My Time at Addis Brush Works

By Anthony Powell

Former Addis Brush Works,

Ware Road,


I worked for Addis Brush Works I Ware Road, Hertford in 1968 as an 18 year old.  I worked in the Q shop.  My foreman was Mr Gordon Ellis who was tragically killed coming into work on a foggy morning on his, I believe, scooter.  Mr Norman Giles had to take over form Mr Ellis as foreman  or should I have said supervisor.  My chargehand was Mr Chris Ball.  I couldn’t actually tell you who was Mr Ball’s deputy.

At the time my job, however, was, as I can recall, general duties within Q shop.

Addis Brush Works ceased working in Ware Road, Hertford some years ago.

I hope Mr Ball who is no longer with us and indeed Mr Ellis also didn’t mind me writing or mentioning them.

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  • I worked in the machine shop / tool 1955. The foreman @ the time was Les Surridge.

    By Peter B. (28/09/2017)