic books for Class I.

February, 1877

March, 1877

20thThe monitor Ellen Craft absent with a sore throat.
21stChildren of Standard II kept in to work sums.
23rdSchool as usual.  Gave M. Pearce a holiday from lessons.

April, 1877

26thThe Rev. J.C.M. Mansel-Pleydell visited.  Notice of the Holy Scripture Examination put up in school.

May, 1877

1stI was unable to be present in school from 2.15 to 3.0 p.m. through illness.
3rdChildren of Standard VI worked sums very nicely.
9thThe Registers were not marked in the morning – the Rev. G.W. Fisher examined children in Religious Knowledge.  A holiday in the afternoon.
14thReproved M. Pearce for inattention and carelessness during her lessons with me.
19thMrs R Smith and the Lord Bishop of Rochester visited in the afternoon.  School closed for a week’s holiday.

June, 1877

19thSeveral children absent because of the hay making.
21stChildren still absent.
25thA much better attendance to-day.
 26thThe school was inspected and examined in the morning by H.M.’s Inspector the Rev. C.J. Robinson and the Assistant Inspector Mrs Baldry.

A selection from Milton’s “Paradise Lost” was approved by the Rev. C.J. Robinson for Standards V and VI for the year ending June 30th 1878.

The Rev. G.R. Thornton and Mrs Robt Smith visited in the morning.  A holiday in the afternoon.

 27thSchool as usual.  Re-arranged classes.

 July, 1877

2ndThe Rev. P. Deedes and Mrs R. Smith visited.  Mrs Smith gave prizes to those children who had attended school 400 times during the past year.  Five boys sent to Bengeo School.
10thThree children kept at home to assist their parents.
18thA holiday in the afternoon – because of the new organ in Bengeo Church being opened.
19thA holiday.  Children had their School-treat at Goldings.
25thSeveral children kept at home in the afternoon without leave.
30thThe Rev. J.C.M. Pleydell spoke to two children’s mothers about keeping their children away from school.

August, 1877

3rdGave M. Pearce permission to go home for her holidays to-morrow.
6thSchool as usual.  M. Pearce absent.
8thSchool closed for the Harvest holidays.
9thSummary of Inspector’s Report and Remarks

“This is a very pleasing Country school, excellent in tone & discipline, & well instructed throughout on all subjects.

M. Pearce has passed well but no payment can be made under Article 19(e) for her, as she is not required by Article 32(c).”

Signed Isabel Smith

For School Managers

Principal Teacher  – Martha Cordell

Certificated Teacher of the 2nd Class

Pupil Teacher of the 3rd Year. Miriam Pearce

September, 1877

17thBegan school after the holidays.  Several children away gleaning.  Mrs R. Smith visited.
25thThe Rev. J.C. Mansel Pleydell visited in the morning spoke to the children about irregular attendance.

October, 1877

1stOnly two children absent this morning.
2ndLady Edith Adeane, The Earl of Carnwath and Miss E. Smith visited in the afternoon.
5thThe Rev. G.R. Thornton and the Rev. J.C. Mansel Pleydell gave Miriam Pearce leave of absence for a month to assist her mother during the illness of her father.

A holiday.

11thClass III kept in very good order by C. Clapham, the monitor.
15thThe Lady E. Adeane visited and looked at Arithmetic books of Class I.

November, 1877

5thSeveral children absent with sore throats.  Miss B. Smith visited.
6thM. Pearce left permanently.

The Rev. C.J. Mansel Pleydell visited.

12thA very small school.  Many children absent with sore throats.
20thA holiday in the afternoon to allow children spend their club money.
26thA very good attendance in the afternoon.
30thOne child away all week through illness.

December, 1877

21stSchool closed for a fortnight’s holiday.


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