Bull Plain, Hertford

Fruit and Vegetables

This is a view down Bull Plain towards the museum. The arcade still existed at this time and Shepherds the tobacconist was also near here. The estate agents sign may mean he had retired by this time or moved to Fore Street.

The rain on the road and lighting on the fruit and vegetables appealed to me at the time. The name of the shop is not shown, but that shop was not there in the 1950s. The photograph was taken in the 1970s or 1980s.

Can you remember the shop? I would be interested in any additional information.

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  • i worked in this shop on Saturdays in around 1979. It was called ‘ ‘Peters’ and was owned /run by Peter Carter? Who was living in Watton at Stone. traditional fruit n veg shop!

    By Julie Picton (21/03/2015)
  • I remember walking into this shop with my mum and being stung by a wasp or bee when I was about 4 years old In the early 60s.You entered the shop by going down a step onto a wooden floor. I can still recall the strong smell of the fruit. The insect stung me on the palm of my hand and I screamed with pain. The shopkeeper put some dark blue stuff on the sting, although I don’t know what it was exactly. Later the shop became a newsagent, then a wine shop.

    By Tony Luton (23/02/2015)
  • I believe this shop belonged to Bob Cook, he moved to “Roses corner” at one stage I remember.

    By Marilyn Taylor (28/03/2012)