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Memories Of Anthony Powell

I started work in 1965 with Simson Shand in Parliament Square, Hertford. Simson Pimm was my second job and was located in St. Andrew Street, Hertford. Every morning and afternoon Mrs Smith, our tea lady, would come round with her tea trolley and we would gather round to be served our cups of tea. Eventually,  the tea trolley was replaced by a vending machine.
Chris West was an adjuster in Hertford and St Albans. I believe he went on to have his own business. Steve Pateman was another adjuster.  He may have returned to welding in Hertford. Norman Baker left us in our Hertford days and believe he went to work for another envelope company in the Cambridge area called Spicers. Dave Muncer may have gone onto to Hartham Press after Simson Pimm.
Don Spencer was another adjuster in our Hertford days and retired from the company before the move to St Albans.
After the closure of Simson Pimm in St Albans, Terry Johnson may have found employment with Hertford Offset in Caxton Hill, Hertford.
Another adjuster, Alan Frosdick, transferred to St Albans with us.
Nigel Irons, who went on to run Iron’s Dry Cleaners in Hertford, never transferred to St Albans. That covers the Adjusting Team.
Coming to our Cutting Floor Team ,Jack Newlands, brother of Bert Newlands, has passed away. Terry Greenhill retired from work while Robin Smith died suddenly some years ago.
Ken Tyler who worked in the both the Hertford and St. Albans cutting shops, passed away while working for the company. Ron Chamberlain, the cutting shop foreman, retired in Simson Pimm’s Hertford days. Alan Parker from Ware, was another cutter, retired in the Hertford days and may have moved to the West Country.
Coming now to the Engineering Department, Phillip Holtsbaver is now retired, having gone on to work for McMullens & Sons, the Hertford brewer, possibly in the maintainence department. Another engineer, Paul Farr, followed us from Hertford to St Albans. He may have gone on to become a locksmith.
The Simson Pimm warehouse team also relocated to St. Albans. This included Robert George who went onto run his own handyman business. MicK Branch passed away some while ago. Clive Barker tragically took his own life some years ago. Norman Rogerson was in overall charge in our Hertford days.
The factory floor was almost entirely comprised of female staff. Mrs Val Brabrook is now retired, having worked in Caxton Hill, Hertford – possibly with Stephen Austin, after Simson Pimm finished in St Albans in 2000. A long-serving Simson Pimm employee, Shirley Macdonald, I believe also went to work for Stephen Austin. Another machine operator, Jane Mead, may have retired after the company finished in St Albans in 2000. Rita Elve is also retired and may have remarried. Many of the factory girls, along with office and management staff found other work after Simson Pimm finished in St Albans in 2000.

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