Hertford CC 2017

Geoff Cordingley

Hertford 1st XI 2017

Standing: O Ray, H Cavener, B Orchard, S Barker, B Gethin-Golder, A Carlson

Sitting: B Dawson, W Ray, R Leather, J Leather, E King

Played 20, Won 3 , Drew 2 , Lost 13, No Result 2


Hertford 2nd XI 2017

Standing: G Cordingley (umpire), M Chandler, R Linney, A Rhodes, C Thompson, R Stephenson, D Orchard

Sitting: B Dawson, G Pavey, J Riddle, M Lawrance, H Cavener

Played 23 , Won 9, Drew 6 , Lost 7, No Result 1


Hertford 3rd XI 2017

Standing: T Orchard, I Codd, R Eaton, N Horton, O Clark, N Osborn

Sitting: J Hurrell, J Davies, A Cooper, D Shearn, M Ives

Played 18 , Won 5 , Drew 0 , Lost 10, No Result 3


Hertford 4th XI 2017

Standing: M Riddle, E Riddle, N Horton, S Pavey, S Page, D Reddy

Sitting: D Orchard, J Underdown, D Benham, M Bartlam, A Bartlam

Played 18 , Won 3 , Drew 2 , Lost 11, No Result 2



Hertford Sunday 2nd Xi 2017

Standing: N Hillary, N Marques, N Horton, O Clark, A Barbett, M Pizzey

Sitting: D Spring, Nick Anderson, E Riddle, R Kent , D Reddy

Played 23, Won 5, Drew 5, Lost 10, No result 3

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