Prefabs on Horns Mill

Horns Mill Prefabs about 81-85 Cecil Road circa 1960.
Eric Riddle

The first photograph was taken from Prefab 52, circa 1958. The fields in background provided the children’s route to Morgan’s Walk School, now Mandeville Estate.

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  • Philip Wright. April 2019.

    Here’s thanks from one kid born and bred at No.50 Cecil Road, to another kid from Cecil Road, my old mate, Eric Riddle.
    I was born at No.50 on Thursday, 4th March 1954, just as the midwife, “Sister Major” delivered me the milkman came round, and mum shouted out, “You’d better leave an extra pint”, and our prefab was the first one in the row, with the old path which led from between the Brick built houses and our prefab into our play area, “The Pit”. Oh yes, what an amazing place that was, there were all the battles of ages past re-enacted, the Alamo, Little Big Horn, cowboys and Indians, World wars I & II, camping, cricket, football, mud ball fights, the bonfire on 5th November, etc. etc. Then, of course, was games of “Totopoly”, round Eric’s house, and somehow or other, I always seemed to get the card, “Burst a blood vessel, move to last position”.

    Thanks for the memories Eric.

    By Philip Wright (17/04/2019)