Waterford Church of England (Mixed) School, 1897

22nd July, "Dr. Turner, Medical Officer of Health, visited and said the school could be closed on account of diphtheria."

By Geoffrey Cordingley

Waterford School behind the War Memorial
Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies

January, 1897

11thRe-opened school. Eight children absent.
15thA monitor absent all the week owing to her mother’s illness. Children of Standard I. taught with St. II. & III.
17thAttendance better. Monitor still absent. St. I. II. II. taught as one class.
22ndSeveral children absent owing to snow-storm.
29thChildren attended irregularly all the week owing to bad weather and colds.

A holiday in the afternoon.

February, 1897

1stSchool as usual. Four girls of Class I. absent.
3rdSchool not opened to-day, as owing to the floods many children unable to get to school.
4thSchool as usual.
5thSchool closed on account of the floods.
8thSchool as usual.
12thAttendance very irregular all the week, chiefly owing to illness.
19thBoth monitors absent all the week, as both of them have Influenza of a Typhoid type.

Standard I. taught with Standards II. & III.

Infants’ Class did not work exactly according to Time Table, as they were taught in the school-room.

26thBoth monitors still absent.

March, 1897

5thSchool opened in afternoon at 2.15 instead of 2 o’clock.

Both monitors still absent through illness.

12thMonitors absent all the week, also several children through illness.
19thMonitors absent all the week. Attendance small owing to illness.
26thThe Rev. F.E.A. Jamieson visited.

Monitors still absent.

April, 1897

1stStandards IV-VII. attended Class for Cookery in the morning.
9thAttendance better. Monitors still absent.
12thThe Rev. A.R. Buckland, diocesan Inspector examined children from 2.15 to 4.30.
15thSchool closed in the morning for Easter Holidays.
26thRe-opened school. Monitors still absent, through illness.
 30thThe older scholars attended a Missionary Exhibition held at Christ’s Hospital, Hertford in the morning.

Infants had a holiday.      School as usual in the afternoon.

May, 1897

10thExamination in Drawing from 11.15 to 12.15 held by A. Taylor, Esq.

Infants had a holiday.       Registers not marked.

14thThe senior monitor still absent. The younger monitor has left the village.
21stInspection 2nd Visit

W. Kefford

25thAccounts seen


Poetical Extracts selected for Recitation for the Year ending May 31st /98


St. I. II. III. Fidelity. Alice Fell. (Wordsworth.)

St. IV. – VII. The Passing of Arthur. (Tennyson.)



List of Object Lessons for Standards I. II. III.


1. Liquids & Solids.               |16. Sponge.

2. Water.                              |17. Iron.

3. Plastic Bodies.                  |18. Cooper.

4. Clay.                                |19. Corn.

5. Gutta Percha.                   |20. Rice.

6. Soluble Bodies.                 |21. Maize.

7. Salt.                                |22. The cow.

8. Sugar.                             |23. Milk, butter.

9. Coal.                               |24. Cheese.

10. The dog.                        |25. The horse.

11. Dif: kinds of dogs            |26. The monkey.

12. The sheep.                     |27. Flax Linen making.

13. The fig.                          |28. The daisy.

14. Parts of a plant.              |29. Spring Flowers.

15. Clover.                           |30. Dew.



Lessons for Infants’ Class.


Animal Kingdom. Rabbit, dog, wolf, dormouse, brown bear, Poar bear, seal.


Vegetable Kingdom. The oak-tree, daisy, potato, turnip, orange pepper.


Mineral Kingdom. Slat, iron, clay.

Sundries. A general shop, sugar, tea, a pocket-handkerchief; rain.



Scheme for Instruction in Geography for the Year ending May 31st /97.


 Standards I. II. III.


The Cardinal points.

The size & shape of the Earth.

The Earth’s Motion.

Geog: Terms simply explained & illustrated by reference to Map of England.

A river.

Standards IV. to VIII.


Physical and Political Geography of Scotland, Ireland, Hindustan and Ceylon.

Day and night and a few elementary lessons upon Latitude & Longitude.


Summary of Inspector’s Report.


“This school is in excellent order. The instruction is on the whole intelligent and thorough.”

Principal Teacher. Martha Ryle – certified Teacher of then First Class.

Signed on behalf of the School Managers.

Fred E.A. Jamieson.



June, 1897

1stRe-arranged Standards and Classes.
3rdSchool closed in the afternoon for the Whitsuntide Holidays.
14thRe-opened school. Monitor returned to school. Attendance very good.
17thThe Rev. F.E.A. Jamieson visited in the morning. A holiday in the afternoon – children had their Annual Treat at Goldings.
22nd) Four days’ holiday given in honour of the Queen’s Jubillee.

July, 1897

2ndThree children absent through illness.
7thThe Rev. H.E. Selwyn visited in the afternoon.
9thFour children absent with sore throats.
16thSeveral children absent through illness.
22ndDr. Turner, Medical Officer of Health, visited and said the school could be closed on account of diphtheria.

August, 1897

September, 1897

13thRe-opened school. Six children absent.
24thTwo children absent all the week through illness, three others not yet returned to school.
27thAll children present except two who are away from home.

Children of Standards I. II. III. taught as one division.

October, 1897

1stSeveral children absented themselves from school in order to attend a Circus at Hertford.

The Rev. F.E.A. Jamieson visited.

6thSchool visited by the Rev. J.W. Sharpe, Senior Chief Inspector, and E.M. Field Esq. H.M.I. The Rev. H.E. Selwyn and the Rev. F.E.A. Jamieson were present during the visit.
18thA holiday given for children to spend their Club money.
30thAttendance better – one child absent with Measles.

November, 1897

December, 1897

9thA holiday in the afternoon because of a Concert being held at Goldings.
23rdThe Rev. F.E.A. Jamieson visited.

Attendance small all the week



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