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Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies

January, 1918

7thRe-opened school.  Children & staff all present.

A new stove with pipes & radiators has been fixed in the main room during the holidays.

11thOn Bks.  29.    Av.  26.3    %.  90.6.
18thEdward Godfrey met with an accident in the playground this morning & has cut his head.  P.T. took him to the hospital (Goldings) & he has had the wound dressed and gone home.
22ndReceived goods from Ed. Supply Dept.
25thOn Bks.  29.    Av.  25.9    %.  89.3

Miss Fyson spent yesterday afternoon with the P.T.’s.

Edward Godfrey has been at school as usual this week.

As the weather has been favourable the boys have had extra time in the garden in order to get on with the digging.

31stChas. Carter was too late for mark this morning & as this is not the first time he has been kept at work, I have informed the attendance officer.  (at work at Waterford Hall.)

Mr. Button called.

February, 1918

1stGardening taken on Monday instead of Tuesday this week, – other work as usual, except in Infant’s Class where two sleep lessons in the afternoon have been allowed – after air-raids.

William Clapham has left the village

On Bks.  28.    Av.  25.4    %.  90.5

Received new Time-table duly signed.

6tha.m. visit.   J.Marsh.
8thMr. Button called in the morning & Mrs. Hawley Sharpe in the afternoon.

The Hon. Mrs. R.A. Smith visited the school on the morning of the 6th & had a chat with Mr. Marsh.

13thSchool closed all day.  (Ash Wednesday).

The two P.T’s are spending the morning at the Cowbridge Schools, Hertford.

15thOn Bks.  28    Av.  24.7    %.  88.4
19thChrn. Examined by school niurse.
26thDr. R.A. Dunn assisted by the School Nurse examined 7 scholars this morning.
27thInfants left at 11.30 to enable one P.T. to give a criticism lesson to the Seniors. Std. IV & the other P.T. criticise.

March, 1918

1stCharles Hart, aged twelve, has gone to work on the land this week.

Total attendance  24.7    % 88.2.

5thMr. Button called.
8thWork as usual this week.  On bks.  28.    Av.  24.6    %.  87.8.  Two boys on reg. are now employed in agriculture & William Hart has been absent six weeks.  These thirty lost attendances very much reduce our weekly percentage.
15thWork as usual this week.

On Bks.  28.    Av.  24    %.  85.7

18thThe following report has been received from the Board of Education.

Date of Ins.   Feb. 6th

The new Head Mistress has put great energy into her work & is well supported by generous managers.  The children speak out confidently & clearly & are eager & happy in their work.  The written exercises are neat & praiseworthy & the knowledge of the children though not great is on the increase.

The introduction of Pupil Teachers, the gardening & nature study, the practical lessons on Household matters & the Dancing are new & praiseworthy features.

Signed            F.S. Marvin.                H.M.i.

The pr____ Report is a correct transcript.

A.H. Sharpe.

18thMiss Fyson spends the morning with the P.T’s.  All children have extra half hou play this morning.

Admitted two boys this morning.

20thAtten. Officer called.
21stRev. Hawley Sharpe called.
22ndOn Bks.  30.    Av.  26    %.  86.6
25thAdmitted William Nash aged 9 yrs., exceedingly nervous & backward, ahrdly fit for St. I.
28thSchool closes for Easter holidays.  Three children are absent with whooping cough.

On Bks.  31.    Av.  23.6    %.  76.2

April, 1918

8thRe-opened School this morning – only 20 present.

Admitted Gladys Wrangles.

11thChecked Registers & found correct

Mrs Wharf

12thOn bks 32.  Av. 19.8    % 61.8  Whooping Cough is still prevalent.

As there have only been 3 Infants present this week the P.T’s have had extra study time & have also overlooked the Standards whilst gardening has taken place.  Extra time has been given to gardening as the Emergency Plot is only just ready for planting.

Household Management has also had extra time this week,.

19thNo gardening this week owing to unsuitable weather.  Other work as usual.  Oral lessons exceedingly difficult to give owing to incessant coughing of children.   % this week 67.8
26thRev. H Sharpe visited the school this morning.

May, 1918

3rdOn bks.  32.  Av.  22        %67.8

The chrn. made a collection of waste paper & with the proceeds from its sale have bought 4 hoes, 2 spades, 1 rake, 1 garden line & reel, 1 trowel & 1 pr. shears, which will be stamped as the property of the school.

4thA.H. Sharpe

May . 4 . 1918

7thMadge Sharpe has slipped her knee-cap this morning so has gone home for a day or so to rest it.  The School nurse was in the village at the time so has put it eight for her.
9thAscension Day – a whole day holiday.
10thTwo of the Crows have left the village this week so we now only have 30 on books.  Av.  21.6   %72.

All work as per time-table this week.

Rev. H Sharpe visited on Wednesday afternoon.

13thMr Sambles1 visited on Wednesday the school & has promised to give three forks for gardening.
16thAtten. Officer called.  Received the forks.
17thMr Sambels called again.  Work as usual this week except last hour this afternoon which is to be devoted to re-arranging the room cupboards &c – ready for the Summer term.

We close this afternoon for one week.

Average this week  21    %70

27thRe-opened.  All present except two boys working on the farm.
29thMiss Fyson visited the P.T’s.

