Remembering Mill Mead/Port Vale Primary School

Mr Anthony Powell

I started at Port Vale Primary in 1955 aged 5 years old. Today this school is Mill Mead Primary and still in Port Vale, Hertford. Some of the teachers at the, then, Port Vale Primary School were as follows: Miss Kittle or Kettle, Miss Stocks, Mr Pyke, Mr Parrett, Mrs Weekes or Wieekes whose son also attended the school. The Headmaster was a Mr Brownridge. Some of the pupils alongside myself who attended the school were Melvin Cooper, Stuart Clarkson, who lived across the road from the schoolin George street. Alan Cook who lived in Sele Road, Hertford. Back then our school football team played all their home games on McMullen’s sports field which backed onto the school. David Waller who is believe lived in Bengeo, if not Molewood road down the road from the school, was another pupil at the school.

It’s a long time ago now but I had some very good times at the school. I myself lived in Horns Mill at the time and went to Port Vale school because my mum worked full time at Simson Pimm LTO in St Andrew Street in Hertford. Otherwise I would have attended Morgans school in Morgans road, Hertford. I used to go to my aunt’s for dinner in Dimsdale street about 5 minutes or so from the school. Also, after school I went there to wait for my mum to leave off work and take me home.

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  • Just talking to my elder sister Susan Tyler (Now Betty) on the phone and told me about this page. I know Sue is going to add a comment soon.

    I started at Port Vale JMI in 1961, when I was 5 years old. My first year teacher was Miss Bull and the Second year was Miss Green, I also on later years has Miss Kiddle, Miss Stocks and Mrs Weekes as teachers. I did meet Mr Pyke also but I don’t have a good memory of him, since I was sent to his senior classroom to deliver a message and ended up with a flying slipper hitting me. The only person I can at this time remember in my class was Colin Child’s, who I am still friends with today. I think that Jeffory May and Robin Turner may also have been there. I do remember Mr Perry, who lined us all up in the playground every morning for roll call and his squeaky leather soles shoes.. I meet Malcome Turner through is younger brother Robin Turner laster on in life.

    By Terry Tyler (16/11/2020)
  • Miss Kiddle was a lovely lady.. but Miss Stocks was my favourite she taught English & I won an essay competition when we had to write about the whole process of growing & manufacturing chocolate. My prize a box of Cadbury Mini Bars such a treat Thank you !! Miss Stocks taught me so much that is still useful today !!

    By Betty Groom (10/06/2020)
  • I started here in 1956 and remember the teachers mentioned in the above comment especially Miss Kiddle and Miss Stocks and playing in the field behind . There was also a separation of the playgrounds between infants and juniors. I also played football ⚽️ for the school! Very happy days walking from Fordwich Rise and back again each day . Loved it when it snowed and turned the playground into a skid patch ! Long before health and safety!!

    By David Witney (01/02/2019)
  • I too started at Port Vale in 1955 when I wa 5 , and remember Headmaster Mr Brownridge, also Mr Pyke, Miss Kiddle, Mrs Weeks, Miss Stocks and also Mrs Bush. Remember every lunchtime getting the cricket gear out and go playing on McMullens field behind the school. I once played for the school football team and getting beat 8 – 1 and I got our solitary goal !! Some of the pupils I still remember are , Michael Copse, Chris Coleman, Malcolm Turner, Trevor Gee, Yvonne Mason. Geraldine Darton, Jenny Graves, Madeline Smith, Owen Leaver, and many others. It was good that we all had 5 / 6 happy years at this school and many of us moved up to Hertford Seconday together for a further 6 years. Happy Days

    By Barry Vaughan (25/02/2018)