Ware Almanack, Year Book & District Directory, 1904

Extract contributed by Jean Purkis

CISTERNS ought to be cleaned out once a year, and all deposit removed.

SOME OF THE BAD RESULTS of neglecting to keep the skin clean are chilliness and tendency to take cold, and have chilblains, languor and want of energy, various skin diseases and diseases of the lungs.

THE largest quantity of fluid that is required is two pints in twenty-four hours; some persons subsist comfortably on half that quantity. If they succeed the 40 ozs, they are pursuing an unwholesome course. Half-a-pint to each meal is an excellent division.

NEVER SLEEP in any garmer1t worn during the day; and the night-dress should be well aired every morning.

HOARSENESS, caused by excessive use of the voice, may be relieved by eating freely of fresh, raw egg, beaten thick with fine, white sugar.

APPLES. The importance of apples as food has not been sufficiently estimated in this country. They are most wholesome, taken in whatever form. A baked apple every night will assist in keeping the stomach and digestion in order; they should not be eaten uncooked at night.

PRECAUTION IN TIMES OF EPIDEMIC. To keep the circulation perfect is one great safeguard against disease; therefore during ┬Ěthe prevalence of an epidemic it is especially important that the body should be kept warm. Flannels, however light in texture, should be worn next the skin, even in the hottest weather.

PREVENTIVE AGAINST TAKING COLD. Muscular exercise is generally the best preventive measure against a cold; a brisk walk or run, some energetic activity, strong while it lasts, but not too prolonged so as to be exhausting, is the most potent remedy. It is a mistake to use hot or stimulating beverages.

FOR SLEEPLESSNESS. Try change of air and scene, together with a plain nutritious diet; two meals a day and a conscience void of offence. Cultivate the habit of quietitude in the latter part of the day. Read no exciting books, and especially write no letters after lamplight. Woo sleep by gentle, natural means, not by remedies which at best are temporary in their effects.




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