Waterford Church of England (Mixed) School, 1884

"I find that the religious teaching continues to be as it has always been thoroughly satisfactory." Diocesan Inspector's Report on the Religious Teaching.

By Geoffrey Cordingley

Waterford School behind the War Memorial
Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies

January, 1884

15thChildren of Standard IV showed a little more intelligence than usual in working their sums.
21stFour girls of Class I had to work some sums after school hours for being very late in the morning.

February, 1884

20thCalled over the Registers on behalf of the Managers of the School, & found them correctly marked.

H.L. Wright

27thChildren of class I were much interested with their lesson on “Scandinavia.” Mrs Robert Smith and Mrs Mansel-Playdell visited.

March, 1884

4thThe pupil-teacher M. Wallis took charge of school as I was unable to attend through illness.
5thSchool as usual.
6thThe Rev. H.L. Wright visited and examined the Registers.
7thAttendance good all the week.
10thThe Rev. H.L. Wright visited.
12thAttendance good.
14thThe Rev. H.L. Wright visited.
17thThe Rev. H.L. Wright visited
19thThe Rev. J.C.M. Mansel-Playdell visited in the afternoon.
20thA holiday in the afternoon.
21stSchool as usual.
24thChildren of Standard IV worked their sums very inaccurately.
25thOrdinary progress.
28thThe Rev. H.L. Wright visited.

 April, 1884

1stReproved monitress for not keeping her class in better order.

May, 1884

2ndThe Examination in Religious Knowledge was held from 2 to 4 o’clock in the afternoon.
7thClass I repeated Poetry very inaccurately this morning.
13thCopy of Diocesan Inspector’s Report on the Religious Teaching.

“It is two years since I last visited this school. I find that the religious teaching continues to be as it has always been thoroughly satisfactory.

The answering was very intelligent and the children seem thoroughly interested in their work and are in excellent order.

I need not enter into details of the examination, it shews that all the work has been thoroughly and faithfully done.

The children in the Lower Divisions have been well taught also and their answering was decided good. Some of the Repetition of this Division needs to be carefully watched.”

16thAttendance very good all week.
19thAdmitted a new scholar eleven years of age. examined her in reading & found she did not know her letters.
27thChildren of Class IV enjoyed their Kindergarten lesson “Mat Maiding.”

June, 1884

13thThe school was inspected in the morning by H.M.I. J.W. Danby, esq. and Mr. Ladd.

A holiday in the afternoon.

                 Poetry for 1885

St: I. “The boy who could not lie.”

“ II. Tit for Tat.

“ III. The Inchcape Rock.

“ iv, v vi Wolsey & Cromwell (Shakespeare)


J.W. Danby

June 1884


                 List of School Songs and Poetry.

         I. For Elder Scholars.

(a.) Songs. The fisherman.



On the water.

The Wish

(b) Recitation.

Standards IV. V. VI. Selections from King John. (Shakespeare)

“           III             The wreck of the Hesperus.

“            II.     Meddlesome Matty.

“             I.    “Good night”

        II For Infants.

Songs.          “Hold the right hand up.”

“Now we are happy.”

“A little bird built a warm nest.”

“ The shoemaker.

Poetry             The clocking-hen.

The little Kitty.

Prose               The Mole trap

The Lost dog.


16thSchool as usual.
17thRe-arranged classes.
23rdSeveral children absent with “Mumps.”
26thAttendance much better.

July, 1884

 9thSummary of Inspector’s Report and Remarks

Mixed School. “The discipline and general tone of this school are excellent. The only weak point in the instruction is the Arithmetic of the Higher Standards.

The intelligence of the Scholars in Reading, Recitation and Geography is very commendable.”

Infant Class. “Both discipline and Instruction were thoroughly commendable.”

M. Wallis has passed well

Principal Teacher – Martha Cordell (Certified Teacher of the 1st Class)

Pupil Teacher – Martha Wallis , of the fourth year

Signed on behalf of the School managers

H.L. Wright

15th Attendance very good and children were very diligent.
31stA holiday. School-treat in the afternoon.

August, 1884

4thThe children were very sleepy over their lessons owing to the great heat.
8thThe Rev. H.L. Wright visited in the morning and examined Registers. School closed in the afternoon for the Harvest Holidays.

September, 1884

15thRe-opened School. Attendance good. The Rev. H.L. Wright visited. Also Miss Emmeline Smith.
17thMiss Emmeline Smith visited and gave money-prizes to those children who had attended over 410 times during the year ended May 31st /84
18thExamined Registers &c. Thoroughly satisfactory.

A.H. Ladd.

22ndPunished two boys for continued naughtiness. Two children absent through illness.
24thClasses III & IV very much enjoyed their lesson given by Pupil teacher on the “Making of Butter.”

October, 1884

2ndOne child absent through illness.
3rdThe Rev. H.L. Wright visited.
6thThree children absent through illness.
8thAttendance good.
10thThe Rev. H.L. Wright visited
13thMiss Emmeline Smith visited.
15thMrs. R. Smith visited.
16thSchool in charge of Martha Wallis, part of the afternoon because I was unable to attend through illness.
17thThe Rev. H.L. Wright visited in the morning, and examined the Registers. Praised children for their good behaviour yesterday during my illness.
20thTwo children absent through illness.
22ndOrdinary progress.
24thThe Rev. H.L. Wright visited.
27thMrs. R. Smith visited.
29thChildren of Class I much interested in their lesson in Geography.
31stThe Rev. H.L. Wright visited.

November, 1884

7thChildren very diligent all the week. Several children absent on account of Scarlet Fever.
10thNine children absent through illness.
21stSeveral absent with Scarlet Fever.
28thIn consequence of the spread of scarlet fever among the children, and the low attendance the school was closed in the morning, by orders of the managers, for one week.

December, 1884

8thRe-opened school. Fourteen children still absent.
15thMany children still absent.
23rdAverage still low. School closed for the Christmas holidays.


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