Identifying players in a Cowper Testimonial team photo

Malcolm Turner

Cowper Testimonial Boys Football Team 1936-37

I attach photograph of the 1936/37 football team
I think I know three of the players, but would welcome other names or a team list.
Malcolm Turner.

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  • I note that a contributor named Nichola Illife ( hope spelling is right, I am not on that page anymore, so writing this from memory ) seems to state that her relatiion has in-fact anotated this picture with names. Would she mind listing them for us all to see ? She says that the name of Childs is there, so it is looking promising. Of course she is free to contact me directly. I would then share the information if she is alright with that.

    By Malcolm Turner. (24/05/2020)
  • My best bet is the player second from right, middle row. I think him to be John Phillips. I am a contemporary of his daughter Lesley Phillips, corner Cherry Tree Green & Windsor Drive. This may help ( if I am correct, of course ).

    By Malcolm Turner. (15/04/2020)

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