Wareside School


By Nellie Brothers

The school today
The plaque showing that this building was built in 1872

The headmistress was Miss Sprange, a formidable woman who wore long black silk dresses which brushed the floor and rustled when she walked. She kept a ruler and cane on her desk at all times, often walking behind the children’s desks, and if any child was talking or misbehaving she would bring the ruler down sharply upon their hands. The children were very frightened of her.

The teacher in the big school (now called the dining hall) was Miss Mason. She moved into the school house when Miss Sprange left. Infants teachers were Miss James, who lived at Castlebury Farm, and Miss Lodge, daughter of the station master at Mardocks.

I am sorry to say there are only a few of us left who attended Wareside School in 1911. There were over ninety pupils then at the school. How differently we learned. We always sat with our arms folded behind our backs (when not in use), and were not allowed to speak unless spoken to. Before the age of eleven, when we went into the big school, we could read, write, spell, do our sums, the 12 times tables and the ABC right through, sew and knit. I had made a scarf and apron by that time.

When in the big school I had the cane on two occasions for being 10 minutes late. I had to walk over a mile to school.

I still believe discipline is the best lesson a child can learn.

~ Nellie Brothers, Bakers End ~

Child “How old are you granny?”

Granny I really.don’t .remember darling”

Child “Oh it’s easy granny. You just look in the back of your knickers. Mine Says Age 3 -4”.

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