Watching Hertford Town Football Club

Anthony Powell

It was in 1962 (when I was a 12-year-old schoolboy) that I first started watching (The Blues) Hertford Town football club. ‘Telstar’ by the Tornados was playing as I approached the ground, which was about ten minutes from where I lived in Hornsmill in Hertford. Being such a long time ago I couldn’t even tell you who Town played that day. But one thing I can say is that Hertford Town football club were a great club with some great players back then, and it was very exciting times, well, it was the swinging 60s – the Beatles, etc.

Let’s mention some of these players I recall playing in the Hertford Town shirt then. Firstly there was Robbie Burns, captain, others being Alan Mardle, John Adamson in goal, mustn’t forget Freddie Hursty. Jim Bilson was a terrific goal scorer with his head back then.

I also remember the old green wooden hut which was our clubhouse in those days. Our tuck shop where you got a cup of tea at half-time was also in green. Over the far side of the ground was an old wooden stand long gone. The main stand is still there today though, but like the old wooden stand the old green clubhouse is long gone today. And so is the old green tuck shop, I’m afraid.

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