Vicars of Bengeo and Curates of Waterford

By Geoffrey Cordingley

The parish church of St Michael and All Angels in Waterford was built  in 1872 of Kentish rag-stone in the decorated style.

In 1908 Waterford ecclesiastical parish was formed from parts of Bengeo (Rural) and Bramfield.  The children of Waterford School attended the Service held in the church at 3.30 p.m. when the Lord Bishop of St. Albans instituted the Rev. A. A. Mayhew as the Vicar of the Parish.  Rev. Mayhew resigned his post on 25th March 1912.  He was succeeded by Rev. Humphrey Richard Humphreys who left the area in late February, 1915.  Rev. R.H. Sharpe became the vicar of Waterford in April, 1915.

Previously Waterford was in the parish of Bengeo and the rectors of Bengeo had taken a great interest in the school.  The rectors whose visits are often mentioned in the logbook were

1848 – 1876    Charles Deedes (1808 – 1875)

1876 – 1882    George Ruthven Thornton (1845 – 1905)

1882 – 1895    John Colvil Morton Mansel-Playdell (1852 – 1938)

1895 – 1901    Herbert Edward Selwyn

1901 – 1914    Richard Coad Pryor

A curate often lived in Waterford parsonage, tended to be the correspondent (secretary) of the managers of the school and also often visited the school.  These were:

1873 –  1875  Rev. P Deedes

1876 –  1882    Unclear although Rev. John Mansell-Playdell & Rev. W.H. Green curates at Holy Trinity Bengeo often visited the school

1883 – 1890    Herbert Langston Wright

1890 – 1893    H.L. Somers-Cocks

1894 – 1895    Walter Crick

1895 – 1898    F.E.A. Jamieson

1898 – 1901    Henry Brown-Gold

1901 – 1903    Dr. James Russell Wood

1903 – 1908    Harry Charles Orpwood

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