Spread Eagle, Ware

Locals outside in the 1930s
Hertfordshire Archives ref PC50

Do you recognise anyone in the photo?  The original pub in Amwell End stood where the railway crossing now is.  The present building is believed to be from the 17th century and for many years, a blacksmith’s shop was attached.  It was acquired by William Wickham of Ware in 1871.

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  • I believe many of my family came from this area. And would have lived in Spread Eagle Yard.
    Their surname would have been Albany.
    Any info would be gratefully received
    I think they were boatmen. I am particularly interested in tracking down any boat names. Thanks Sue Foxall (nee Albany)

    By Susan Foxall (11/04/2021)
  • Great picture of the Spread Eagle patrons. A couple of years ago I submitted a similar picture of the Spread Eagle patrons in front of the pub c1948, and my 1st cousin 2X removed , Thomas Miles was sitting in the very middle. Tom Miles owned/ran the pub tween 1930 and 1960. I am sure he is shown in this photo in the 1930s sitting in the middle of the 2nd row wearing a suit AND TIE. Wondering what the occasion was with the funny hats??

    By Murray Miles (02/03/2020)
  • I believe the gentleman on the far left is my Grandfather, Harry Clark. The gentleman on the far right, was referred to as ‘Old man Johnson”. Sitting, third from left, I believe is my Uncle Tommy Clark.

    By Linda Cutforth (07/10/2019)