The Elms, Wareside, Mid 20th Century

This photograph shows a private residence in the mid to late C20th. The house is dated to c.1895 and the photograph to around 1970. The residence is now entirely closed off from the original focal point due to excessive growth of foliage and a 2.13 m wall. The house stands next to the church of The Holy Trinity (1840) and The Cottage (pre 1700), renamed ‘Crooked Chimneys’ in 1927. Other information on this location can be found in the HALS (Hertfordshire archives and local studies) in Hertford. 

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  • Hi there,
    I am posting this because I would love to know if anybody knows anything about The Elms in Babb’s Green. It sits next to crooked chimneys and I would love to see any old photos or hear any stories if possible.
    Anything about it will do.
    Thanks so much.

    By TheElms (28/11/2019)