Dr. Dunn examined Charles Hart.

Atten. Officer called.

31stWhooping Cough has quite disappeared & all chrn. seem in good health.

One half of garden crops have been ruined by rabbits & hens so we have hurriedly re-planted with potatoes.  Monday & Tuesday afternoons given to this work.  Today ends our School year.

June, 1918

7thWork as usual this week.  Atten. Officer called yesterday.  On bks  30  Av. 27.8   % 92.6.

Made up registers for last year.

Av. atten. for year.   25.43   % 85.

14thWork as usual this week.

On Bks.   29  Av.  26.9    % 92.7.

19thAttendance Officer called.
21stWork as usual this week.

On bks  29   Av  27      % 93.1.

Filled up Form 1 & returned to the Correspondent.

24.6.18Admitted six children under five this week.
28thReceived books &c from Ed. Supply Asso.  Gardening taken Thursday instead of Tuesday.  Except for boys at work on the farm we have made full attendances  both this week & last.

On Bks  35.  Av.  34    %97.1

July, 1918

4thMiss Fyson visited the P.T’s
5thA half holiday given for good attendance during the past month.

Two children admitted, one left this week.

On bks  36  Av.  33.3     % 92.5

12thAtten. Officer called yesterday.  Work as usual this week.  On bks  35  Av.  32     % 91.4
19thMain room scholars examined & report book made up this week.  Last term of Ed. year.  Other work as per time-table.    On bks  35  Av.  31.8     % 90.8
24thAs we are having a Concert this evening there is no afternoon school.
26thI have finished examining & have made up reports.  The children have done a very good year’s work.

Registers made up & new ones left ready for marking.  Time-table varied this week for Concert & Exam. purposes.

No gardening this week as it has been too wet.

On bks  35  Av.  32     % 91.4

I finish work as Head Mistress of this school today.

August, 1918

September, 1918

2ndI Mabel F. Howell take charge of this school from today  – Reg. No. 03/3458

Attendance good.  All present but one.

School re-opens after five weeks holiday.

6thAttendance very good.  All present the week except one who is on farm work.  No. on books 30.  Av.  29.   96.2 per cent.
13thAttendance very good all the week.

Av. Att.  28.8  One boy on farm work.  No. on books  30.  Att. Officer called.

20th Work as usual during the week.

Attendance very good.  95%.

No. on books  30.

Nurse visited the school & examined all children.  No. pres. 27.

25th Miss Evelyn Sharpe absent today owing to illness.  Time Table varied today.  Four boys dig potatoes & gather because of the weather.
26thAtt. Officer called.
27thMiss Evelyn Sharpe returned to duties.  attendance again very good  95.3%.  No. on books  30.
25th Doctor Dunn visited the school & examined all the newcomers.

 October, 1918

1stMiss winnie Bygrave absent owing to a bad cold.
3rdMiss W. Bygrave returned to duties.

Rev. R. Harley Sharpe visited the school.

1stAfternoon session commences at 1.30 during the winter months.
4thAttendance still very good.

Average  28.6.   Percentage  95.  No. on books 30.

8thNo Gardening.  The weather was too wet.  The boys did handwork instead.
11thThe Attendance still very good.  The shcool closed ofr the afternoon holiday for good attendance during the past month.  The percentage being over 95.

No. on books  30.  Per. cent  95.

14thThe Hon. Mrs. Reg. Smith visited the school.
18thAttendance not quite so good.  One or two away with influenza colds.  One aged 14 taken from the books.

No on books  29.

21stMrs Mitchell visited the P.T’s & inspected their work.
23rdMr. Button visited the school.
25thAttendance drooped considerably owing to sickness.  No.  29  on books.
30thTime Table slightly varied   first lesson in the morning & last lesson in afternoon reversed.

November, 1918

1stAttendance very good,   Av.  28.8.  percentage  99.3.  No. on books  29.
8thAttendance still very good,   Av.  27.9   Percentage  96.2.  No. on books  29.

One absent all week, excluded for ringworm.

11thHalf-holiday given today owing to excitement caused by the Armistice being signed.
14thAttendanc  No. on books  29.e Officer called.
15thAttendance dropped today.  A few cases of influenza developed.

Average att.  25.8.   Percentage  81.

18thMarks Cancelled & school closed for a week, owing to many children away with influenza.

December, 1918

2ndSchool re-opened after being closed for a fortnight for Influenza. No. on books 30 No. present 17.
6thAttendance poor all the week.  Av.  19.   No. on books   30.  percent.  63.

Lilian Edeus re-admitted.

10thExamined Registers. Found correct. A.H. Sharpe.
9thMrs. Mitchell called to see P.T’s work.
12thAttendance Officer called.
13thAttendance much better. No. on books 30. 93%. Av. 28.
19thTime Table varied today.

School closes today for Xmas holidays.

January, 1919

6thSchool re-opened after Christmas.

Prizes were given to the following children for good attendance by The Hon. Mrs Reg. Smith.

Perfect attendance for 5 Years

Gertrude Hills.

Perfect Attendance for 1 Year.

Ronald Fletcher.   William Nash.

Reginald Croft.

Less than 10 times

Bertie Carter.    George Carter

Edward Wrangles.     Edward Godfrey

Albert Fletcher.


1 Sambels


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