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The High Street
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Baldock Street
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East Street
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By the railway crossing
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West Street
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Gardens in front of the church
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West Street
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The Victoria Cut
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Worzel Gummage, Ware Week (junction of High Oak and Homefield Roads)
S Williams
Worzel comes to Ware!
S Williams

These photos were mainly taken on one day in 1981.  Ware looked a bit shabby in those days…..but what actually happened in the town that year?

The Bull’s Head had an 18-30s club night with a Monsters theme; you could go roller skating in the Drill Hall for 20p or have beginner’s disco dancing lessons at Ware College.

In Tesco you could buy an oven ready chicken for 37p, a litre of Spanish wine for £1.89 and Rice Crispies for 61½p.  There was a rush when the first 60 customers got a free loaf.

Wulfrath way was built and Victor Wodson, a local farmer, left land in his will to provide recreational facilities for the town.  A merger between Fanshawe and Trinity Schools was being discussed and The Moonies were in town, going from pub to pub selling soft toys, much to the alarm of some townsfolk.

Ware was being called the dirtiest town in Hertfordshire, due to its litter problem.  Houses in Crib Street were derelict and there was concern over glue-sniffing in Amwell End.

Miss Ware was named as 17 year old Angela Grethe of Trinity School.  The carnival, with forty floats, ran through Kingsway, High Oak Road, Homefield Road, Queens Road, Cromwell Road, Musley lane, Bowling Road, Star Street, High Street, Baldock Street and Watton Road.  Worzel Gummage was the special guest in what later became known as Ware’s ‘best ever’ carnival.  Thousands of people flocked to the Buryfields for the fete.

A fashion show at Becketts attracted local popstar and former Presdales girl, Kim Wilde.   The theme was ‘new romantic futuristic’ and everyone danced the night away to Roxy Music, Kraftwork, The Human League and David Bowie.

Ware Tandoori in Baldock Street opened its doors, as did Ben’s Brasserie in the Old Star Pub.  The Mr Men made an appearance at Preedy’s newsagents and made some children cry.  Thieves robbed the post office in the High Street and made a getaway in a rowing boat.  A swim at the Lido cost 40p and you could buy a 3 bedroom semi for £30,000.

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  • Great photo’s they certainly bring back great memories of when I was working in Ware in 1981.

    By Terri Moss (10/09/2021)
  • T vine you are correct about Tescos first shop in Ware was the silver shop. Then to the Peacocks site when it was built. I remember going in there and leaving my pram outside with my baby inside,, taking turns with a friend to wait outside as they were not big enough to sit in trolly.

    By Maureen male (29/05/2021)
  • I remember Tesco’s in the 70’s in the High Street when they rationed sugar to one bag per person, the time of the power cuts across the country as well, so 1981 is not correct at all!

    By J Gardiner (16/02/2019)
  • Did the first Tesco open where simply silver is before they moved into peacock site?

    By T vine (04/06/2017)
  • Regarding the above comment, I think you will find Tesco Supermarket was in Ware High Street in the 1960’s 

    (now Peacocks)  also shown in one of your 1960’s photos 

    By Angie Way (10/01/2016)