New Road dairy, Ware


Herts Archives ref Acc 3068
A paper bag from 1916
Hals D/EX275
Sales particulars from 1904
OS map, 1920s
Herts Archives

The Blackmore family ran the dairy at 40 New Road from c1904 until the 1930s.

Who is the lady in the photograph?  Sadly, there is nothing on the reverse to give any clues.  On the 1911 census is listed:

Edmund Blackmore, 44, born Hackney; his wife Sarah, 43, born Raydon in Suffolk and two sons, Frank and Cecil, aged 15 and 13, born Marylebone.  By 1936, the owner was Henry Rodwell.




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  • I am the granddaughter of Henry S Rowell (NOT Rodwell – there’s an error in a previous entry) and Edith Winifred Rowell who owned the Dairy at 40 New Road, Ware, between 1935 and 1946.
    They bought the business to occupy two of their six children, Harold and Margaret. By 1940 both Harold and Margaret were serving in the war so the running of the dairy fell to my grandmother.
    By 1946, the diary equipment was very outdated. the business was sold to the Co-op and the premises, which were situated behind the family home, fell into disuse.
    I have garnered further details about the dairy from my mother and would be glad to contribute more to this page.

    By Julia McLeod (06/06/2021)
  • Hello Julia,
    This is fascinating detail about the dairy. We would be delighted to hear more!

    By Susan Payne (06/06/2021)
  • Hello
    My name is Francesca Woolmer and I am the daughter of the lately departed Don Ellingham of Hertford, whose brother Jack married Gwyneth nee Rowell. She was only telling me yesterday about her growing up in Ware! She was born in 1929 and went to Ware Grammar. She lived in New Road and her father Henry Snowden Rowell owned a dairy there in the mid 30’s to mid 40’s. Gwyn’s bother Harold and sister Margaret helped out in the dairy and during the war Henry’s wife Winifred “Winks” did most of the grafting. So they must have been the owners after the Blackmores!

    By Francesca Woolmer (17/05/2019)
  • According to a book I have on LNER train formations a six wheel van of milk churns was attached to various trains and made its way south every day from Aberdeen to a dairy in Ware. Do you know anything about this? Would it have been the New Road Dairy?

    By Rev Graham Crawford (13/12/2016)
  • The area coloured in on the map is not New Road Dairy, but the neighbouring house, built at the same time, in around 1840. The dairy is the property to the north and it included the field with the word “Church” written in it.

    By Angus Dixon (27/08/2015)