The Sun and Harrow Pub, Ware

Soon to be demolished

October 2014
October 2014
Miss Raymen, Carnival Queen outside the pub in 1939
Architect's plans, 1935
The original Harrow in Kibes Lane, 1936

The Harrow was originally situated at 50 Kibes Lane and is mentioned in deeds dating back to 1802.  In 1936, the houses in Kibes Lane were demolished as they were deemed as ‘slums’ by the council, along with many other courts and yards in Ware.  Whilst there was no doubt that the houses were in a poor state of repair, many residents didn’t want to leave their community.

They were compensated with brand new houses on the new King George Estate on Fanhams Common and the pubs came with them.  The licences were transferred to the newly built Sun and Harrow in 1937-8.  Kibes Lane’s other pub, the Jolly Bargeman was built at the other end of Fanhams Road.

In 1938, the Landlady was Miss Hannah Brown.  It was originally numbered No 9 and until more houses were built, Fanhams Road was a dead-end.  In 1945 the licencee was Charles Albury Smith.  In 1951 Charles and Mary Lambie ran it and then Allan and Lillian Brown in the 1970s. It closed in 2009  and was later demolished.  Houses now cover the site.

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  • My family Holtby had plenty of fun times in this pub.
    What a shame it was knocked down. All that’s left are great memories.

    By Nigel Holtby (08/01/2024)
  • We stayed in The Harrow in Ware, in 1977. The landlords (our friends) were then Les and Sandy Grint. We were there for the Silver Jubilee. There was a street party in Fanhams Road. Lovely memories of a busy and friendly pub. It would be great to know if anyone knows where Sandy or Les is now. Julia and Gordon.

    By Julia (18/03/2021)