Children in Cecil Road Pits, circ 1958

Eric Riddle

The children are Jennifer Jeffcoate, Johnathan Jeffcoate and “an angelic” Eric Riddle.

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  • I used to play there in the 70s-80s till it was levelled, we called it the Top Pit, many a day spent sliding down the hills on old rubbish sacks and playing war on there, loved the place, my dad and sister still live in Brickendon lane in the same house for over 50 years, anyone remember Black bridge as we called it then , it was over the railway bridge at top of Cecil road, there was the woods and lower down was the stream and pine trees which we called the jungle

    By Mark Giles (20/09/2020)
  • Hello
    My Dad lived in Cecil road , his name was Robin Jeffcoate ,I presume Jennifer and Jonathan were his brother and sister .My father died in a road accident in 1990 aged 52 , I was 21 , he never spoke of his family or his siblings , I believe the family did him an injustice of some sort but he sadly detested his parents and most siblings especially his mother till the day he died .
    I often wonder what could of possibly happened to cause such sadness in his life and if anyone knew my dad or can enlighten me on what happened between him and his family , I would really appreciate it.
    Kind regards Robin Jeffcoate .

    By Robin Jeffcoate (09/07/2020)
  • Still recognisable Eric!

    By June Scott (20/02/2020)