Author's Gift of Treacle Mines

Rockingham Press, 2000, ISBN 1-873468-79-2

This article appeared in the Hertfordshire Mercury, 18th November, 2010, in the ’10 YEARS AGO’ section.

The author of the first complete history of Wareside will thank the local residents who helped compile the book by giving to the community any profits from its sales.

Jane Webb, 47, who has lived at Mardocks Farm in Wareside for the last 15 years, took three years to write the history of the collectionpf parishes, called Wareside: A , Miscellany of Histories.

“The book would not have been the same without access to family documents, the photos I was given and the general goodwill of the people of Wareside,”,she said.

Any money made from sales of the book will be split between Holy Trinity Church and Wareside C. of E. School.

Waresiders – also known as ‘treacle miners’ – can use Mrs Webb’s Work to trace the history of their area from as far back as Roman times to the present day.

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