Down Memory Lane

Anthony Powell

Going back to the 60s again and on Parliament Square in the town, The Hertfordshire Mercury used to be printed every week I think on a Friday back then where the Hertford House Hotel is today.

The Nag’s Head, Ware Road, Hertford

Although long gone this pub, from the outside looked very small. Also it may have been the case, not quite sure, however could have been one of the smallest in Hertford at that time, long gone today, I’m afraid to say.

Although the White Horse in Castle Street was very small indeed and is still there today and so too the Woodman at Chapmore End, another very small pub.

The Who

The Who played the Corn Exchange: it was back in 1965. I had just left school and started my first job with Simson Shand Ltd who were then on Parliament Square in Hertford. A stone’s throw away on the corner of Market Street was the Corn Exchange and there that year The Who performed.

On another occasion Garrett’s Mill then of North Road had a social evening at St John’s Hall in Churchfields in Hertford. My two uncles worked there and asked me to come along. I must have been coming on nineteen back then in nineteen sixty-nine.


Simson Pimm darts team pair played against the late, great Ron Miller and partner. As I was told by one of my Simson Pimm workmates, Simson Pimm had a darts team. This must have been back in the 50s. Two of our darts team, as I was told, must have been approached by one of the best, if not the best, player in the County at that time, Ron Miller and a partner he had with him. As it turned out the Simson Pimm pair beat them, a great achievement that must have been. Where Simson Pimm played their darts’ matches I’m not quite sure, possibly the Three Tuns next door.

Both Simson Pimm and the Tree Tuns are both gone today, I am afraid to say.

Shand Sports FC 1965

I mentioned I was asked to go along to see Shand Sports FC in one of my articles sent into you. But on another occasion I was asked to come along to one of their away games. This was I believe against Essendon FC who played all their home games as I recall on Essendon CC sports ground. I can’t tell you the final score.

Shand Sports 2 and Hare Street and Great Hormead Reserves. I was coming on fifteen years old and in my first job with Simson Shand Limited I was asked to go along to Shand Sports FC’s home game on I believe

Simson Pimm Cricket Club

I had as I can remember just gone back to work for this company when I was told a cricket club had been formed.

They only had two games however one was I believe against the Rose & Crown Pub in Tewin and the other against I believe again the Conservative Club at Goffs Oak. Both these games were away from home.

I did go to a practice session once at Goldings.

Simson Pimms Social

A few years later Simson Pimms Limited had either a social or dinner dance at the Corn Exchange in Hertford although I didn’t go to that gig although I was told they performed there by someone in Hertford about this.

Herts Trainee School

In a match when Herts Trainee School took on Braughing Rovers,  In this game I’m afraid but in goal was Joe Clark who as I can understand played or had played for a few clubs in his time.

A Tuesday evening at the then Herts Training School now Crouchfields today in Chapmore End. The opposition that evening was Hare Street and Great Hormead Reserves. The one thing I remember was that Hare Street and Great Hormead played throughout this game with only nine players and still came away with a 2-2 draw. This game was in the McMullen Hertford and District League, don’t ask me which division however.

The only District League Cup Final played on a Saturday night.

The only District League Cup Final I’ve known to be played on a Saturday night was between Herts Training School and Braughing Rovers way back in the mid-60s. I was there myself that evening as I lived in Hornsmill then just about ten minutes from Hertford.

Simson Pimms reach Cup Final.

This final was, I remember, played on a Sunday afternoon at Crouchfields, Chapmore End. Their opponent was Golden Griffin. I myself didn’t watch this final. It was their second season possibly, and the League Cup Final, I think. Simson Pimm won this final.

This was when Simson Pimm was in Hertford, St. Andrew Street. Hertford, I should have said, back in the 1990s, a long time ago now.

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